Things Guys Won’t Tell The Women They Love

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There are things, phrases, words and concealed emotions guys won’t tell the women they love.

When you love someone, you want to uplift and support them, not tear them down.

In any relationship, the words we choose to use can have a profound impact on our partner’s well-being and self-esteem

A man deeply loves a woman will treasure her feelings and self-esteem. This translates into being careful with his words, ensuring they always nurture and never diminish.

Two people who are in love with each other committed to the growth of the relationship obviously shouldn’t be hiding stuffs from each other.

 However, there are some things that a man won’t tell you as his woman unless you ask which is absolutely fine.

Although, words like this may mean no harm or pose no danger to his woman however, he tries not to spill them out because he’s being sensitive about how his woman may react towards such words.

So he’ll rather keep them as secrets.

Telling her these words may disturb her peace, question their stand in the relationship or even make them to give unnecessary attention to details which they are not supposed to.

Here are things guys will never tell the women they love and its okay.

Things Guys Won’t Tell The Women They Love

1. I Admire Other Women

The truth is, a man can admire other women apart from his woman, however, one of the laws of being in love with someone warrants that you don’t tell them such information.

Admiring other women might not be the problem but telling your partner that you do is the real problem. With time, it might begin to breed insecurity or the feeling of not being enough for you.

Expressing admiration for someone else can breed doubt in a relationship. A loving partner understands this and chooses not to cause unnecessary distress.

2.”You’re Not Good Enough.”

A loving partner would never make their significant other feel inadequate or unworthy.

When a man truly loves his woman, he will never utter such words towards her. Even when she does things that are not too right he’ll rather not express his displeasure in that manner.

A man who loves his woman never makes her feel inadequate. Even when there are challenges, he addresses them with kindness and respect, preserving her dignity.

3. “You’re Too Sensitive.”

 Men who love their women understand and validate their emotions, rather than dismissing them.

Validating and understanding emotions is paramount in a loving relationship but dismissing or belittling feelings of your woman only creates distance and hurt.

4. “You’re Not Beautiful.”

Beauty is subjective, but a loving partner always sees and appreciates the beauty within their woman, enhancing it with words of affirmation and admiration.

 A loving partner would never make their woman feel unattractive or unappreciated.

Rather than telling her that she isn’t beautiful, he’ll enhance her beauty by making her beautiful from within and outside as well.

5. “You’re So Dramatic.”

As much as a woman can come up with some dramatic or funny actions a man who is in love with her would never such statement on her.

This phrase is condescending and belittling, and a loving partner would never use it to describe their woman’s feelings or reactions.

He’ll rather amicably tell her. Telling her that she is dramatic might only lead to further disagreement and conflict.

Labelling emotions as dramatic minimizes their validity. Instead, a caring partner listens with empathy and works towards understanding.

6. “You’re Not Smart Enough.”

 A man who loves his woman would never question her intelligence or abilities.

Questioning intelligence undermines confidence and mutual respect. A loving partner values their woman’s abilities and supports her intellectual growth.

7.”You’re Too Old/Young For That.”

Age is just a number, and a loving partner would never make their woman feel like too old or young to pursue their dreams.

 Age should never limit ambitions or passions. A supportive partner encourages growth and pursuit of dreams regardless of age.

8. “You’re Not Funny.”

A loving partner would never mock or belittle their woman’s sense of humour.

Humour is personal and should be appreciated rather than criticized. A loving partner laughs with, not at, their woman’s sense of humour.

9. “You’re Too Fat/Skinny.”

A man who loves his woman would never body-shame her or make her feel like she’s not good enough because of her weight.

Body-shaming has no place in a loving relationship. Instead, a caring partner promotes health and self-acceptance, focusing on inner beauty.

10. “You’re Not Adventurous Enough.”

 A loving partner would never judge their woman for her preferences or hobbies.

 Respecting each other’s interests fosters a supportive environment. A loving partner celebrates differences and encourages exploration.

11. “I’m Only With You Because…”

 A man whoa loves his woman would never make her feel she’s not enough or that he’s settling for her.

He’ll never makes her feel like she’s not enough or that he’s settling so he’ll value her for who she is and uplifts her.


Words have power, and the words we use can either build up or tear down our partner. There might be times when emotions get high and they are tempted to use words like this on their partner.

Nevertheless, they’ll respect their woman and decide to pass their thought better .

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