What Happens When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

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 According to Nicole Cirono, ‘All women deserve to enjoy a healthy sexual life’’. When a woman is not sexually satisfied, she can’t enjoy the best in her marriage or relationship.

Research and studies have proven sex to be extremely beneficial to human health.

It is also associated with a wide range of women’s health benefits.

Certain factors are responsible for the lack of sexual satisfaction in a woman and could reflect on her mental and physical health.

There are so many reasons why a woman does not seem to be sexually satisfied.

It may be the inadequacy of the man, mental stress, or just natural low libido from her side.

When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

But whichever the case may be, every sexually active woman deserves to enjoy sex to their satisfaction.

Although, as a guy, you should look out for the obvious signs that your lady is not being satisfied enough by you.

As a woman, there are numerous signs that you are not being satisfied, and that is why you should start by looking out for them. 

These signs may be physical, emotional, or mental it depends on the woman herself.

Signs That A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

1. She Fakes Organism

One sign that a woman is not sexually satisfied is that she begins to fake orgasm whenever you both have sex together.

She does this just to make you feel good.

This is because she feels the pressure to act sexually satisfied so, she pretends to reach the orgasm just so the act can stop immediately.

And that’s why partners must learn how to communicate their sexual pleasures and displeasures.

2. She Doesn’t Initiate Sex

When a woman enjoys sex and is satisfied, she’ll always initiate it.

But when the case is vice versa it becomes difficult for her to bring up conversations relating to sex.

If your woman used to initiate sex before and she suddenly becomes cold when you’re about to go freaky then this is a sign that she is not being satisfied sexually.

This could be due to a lack of interest, unpleasant intercourse experiences, or feeling unloved after sex.

The reason is that her efforts to have a sexually satisfying life yield no results.

3. She Masturbates Frequently

A lot of people see masturbation as a safe way to explore their bodies and gain sexual satisfaction.

However, it can be alarming when your woman constantly masturbates even when you’re around her.

This may mean that she no longer enjoys sexual satisfaction with her partner so she seeks for other alternatives to satisfy herself.

4. She Expresses Her Dissatisfaction

There is no other way to know that a woman is sexually not satisfied than when she openly communicates her dissatisfaction with you.

Opening up about her dissatisfaction makes it easier for both of you to find practical ways to boost her sex drive that will in turn aid her sexual satisfaction.

What Happens When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

1. She Becomes Emotionally Withdrawn

A woman who is emotionally withdrawn from her partner due to sexual dissatisfaction may gradually yield to depression and disconnection from her partner.

 A sexually unsatisfied woman will always be moody, lose interest, and cut strings from her partner without knowing.

2. She may experience anxiety and insecurity in her relationship.

She may always be worried, lost in thoughts, and feel threatened in her relationship.

3. It could detach her from her partner and intimacy will diminish. When this happens, the connection will definitely be lost.

4. She may also experience a lack of self-worth, self-confidence, and low esteem.

The woman might feel she is the problem, probably she isn’t doing enough and this will result in her feeling less of herself, unwanted, or less valued.

5. Physically, a woman who is not sexually satisfied may experience displeasure, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.

 Due to a lack of sexual satisfaction, a woman might find it difficult to sleep.

She becomes tired and loses pleasure in almost everything, and it could affect her everyday life.

6. The relationship that exists between the woman and her partner may weaken and may eventually lead to a break in communication.

7.  A woman who lacks sexual satisfaction is prone to infidelity or extramarital affairs. The chances of a woman loyal to her man in such circumstances are very low.

Most women cheat by having affairs outside their marriage or relationship with their spouse.

8. Lastly, she might become lonely, frustrated and might not see the need to socialize.

When a woman is sexually unsatisfied, it’s easily noticed, that she doesn’t relate nor see the need to engage herself. She gets lonely, frustrated, angry, and sometimes sad.

What To Do When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied

1. Seek For Medical Help

A lot of factors may be responsible for why a woman is not sexually satisfied and sometimes, it takes medical help to rectify it.

So, if you find out that your sexual needs are not being met, try to seek medical consultation and solutions before it goes out of hand.

2. Try To Communicate With Her On What She Wants And How She Enjoys Sex.

As a guy, you may feel a type of pressure when you notice that your woman’s sexual needs are not being met.

But, don’t be too hard on yourself rather communicate with her about how best she enjoys sex.

Who knows, you might not be hitting her on the right spot so communing with her makes you know what to do best.

3. Try New Things

Sex is not just an act, it’s more of a skill that needs to be built day in and day out.

So, the reason why a woman may not be sexually satisfied is that she and her partner haven’t been explorative in their sex life.

Learn about new styles, explore your bodies more, and be open to trying new things in your sex life.

4. Build Emotional Connection

Sex is not just an activity.

It is best enjoyed when you have a sort of emotional closure with your partner.

So, if you’re looking forward to having a satisfied sex life or satisfying your partner then build a connection outside the bedroom.

Let there be a form of intimacy between you both, with this, you can explore more in the bedroom.

When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied


 Sex is very important and plays a large role, health-wise, socially, physically, and mentally.

When a woman is not sexually satisfied it’s recommended that she communicates her needs with her partner.

She can also seek counseling and if necessary reach out for professional help.

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