9 Health Benefits of Pineapple You need to Know

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The thorny tropical yellow fruit, Pineapple, is one that you cannot exhaust its nutritional benefits for your healthy lifestyle, including its peels and leaves. There are several benefits of pineapple you need to know, which will be covered in this article.

Although the leaves are not too common within some parts of the world. You can use the leaves that come with it handy for your health benefits.

Pineapple is considered to be one of the healthiest tropical fruits in its category. It contains multi-benefits values that are not only suitable for your health, but also for skin and hair. I may talk briefly on that in this article, but our major focus is on the health benefits of pineapple, its peels, and leaves.

As a fruit lover, I consider all fruits and vegetables important and useful for specific purposes. In as much as fruits are natural supplements due to their nutrients – vitamins and minerals, they fulfill exceptional health goals.

Pineapple is one of such fruits that has specific health benefits such as the following:

1. Multi-Nutrients benefits

The nutrients contained in pineapple are more than what we see, that is, highly amazing. Study shows that a cup of pineapple contains some nutrients in it, such as low calories, low fat, protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins A, K and C, manganese, vitamin B6, copper, thiamin, folate, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium.

Imagine all these nutrients in one fruit. These nutrients are combined required for building a healthy growth, immune system, and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

2. Builds and Strengthens Bones

Its richness in enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins make the fruit possible to boost the immune system, build healthy bones, and aid indigestion.

Pineapple contains much manganese which helps in strengthening bones and joining tissues. A regular intake of the fruit will help you to maintain healthy bones and strong teeth.

Your teeth and bones are made up of calcium and pineapple is a good one to supplement that. More so, pineapple relieves symptoms of arthritis in person.

3. Remedy for cold and cough

I would advise parents to include pineapple into their child’s daily diet if he or she is suffering from cold and cough. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties contained in the fruit – Bromelain which fights infections and kills bacteria.

Pineapple also serves as a treatment for sinuses and allergies. It would help reduce the mucus in your throat and nose.

4. Contains antioxidant properties

The antioxidant properties in Pineapple make it a good way of reducing the high risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

It is also capable of easing digestion, especially for people with an insufficient pancreas, which makes it difficult for their digestive system to break down protein molecules and make their small intestine easily absorb it.

5. Reduces Risk of Cancer

The antioxidant properties present in pineapple contribute to its nutritional value of preventing the risk of cancer in the body.

Cancer arises when abnormal cells in the body multiply and control the healthy tissue, which begins to spread across other parts if not given urgent medical attention.

A study published in November 2018 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that diets and blood concentrations high in antioxidants were associated with a lower risk of cancer.

Pineapple is an antioxidant fruit that can help to prevent these uncontrolled cell growths, fighting against free radicals and slowing down the cell damage process.

6. Controls blood pressure

Pineapple is among the list of fruits that help reduce blood pressure. This is because of the vitamins and minerals contained in it. One of such is potassium which is a strong tension calm solution of the blood vessels.

It also enhances adequate blood circulation to various parts of the body, helps relax the vessels, and prevents medical conditions such as stroke.

If you are hypertensive, ensure you consume pineapple regularly because of its high amounts of potassium and lower amounts of sodium it contains. These two nutrients will help you to maintain healthy blood pressure.

7. Treats skin problems

Pineapple is a great solution for skin problems such as acne. In fact, it can be used both outward and inward for enhancement of the skin condition.

You can do this by mixing the pineapple chunk with some turmeric and mask it on your face. It can also protect your skin from anti-ageing by adding some drops of lemon into it.

Another skin problem it treats is pimples. You can apply some pineapple juice over your face and allow it to dry for five minutes. Once this is done, you can wash it off with some warm or room temperature water and this will flush away the toxins from your face; this, making your skin appear vibrant and clean.

8. Enhances healthy hair and thickness

Pineapple helps prevent hair loss and even makes it thicker. Vitamin C antioxidant properties contained in the fruit would help fight the free radicals that cause damage to the hair.

The scalp can also be treated with pineapple extracts when you apply it on the scalp of your head. It provides some nutrients to the follicles that make hair grow better and healthier.

Health benefits of pineapple peels and leaves.

benefits of pineapple leaves

9. Increases Libido

Pineapple peels and leaves enhance libido in a natural way without any complications. This is a simple way to prepare pineapple peel juice. The ingredients include 1 whole unpeeled pineapple, 1 liter of water, and a natural sweetener to taste.

Then, wash the pineapple under running water and separate the peel from the flesh. Put the peel in a cooking pot or pan which you already filled with water and add some pineapple pulp, then boil them together. Dampen the mixture in a liter of water and include natural sweetener to enhance its taste to your choice.

Kindly note that both pineapple peels and its leaves produce most of the above-mentioned health benefits of the fruit as well. You may choose pineapple fruit, its juice, peels, or leaves for your health benefits and purpose of consumption.

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