What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry?

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What do you think guys look for in a woman they want to marry?

There are a lot of things that a guy lookout for from a woman that he wants to marry.

Humans are generally social being who needs the interaction and support of one another to live and survive.

And over time, it has been proven that a lot of women are vocal about their choice of men.

Or what they look out for in a man they want to marry.

But at the same time, it’s quite difficult for men to pitch their tent on the qualities of the ladies they want to get married to.

Although, guys are generally attracted to ladies that fit their preference for marriage

And that is why, most of the time, they choose to marry whosoever beat their preference.

There are a lot of things men look out for in a woman they want to get married to, for some it’s their looks, shape, their thought, opinion, compatibility, and a whole lot of things.

This article will unveil you to the things men look out for in women both emotionally, physically, and mentally.

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry?

1. A Lady Who Is Family Oriented

There are a lot of men who love to build a family heritage with their wives in the nearest future.

And that is why, they look out for a woman who is family oriented.

This includes her visible effort to both family, her opinion about marriage and childbearing, and other things that involves building a healthy home.

2. A Lady Who Is/ Can Become His Best Friend

Because of the fact that friendship plays an important role in every relationship, friendship is one of the things that men look out for in every woman.

A lady whom he can be free with, play with, be silly with and laugh together with too as well.

All these little things make a man more open and make it easier to have a beautiful marriage.

So, one thing they look out for is a lady whom they are good friends with.

 Although, she doesn’t have to be his best friend.

3. She Is Intellectually Sound

Every intelligent man would definitely get attracted to an intelligent woman as well.

This is because; he wants someone with whom they are on the same page.

When conversation lacks in debt capacity most guys who are as well intellectually sound may just get bored and trust me, this is a great turn-off for them.

Being intellectually sound is the ability to engage and retain real discussion about meaningful topics.

And when a guy sees that you do this effortlessly, he’ll definitely fall for you.

4. She Is Understanding

No man would want to end up with a woman who does not understand.

One of the signs that a lady shows support to her man is through the level by which she understands him.

Understanding encompasses compassion, empathy, and encouragement.

A man wouldn’t want to be with a woman who nags at every petty issue or a woman who misunderstands his opinions and judgment.

Therefore, every guy wants to marry a lady that will be patient enough to understand them.

5. She Is Prudent

Another outstanding quality that men look for in a woman is a prudent lady, a lady who doesn’t act nonchalant when it comes to finances and money.

Every man wants a lady who is not reckless when it comes to saving and that’s why he will always go for a prudent woman.

So, one of the keys to keeping a man is when he has foresight on how you manage your finances.

6. She Is Consistent

So again, what do guys look for in a woman he wants to marry?

A lady is consistent in all her doings.

It is quite easy to pretend about what is not in a relationship.

But, with time, some hidden motives will be revealed.

And one of the things that attract a man to a woman is how consistent she is in the thing that makes her successful.

When a man sees that the lady he has an eye for is not relentless.

But rather consistent with her morals, value system, and positive actions then, he’ll definitely marry her.

7. She Is Supportive

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

A relationship thrives when both of them support each other dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Support is yet another quality that a man looks out for in a lady that he wants to marry.

So when a man sees that you give your full support to everything that concerns him.

Then he’ll definitely always try to make that relationship work.

8. She Is Beautiful

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

Beauty attracts a man, no doubt about that.

But, as much as the intrinsic qualities of a woman can draw her to a man.

Most of the time, men get attracted to what their physical face can behold from a woman.

A man will always want to marry a beautiful woman.

Because the place of physical attraction cannot be ignored among the list of things that men look out for before getting married.

So, one way to get your partner to think of going down the aisle with you is to improve on your beauty routine and stay consistent with them.

9. She Is Independent

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

Relationships and marriage are a dual responsibility and work.

Nevertheless, a guy will appreciate the fact that a woman is independent to some certain level.

That is, she can make decisions and judgments on her own with or without the support of her man.

This makes a man respect the woman more.

10. She Has A Good Sense Of Humor

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

No guy wants to be with a lady that doesn’t have a good sense of humor or can’t make him feel giggly and happy.

The ability to make a sarcastic and funny reaction, comment or talk during conversations.

It’s important that couples build the ability to play and joke with each other because it helps lighten their mood.

So, even with the fact that the woman is mature, she is expected to act playful once in a while.

This will build the friendship between both of them and as well help them both to have enjoyable conversations.

11. She Is Reliable

Reliability is one of the things that help every relationship grow.

And the long run, every man needs a partner who can stand with him even during tough days.

When a lady showcases an iota of reliability towards her partner and relationship then such a man will be ready to take that relationship to the next step.

12. A Woman Who Is Not Desperate For Marriage

This may sound off point but most guys may not want to marry a woman who is too desperate to get married.

This is because she may begin to act in some subtle ways to express her desperations and this may turn the guy off.

But, men will definitely be attracted to a woman who is not desperate for marriage.

But rather doing things at her own pace and patiently waiting for the right guy for her.

13. A Lady Who Is Self-Confident And Ambitious

Gone are the days when women were given little or no space to express their passion or ambition.

But the world has revolved and a lot of women are self-confident and ambitious.

That’s why most guys will always want to marry such kind of woman.

This is because; being confident helps her to carry herself with an aura of respect and being ambitious also gives her a sense of purpose.

An ambitious woman is someone every guy would like to marry.

Because, in the marriage, both of them will be lovers, teammates, and collective goal chasers.


There are a lot of things that a man looks out for in a lady that he wants to marry.

The majority of them are the positive virtues that make up a woman, which is a blend of beauty and brain.

So what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry?

I guess the above-outlined has been able to answer some of your questions.

So which of these qualities do you have as a lady?

And watch how your man proposes marriage to you.

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