14 Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

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Most guys do a lot of amazing things for the women they love and respect.

And as women, we always want to feel loved and respected by our men.

This is because; love and respect are two identical components needed for any thriving relationship or marriage.

 When a guy respects you as a lady, there are certain things he won’t do to you irrespective of the situation, and vice versa as well.

Below are the major things guys do for the women they respect

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

1. He Prioritize Her Needs

One evidential thing a guy does for the woman is that he makes sacrifices for her and by doing this, he makes sure that her needs come first.

He won’t do this in any means that will hurt him but rather understand that love is sacrificial therefore he places her first before any other thing.

For instance, if you need to get anything done, he’ll go out of his way to get it done for you.

That’s him prioritizing your needs.

It’s not always like this with every guy but if a guy sure loves a woman, he’ll put her first and seek to satisfy.

2. He Actively Listens To Her

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

Listening is a skill and not everyone has fully cultivated that skill.

Nevertheless, a guy who loves and respects his woman knows how important it is to actively listen and react to issues amicably.

It takes a man who loves a woman to pay attention to even the tiniest details about her.

He does this because he wants to be involved and as well be informed about it. When a guy actively listens to you then this is a good sign that he respects you.

He won’t interrupt or cut you shut during conversations rather pays attention to the little and significant things you tell him.

3. He Allows Her to Take The Lead

One of the things that guys do for the women they love is that they allow them to take the lead as much as they want to.

In a relationship or marriage, he gives her the dominion to become the full expression of what she desires for herself and he doesn’t become jealous or intimated in the long run.

It takes a man with a certain level of self-esteem, to fully support his woman in achieving her dream.

And that’s why a man that respects you will understand that you have your dreams and goals to fulfill so, he’ll allow you to take the lead and not try to boss you around.

4. He Doesn’t Pressurize Or Manipulate Her

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

A lot of guys manipulate the women in their life in one way or the other. One of the ways of manipulation is by intentionally portraying actions that hurt her.

They don’t allow her to express herself nor make independent choices rather they’ll brainwash her into accepting that which they feel is right.

A man who loves his woman stays far from manipulation and pressure.

He isn’t trying to know what she’s doing at every point in time or make reference to her past or past relationship.

He doesn’t take advantage of her weakness or put her in a tight corner where she won’t be able to make independent decisions.

5. He Communicates Openly

When a man truly respects a woman, communication becomes easy for him.

He won’t toy around with his words nor try to hide anything from her.

As a matter of fact, he’ll communicate openly and genuinely with her because he has found the best manner of approach and words to use for her.

6. He Doesn’t Use Derogatory Or Demeaning Words

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

I’ve seen people in relationships use all sorts of demeaning words towards each other whether or not they are on cool terms.

This is because; they really don’t see it as a big deal.

It may be fine to them but trust me, when a man truly respects his woman, there are certain words he will never say or use to her.

He understands the power of words and he knows that using demeaning words may hurt her and for this reason, he seeks a better approach to express his emotions.

7. He Won’t Lie To Her

Lies are one of the deal breakers when it comes to relationships.

Every man who respects his woman will never lie to her. The reason is simple, he simply doesn’t want to hurt her feelings or play with her emotions.

So, he’ll tell her things the exact way they appear to be and never try to sugarcoat or present things in the way they don’t appear to be.

This is great evidence that he truly respects her.

8. He Keeps His Promises

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

If he always keeps to his words and promises that’s a sure sign that he respects her.

One of the habits of men who respect their women is that they don’t make promises that they cannot fulfill.

Therefore they try to be realistic with their promises such that they keep to them.

They also respect their time, schedule, and events which they have together.

9. He Supports And Encourages Her

The greatest form of support any woman can receive from her significant other is his encouragement and support.

When a man respects a woman he’ll go the extra mile to support her dreams and ambition.

He knows that success for her is success for him as well so supporting and raising her hands up is doing him good as well.

So, he won’t feel intimated or bad by her success rather he becomes her cheerleader and pushes her to become the best version of herself.

He’d rather invest value into her through every form that will be beneficial to her growth.

10. He Seeks Her Opinion Before Making Decisions

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

Respect for someone also means that you respect their decision and judgment over issues.

Hence, a man who respects his partner always carries her along with every his decision and seeks her concern over certain issues which he would love to execute.

He values her opinion.

Doing this doesn’t make him feel inferior.

Rather, he understands the power of teamwork and knows that it is expected to carry his significant other along with his decision-making plans.

11. He Respects Her Boundaries

When she says, I don’t like this, or don’t do this because it doesn’t make me comfortable, he doesn’t do it.

He respects her so he respects her choices and decisions.

12. He Treats Her As An Equal Not Inferior

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

A lot of guys claim to love and respect their women yet they treat them like an inferior and not equal.

 Men who respect their women understand that to get the desired result in that relationship or marriage she shouldn’t be treated as inferior but rather as an equal.

13. He Gets Her Gifts Periodically

A man who respects his woman knows that she has needs and wants so he leverages this opportunity to always gift her will be of value to her.

He doesn’t act blind to her needs rather he takes advantage of those moments to get the best for her.

14. He Daily Becomes The Best Version Of Himself

Things Guys Do For The Women They Respect

One of the beautiful things guys do for the women they respect is to take their self-development seriously.

As humans, when we strive to become the best version of ourselves not only will it be beneficial to us but it will also be beneficial to those around us.

A man that respects his woman understands this trick so he is always on the go when it comes to bettering himself.

He takes his personal development passionately by signing up for courses, building his career, and working on his physical, mental, and emotional growth.

This is a form of respect that he gives to his woman because he knows that she will love and respect him better if he daily increases the value he adds to himself.

Wrap Up

Finding a man that truly respects his woman might be quite difficult to come across. So, if you’re currently with a man who adores you do not take him for granted.

Enjoy your relationship.

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