How To Make Banana Puff Puff: Quick And Easy (Video)

Whenever I hear the word puff-puff, there’s this excitement that always accompanies that word in my heart. My heart always beat at the hearing of that word, LOL. That’s just to say how much I love those small balls. Banana puff puff is even sweeter and healthier than the ordinary puff puff made only with …

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Nigerian Chicken Pie: How to make Buttery Chicken Pie

Nigerian Chicken pie

Nigerian Chicken pie is very similar to Nigerian Meat Pie in filling and also with the pastry. The only difference is that the Nigerian Chicken pie is stuffed with minced or shredded chicken while the Nigerian Meat pie is stuffed with minced beef. They both have the same vegetables for the filling (chopped potatoes and …

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How To Make Crunchy Nigerian Chin-Chin

Nigerian chin chin

Nigerian Chin-Chin is one of Nigerians’ most loved snacks and also one of the Nigerian most loved street snacks. Chin-Chin is always on the top list of small chops menu to be served at Nigerian parties/occasions. Guests are always delighted to munch on this crunchy goodness at parties before foods are served. This is a …

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How To Make Crispy Nigerian Meat Pie

Nigerian Meat pie

To be honest, I’ve not met a Nigerian that doesn’t love Nigerian meat pie. Even non-Nigerians love it; and I usually receive orders from non-Nigerians for their parties. Yes, that’s how amazing our Nigerian meat pie is.  Nigerian meat pie is a buttery, crispy, delicious snack filled with minced beef and vegetables (usually carrots and …

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How To Make Perfect Round Nigerian Puff-Puff

nigerian puff puff

You’re Nigerian and you don’t like Nigerian puff-puff? Shhhhh! Don’t let anyone hear you because it sounds like sacrilege. How can you not like puff-puff? I mean our dear Nigerian puff-puff. I’m tempted to think that puff-puff is one of the things that bind us together as a nation. In fact, it’s our national heritage. …

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