10 Qualities Of A Good Marriage

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There are certain qualities that every good marriage possesses.

In this age and time where divorce and unhappy marriage is the order of day, its takes some certain level of commitment, consistent effort and love to sustain a marriage that will last.

Beyond the butterflies in the belly and euphoria of feelings that come with being married, when the reality sets in, only the intentional will be sustained.

In this article we will be showing you 10 major qualities of a good marriage.

The qualities of a good marriage can be classified into four major aspects which are:


  • Love, Affection, Intimacy, Compassion, Sexual Compatibility, Commitment, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Honesty, Trust.


  • Patience, Appreciation And Respect, Willingness To Compromise, Great Sense Of Humour And Friendship.


  • Communication, Empathy, Understanding, Support, Forgiveness, Unity And Vision And Goals


  • Financial Capacity And Compatibility

If you desire to transcend into a love filled and long lasting marriage then this article is the right piece for you.

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

1. Love

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

Love is one of the major components that make a good marriage.

As a matter of fact, the type of love that is needed for a long lasting marriage that which is beyond feelings or mere tingling emotions.

This is because emotions may not last long.

It is easy to build commitment and companionship when the marriage is sustained by true and intentional love.

And what does love do?

Love sacrifices, so every good marriage has gone through series of sacrifices and in spite of this they choose to stay through thick and thin with each other.

If you desire a happy marriage, desire to attain the level by which emotions and feelings are not the only things that trigger you to be with your partner rather choice and acceptance.

With this, you will learn to tolerate each other.

2. Kindness

Beyond a happy marriage, every thriving friendship and relationship is built upon both two adults’ acts of kindness towards each other.

And this is seen as being careful about the choice of word you use with your partner especially when you both have a fight.

When you’re kind and understanding toward each other it will help you both not to hurt each other.

How will you treat your best friend when they hurt you? Would you shout and say hurtful words to them?

Maybe not, so you should treat your partner with kindness because this act of kindness is enough to make your home a happy one.

3. Friendship

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

Friendship is the first lay block when it comes to relationship; this is because friendship makes the love and intimacy concrete.

If you see any thriving marriage it’s as a result of intentionally when it comes to making friends with their partners.

Building a long-lasting friendship with your partner makes it easier for you to relate with them beyond the level of couples and best of friends as well.

When you treat your partner as a friend, marriage becomes less stressful to navigate.

4. Commitment

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

Another quality of a good marriage is commitment.

Trust me; no friendship can be sustained without some level of commitment from the people involved in it.

Commitment involves you being able to give all it takes to make sure that your marriage works.

Because, even with the fact that marriage is pictured as being a beautiful and all rosy institution there are times where the love you both have for each other will be tested.

This is where your level of commitment will be seen.

Commitment entails your ability to put aside every other factor that will pull down your marriage and put in constant effort to make your marriage a beautiful one.

Every alluring marriage is a combination of two committed adult who are ready to always go to extra mile for the peace of their home.

5. Respect

Respect is the bedrock of every relationship either marriage or friendship.

Any marriage that lacks respect may not be a long-lasting one. This is because respect is an essential quality for every relationship.

When you respect your partner you won’t go across their boundaries or intentionally do things to get on their nerves.

No matter how long you both have been together you shouldn’t get too familiar with each other such that you begin to disrespect each other choices, opinion and actions.

Disrespect between couples may lead to an unhappy and hurtful marriage; therefore, respect for each other should be the bedrock of your marriage.

6. Trust

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

If a marriage is void of trust then both partner will continue to fight at each other.

Without trust, a marriage will be full of insecurity, jealou,sy and doubts and when all these begin to crawl in, the quality of that marriage cannot be assured.

If you want to enjoy a better marriage learn to trust your partner.

If they’re doing anything that gives you proof not trust them then this is the best time to speak to them about it.

7. Healthy Conflict Resolution

Small, big fights and disagreements are inevitable in marriage because it is a part of sharing life with your soul mate.

However, the manner by which you both handle your conflict is what matters the most.

For every couple that have a good marriage, overtime, they have learnt how to resolve conflicts or settle their differences in a healthy and not chaotic manner.

Doing this gives them a better chance of growth and love which will as well improve their interpersonal relationship with one another.

One of the ways by which you can create a healthy conflict resolution with your partner is firstly not to assume that your partner intentionally hurts you.

Secondly, learn to thrash issues out immediatelafter y they happen and do not hoard pending matters untitheyigetts to your brim.

8. Appreciation

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

Sometimes, a lot of couple get too familiar with each other that they begin to take each other for granted.

Appreciating the little and big things your partner does for you goes a long way in increasing the respect and bond which you both share.

For instance, if you partner always gets you small gift at the end of his day at work, you’ll be very grateful and appreciate them.

However, if you stop appreciating them as soon as you get used to it then you’re gradually becoming ungrateful.

Appreciate the effort of your partner towards you.

Your gesture can be expressed either vocally or in kind. Whichever way make sure that you do not take their effort for granted.

9. Forgiveness

One of the essential qualities of a good marriage is the ability to constantly forgive each other.

Fights between couples sometimes are inevitable nevertheless; you must cultivate the habit of forgiving them.

Because, trust me, your partner will offend and get on your nerves over and over again. However, you should be quick to forgive them.

Meanwhile, forgiveness doesn’t mean sweeping the matter under the carpet and not talking about it,

All it means is that you should learn to communicate how you feel if they wrong you then forgive them and move on.

Because, life is too short for you to hold grudges against your partner. If you truly want a happy marriage unforgiveness is not an act you should condole. Therefore, make forgive the order of day in your home.

10. Intimacy

Qualities Of A Good Marriage

One of the most paramount qualities of a good marriage is intimacy between the couple.

Intimacy may come in two ways which is the emotional intimacy and physical intimacy.

If you want to enjoy your marriage, you should learn to understand the language of your partner’s emotions and respond to it positively.

Physical intimacy as well cannot be overemphasized as it increases the bond which couples have for each other.

Do not get to the point where you undervalue the importance of sex because it has becomes regular chore or activity to you.

Rather make sex a sumptuous and interesting act where you both get to bask in the euphoria of the love you have for each other.

Prioritize your sexual satisfaction because it goes a long way to make you a better partner to your significant other.

Wrap Up

Marriage requires couples to familiarize themselves with positive habits that will be of great importance to them.

Cultivating these habits will make it easier for them to navigate the hurdles that may come their way as married couples.

And that’s why this article listed out the practical qualities of every good marriage. Now, it’s left to you to stick to them and make the best of what you want from them.

Enjoy a fun-filled and happy marriage.

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