12 Signs A Man Loves You But Afraid To Say So

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It’s been a long time since there was a man in your life who didn’t say he loved you.

But, now that you’ve found someone new, you’re starting to wonder if he really loves you.

He shows all the signs that a man loves someone but then something inside him stops him from saying those three little words.

So why is he afraid? Is it because he doesn’t believe in love? Probably not!

Does he have commitment issues? Maybe, but probably not for the reasons you think.

The truth is that men don’t often express themselves through words so much as actions and sometimes those actions can be misinterpreted as signs that he doesn’t love.

Nevertheless, there are subtle signs that a man loves you but he is afraid to say so.

If you pay rapt attention, you’ll discover that he truly loves you

Do you really want to know these signs? Then read this article to the end.

Signs A Man Loves You But Is Afraid To Say So

1. He Stares At You But Looks Always When You Catch Him Glaring

If you catch him staring at you but look away when you try to make eye contact with him then this is a strong sign that he really loves you but he’s afraid to make his feelings known.

This is because prolonged eye contact may make him nervous and self-conscious so, he’ll do all he can to avoid that.

2. He Acts Eager To Met You But Pulls Back Subsequently

When a guy is in love with you, one of the signs that he is afraid to say so is that he is scared to admit that he is beginning to love you, and for, that reason, he might begin to pull away.

This is because; he is quite nervous and scared of committing himself to love you.

3. He Seems To Be Nervous When He Is Around You

The reason why he is nervous is because; he is scared of falling for you and he sure doesn’t want it to be obvious to you that he’s gradually falling.

So, how is his facial or body reaction when he is around you, does he comport himself perfectly well or does he act timid around you?

This is one sign to know that he loves you indeed.

4. He Jokes About The Both Of You Being In A Relationship

Signs A Man Loves You But Is Afraid To Say So

Another sign that a guy loves you but he is afraid to say so is that he makes jokes about the both of you being romantic partners.

This humour is a means for him to test the waters in other to see your reactions.

He might just say it in a funny way while he laughs about it but trust me; he is indirectly telling you that he loves you.

It may be as little as calling you is girlfriend at times.

This might just be the glaring signs you’ve been waiting for.

5. He Treats You Special From Other

You might be in the circle of his female friends, but he gives you preferential treatment from all of them.

If he always picks at you or pays attention to you even in the midst of your mutual friends then he might just have a thing for you.

6. He Remembers The Tiniest Details You Tell Him

Guys tend to pay attention to things and people that they love.

If he remembers the tiniest details of things you tell him and makes reference to them when in the middle of a conversation then he is really intentional about you

Sometimes, he might even remember things that you don’t remember telling him.

For instance, he might remember the name of your pet or a particular TV series you watch when you’ve only told him once.

7. He Constantly Asks For Your Advice Or Opinion

A guy will not always seek counsel from people who he doesn’t trust their judgment.

Because he loves you, he’ll definitely trust your judgment so he’ll seek your opinion regularly on certain issues that revolve around him.

As a matter of fact, he doesn’t matter what the issue is, all he wants is your say on it because he is interested in hearing what you have to say on it.

This is a sign that he truly loves you.

8. He Wants You To Be Around Him All The Time

He won’t tell you that he loves you but his actions will speak volumes about it every single time.

If he is consistently making plans to be with you and makes you a priority in his life then he is beginning to fall in love with you.

This doesn’t have to be physical communication, the fact that he keeps you updated about his day or texts you randomly shows that you are on his mind.

This is a sign that although he hasn’t professed his love to you, he indeed loves you.

9. He Compliments You Constantly

Another glaring sign that a man loves you but is afraid to say so is that he compliments you every single time.

Compliments are ways of making people’s intentions known about you.

If a guy compliments you often then he is telling you in a subtle way that he is interested in you.

He may do this by complimenting you in a specific way even beyond your look and appearance.

When he compliments your good deeds, character, or personality he sure loves you.

10. He Cares About Your Present And Interested In Your Future

How well does he push you to become the best version of yourself?

Does he listen with rapt attention about the things that matter to you and as well, open you up to life-changing opportunities?

If he does this, he probably sees you as part of his future so he makes constant effort to make you perfectly fit into his it.

So he isn’t insecure about your success rather he becomes your biggest cheerleader.

This is a sign that he loves you beyond words

11. He Makes Time For You

One of the signs that a man loves you but he is afraid to say so is that he always makes time for you.

No matter how busy he seems to be if he always makes time for you and spends quality time with you then he loves you.

Even if you both don’t do romantic things if he consistently longs to spend time with you then he definitely loves you.

12. He Tries To Make A Good Impression About Himself

When a guy starts to fall in love with you, he’ll do everything and anything to make him appear seemly perfect before you.

So, if you always see the urge to make a good impression about him to you then he might just be falling for you.

Why He Is Scared To Expressing His Feeling To You?

A lot of factors may be responsible for a guy not being able to profess his feelings to the lady that he loves.

Here are some of them;

1. You May Appear Too Firm

Sometimes, a guy may get intimated by the social or physical appearance of a lady.

So if you always appear too serious around him, he might be scared to proffer his feelings to you because he is unsure of your reaction.

2. He Is Uncertain About Your Response

One of the greatest fears in life is the fear of rejection.

Any guy who loves a woman but is scared to tell her might just be scared of rejection from her.

3. He Just Came Out Of A Heartbreak

If he just came out of a relationship in which he suffered heartbreak then he may have an issue with entangling himself into another commitment.

4. He Is Not Good With Dealing With His Emotion

Trust me, some guys are not good at dealing with their emotions.

And he might be afraid of feeling vulnerable and this is one of the issues a lot of guys experience.

So, he’d rather suppress his emotions in order not to appear weak or fragile in front of you.

5. He Is Shy And Timid

I feel like this is one of the common reasons why guys find it difficult to open up to a lady.

He might just be struggling with timidity so he is shy to open up to you.


If you know that a guy loves you but you suspect that he is scared to speak up, you shouldn’t act like you know already; rather make him feel comfortable around you.

With this, he might be relaxed and make his feelings known to you someday.

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