Godly Signs That He’s The One

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If you’ve been faithful to God, you may be waiting for him to give you the best of the guy who is his son.

Being with the right person is one of the greatest feelings ever as a woman.

Not only is this feeling great but it becomes wonderful when these signs are built on the fact that he is a godly and responsible person.

But how do you know that he is from God and that he is the right person for you?

There are a lot of crashing relationships out there as a result of being unchallant with the choice of choosing a partner.

Being with the wrong person can really be harmful, as a matter of fact, it could affect other areas of your life, and that is why you shouldn’t miss the godly signs that he’s the one.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the few godly signs that he’s the one for you.

Godly Signs That He Is The One

1. He Prioritizes God

Godly Signs That He’s The One

A man that is truly from God will always make God a priority in his life. One of the ways that you can perceive this is that he speaks about God most of the time.

Take your time to listen to his words, does it correlate with the word of God.

 Does he speak in wisdom or foolishness?

God is love and as humans, when we love God we’re able to extend the love, kindness, and compassion to others as well.

If the guy possesses the opposite of all of this then you should be sure that he’s not from God.  But if he possesses all of them then this is the godly sign that you truly need.

2. He Practices What He Says

The first godly sign that he’s the one is that he prioritizes God, and one of the results of this sign is that he practices what he says.

He’s not just a man of words but rather a man of action who puts into practice the word of God that he claims to know.

If a man always talks about God or always speaks the word of God but doesn’t put it into practical action then, you should be sure that he’s not from God.

You’ll see the godly signs in him like honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness, and kindness toward people around him.

3. He Makes You A Better Person

Godly Signs That He’s The One

One of the godly signs that he’s the one is that he makes you a better version of yourself.

Every healthy relationship brings out the best in you and makes you a better person.

He’s really keen on your all-around growth even better than how you used to be.

God will not send you a person that will make you worse than how you used to be. He won’t give you a man who will destroy your good morals, habits, and attitude. Rather he’ll send you someone who will amplify the good virtues in you.

The sign that he’s the right person from God is that he is always ready to invest in your growth physically, spiritually, career-wise, financially, or your good habits and conduct with people.

4. Your Plan For The Future Aligns

A crystal clear godly sign that he is one is that your plan aligns with each other.

God won’t send you someone who has opposite plans from what you do, although, the plans of the both of you may not be entirely the same, nevertheless, they will in a way align with each other.

If you both have likely goals, visions, and dreams then there is a high probability that the relationship will work out and you both can enjoy the company of each other together.

5. He Loves And Honour Your Parents

When he honors your parent this is a sign that he is the right person for you.

Not only does he honor them but your friends and family can also affirm the fact that he is a good person then you should probably accept that he may be the best match for you.

6. He Makes You Part Of His Life

Godly Signs That He’s The One

One of the profound godly signs that he is the one for you is that you don’t feel left out when you’re with him.

Rather, he carries you along and tells you things about what’s going on around him. He shares his home, family, friends, and personal secrets with you.

He does all of these because he sees you both being together till the end of time so, he isn’t scared of making you totally involved in his life.

As a matter of fact, he allows you also influence his decision-making process and plans.

7. He’s Aware Of What He Wants

The godly sign that he is from God is that he knows what he wants from you and from the relationship at large.

He doesn’t just verbally communicate, but you’ll see it in his actions as well.

He prioritizes your relationship and makes practical and feasible plans for getting married to you.

8. You Trust Him And Feel Peace With Him

Godly Signs That He’s The One

Trust and having your peace intact are essential in every healthy and promising relationship.

          If you trust him and know that he has your interest at heart irrespective of the difficult situation you both must have been going through then it is a sign that he is the one.

           Not only do you trust him but you also feel peace within you when you both are together then this is a great sign that he’s the one for you.

9. He Makes Sacrifices For You

When your partner doesn’t mind going the extra mile just for you or for the relationship at large then this is a sign that he’s from God.

This is because; God is the perfect example of what it means to make sacrifices for the people that he loves.

It may not be in the form of a divine sacrifice like what Christ did however, it could be seen even in the little things he does just to make sure that you’re fine.

11. He Forgives You

Godly Signs That He’s The One

A man who is from God will not see forgiveness as a big deal. Does this mean you should take him for granted by always getting on his nerves?

Of course not, what it simply means is that he doesn’t hold grudges in his heart for too long or always make reference to one offense or the other that you’ve done in time past.

12. He Has Self Control

You’ll know if a man is truly from God from the things he does and how he reacts or responds to the impulses of his body.

So, try to check if he’s doing things that are not so healthy like drinking, smoking, being addicted to unhealthy food, procrastination or always requesting to want to be intimate with you.

If he possesses all of this then this is a red flag that he isn’t the one that God has for you.

13. He Spends Quality Time With You

Godly Signs That He’s The One

One of the few godly signs that he’s the one is that he understands the power of spending quality time with you so he’ll always leverage it.

He always seeks to know you better, tell you about how his day went, and most importantly share his future plans and goals with you at every point in time.

He understands that you both will become one someday so getting to the end together will require proper communication and handling of matters in the relationship.

Wrapping Up

In a world where a lot of people find it difficult to choose the right partner or be in the right relationship, the surviving grace is to be rest assured of a man from God himself.

All you have to do is to be sensitive and ready to receive him when he eventually comes.

However, you should also ask yourself if you also possess all of these godly signs. If you do then finding a godly partner might not be too difficult.

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