13 Things A Player Will Say To You

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The term “player” is a word that a lot of people have gotten acquainted with over time.

You’ll hear statements like “I’ve been used by a player.”

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a player then you would know that it can be quite draining and manipulative.

A player is a guy who makes use of his verbal and manipulative skills to attract women.

Knowing and identifying a player will help you decipher if you want to continue with the relationship or not.

It will also preserve you from future heartbreak and getting entangled with him.

You might have been seeing the red flag but you’ve decided to overlook them because you’re already emotionally entangled with him.

There are a lot of signs on how to identify a player; from his speech to his manner of conversation and even his actions and reactions.

Here Are Few Signs Of A Player

1. He Over Promises And Under Delivers

He talks so much about what he wants to do and how he wants to surprise you.

But he eventually ends up not doing anything or doing below what he has promised to do for you.

This is a sign that he doesn’t want any serious commitment to you.

2. He Pressures For You Sex

As much as sex is not proof of your love for someone or not, if he always pressurizes you for sex even after you said no then you should be careful.

Guys who are not players understand that their women have the power of choice to either want to have sex with them or not so he doesn’t pressure her for it.

But a player might just want to be intimate with you without being loyal in the relationship.

Today he’s with one woman and tomorrow he is with someone else.

3. He’s A Serial Cheater

And even when you confront him about it he denies it by telling you that he’s sorry.

This is a sign that he is a player.

4. He’s Always On The Phone

Another sign of a player is that he is excessively glued to the phone.

When he is too glued to the phone he might just be talking to someone else.

If you see him always hiding his phone when he is around you then he’s not being honest with you.

5. He Doesn’t Want To Introduce You To His Friend And Family

Does he always hide you from meeting with his family and friends?

 This is because he doesn’t want any form of future commitment to you.

Any guy who is truly serious with you shouldn’t be hiding you from his friends and family.

6. He Doesn’t Keep To His Word

His plans are constantly cancelled for no tangible reason and he does it at the last minute.

When he does this you feel confused about what the whole relationship is all about.

7. He Constantly Lies

One of the most significant signs that a guy is a player is that lying is not farfetched from his mouth.

The lies may seem really insignificant but it indicates that your partner isn’t truthful and honest to you.

He does this to cover up his excess and dishonesty.

Things A Player Will Say To You

There are certain pronouns that a player will use for you.

You could easily pick it from his word especially when you both are conversing.

1. “Let’s Keep It Simple”

Of course, relationships are meant to be kept simple and maybe private.

 But if he constantly tells you that you both shouldn’t rush things because he wants to take his time then this might just be one of the lines he uses for girls.

You should be careful enough to pick it up and respond to him swiftly.

2.“I Don’t Want To Be Entangled Right Now”

Any guy who doesn’t want any form of entanglement has no business being in a relationship.

When he’s always telling you that he doesn’t want to be entangled at the moment he is equally telling you that he has a lot of girls that he is entangled with.

3. “We’re Just Having Fun, Nothing Serious”

Another thing that a player will say to you is that you both are just having fun and that the relationship is nothing too serious.

He uses words like this when you bring up a serious conversation about the future or the both of you settling down together.

This is a subtle sign that he is a player.

4. “You’re Too Good For Me, I’m Not Ready For A Relationship”

That’s the very line that players use just to manipulate you.

When he tells you that you’re too good for him, he’s only looking for a means not to take things too seriously with you and rather focus on the other benefits that he will get from being in a relationship with you.

Please do not fall for it.

5. “You’re Overreacting”

No intentional guy will constantly tell his woman that she is overacting; he’ll rather calm her down by giving her the tension release she needs in such a moment.

When he tells you this, he is only trying to minimize the problem by denying being wrong and acting like the victim which he is not.

It is a way to make you feel guilty even if you’re not wrong.

6. “Listen, I’m Not A Player”

No player needs to announce to his woman that he is not a player.

He’d rather just prove it by his actions and inactions.

But when he regularly proclaims his stand as not being a player, he’s informally telling you that he is.

A guilty person will do anything to justify himself and one of them is by confessing that they are not who they truly are.

7. “I Prefer Snap Chat”

If he tells you that he prefers Snapchat to other ways of communication then something might just be fishy.

This is because Snapchat conversations disappear easily which makes it easier for him to deny the conversation that you both once had and even hide his relationship with you from other women.

Additionally, he wouldn’t want to use the same app with you with the remaining of his women, so, he’d rather the both of you chat on an application that can’t hold his word for reference or raise any suspension.

8. “I’m Not Like The Other Men You Know”

Another famous quote from the player is this!

He shouldn’t tell you that he’s not like the other men if he’s truly not like them,

9. “My Ex Was (Vulgar Word)”

A player will always want to paint his ex as a terrible person; they love to badmouth their ex.

They do this just to act like the victim and receive pity from you.

As a matter of fact, they come up with instances which they expect you to cooperate with, or else they’ll bring up the issue they had with their ex back to you.

10. “How Dare You Accuse Me Of Such”

If you’re with a player you dare not confront your insecurities or their move around them.

This is the major part of their manipulative behavior.

Instead of approaching the matter in a calm and reserved way he’ll rather bolt up and tell you never to mention such to him again.

No matter how insignificant what you accused him of, he’ll act like he’s innocent just to make you feel guilty.

11. “I’ve Felt This Way This Before”

He tells every girl this.

Although, a genuine person who has pure intention may feel this way, however, a player says this to attract a special space in your heart and make him feel different in your life.

You can check mate the way he does to you, whether he truly acts like he loves you.

 If he doesn’t then he doesn’t mean his word.

12.“I Have A Lot Going On”

When a player tells you that he has a lot going on, he’s only giving you a signal not to expect too much of him or have a high expectation about the relationship generally.

A guy who is truly committed to the relationship will figure out the best balance irrespective of the numerous things going on around him.

He may even begin to ask for space to figure out things.

He knows that saying this gives him a good reason not to pick up all of your calls or respond to your texts.

13. I Need Time To Focus On My Career And Work

This statement means a lot of things that can be justifiable.

But when a player says this he only wants to slow things down between you and eventually put an end to it.

Or, he’s seeing another woman thus; he cannot provide you with the quality time and attention you’ll desire subsequently.

He might still want to hang around because of the many other benefits that he receives from being with you, so he just tells you this line.

What To Do When You Notice A Player

When you notice that the guy you are with is a player the best thing to do is release yourself from the multitude of women whom he’s been toying with.

You should be bold to open up about how you feel about the both of you and most importantly about him being a player.

Also, build up the courage to walk away eventually.

Except he shows signs of total change do not stick to him.

You deserve more.

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