How To Make Coconut Puff-Puff: The Best Recipe

coconut puff-puff

There’s no doubt Puff-Puff is one of the most loved street snacks we have in Nigeria and also in most West African Countries. It’s strikingly addictive because it’s amazingly delicious. Coconut puff-puff tastes even better. It’s soft and puff just like the name, and melts instantly in the mouth. The Coconut puff-puff recipe is a …

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Nigerian Egg rolls: How To Make Crunchy Egg Rolls

Nigerian Egg Rolls

Nigerian Egg rolls have been one of my Nigerian favourite snacks right from the onset. I love its richness, thickness, and the crispiness on the outside and inside. For some years back, traveling on the luxury buses used to be fun, simply because there would always be egg rolls to munch on as the journey …

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How To Make Quick And Easy No Yeast puff-puff

These quick and easy no yeast puff-puff are the best, and the tastiest puff-puff you could ever make from scratch and still seems like you’ve spent the entire day on it. Since l have discovered this recipe, I’d say l have given up on the traditional way of making puff-puff You no longer have to …

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How To Make Soft And Fluffy Doughnuts.

doughnut recipe

The doughnut is one of the snacks that I love so much. It’s fluffy, soft, and tastes super good. I love homemade doughnuts recipe. To me, it tastes better so far you’ve mastered all the technicalities. I have been making doughnuts for so many years now, but l must say this doughnuts recipe has been …

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How To Make Crunchy Nigerian Buns

Nigerian Buns recipe

Nigerian Buns are one of the popular street snacks in Nigeria and loved by most Nigerians. Nigerian Buns are so delicious especially when they’re well prepared by following or using the right Nigerian Buns recipe. I could remember when I was going hard on my self because I couldn’t make it at home to taste …

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Vanilla Cupcakes: How To Make Easy And Moist Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes recipe

I’ll be sharing today on the blog, my simple vanilla cupcakes recipe from scratch! It has an extraordinary moist texture and rich vanilla flavour. It’s easy to make with all the ingredients and it’s topped with rich vanilla buttercream frosting. I used simple ingredients that can be found in almost every home without breaking the …

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