7 Signs A Woman Has Not Made Love In A Long Time

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Discussing the signs a woman has not made love in a long time and her sexual life is a quite sensitive topic.

Although, there are a lot of ways to know if a woman hasn’t made love in a very long while.

 While some signs are really obvious and evidential, others are really subtle that you may not get to know if you don’t pay close attention.

A lot of men are quite expressive about how they want to be loved, their sexual needs, and their satisfaction.

Meanwhile, some women do not express the way they feel sexually.

This article explores the obvious signs of how to decipher women’s sexual activeness.

It also emphasizes the importance of choice and factors about her sexual life.

Signs A Woman Has Not Made Love In A Long Time

Some individuals prefer to take away the conversation of sexuality from their relationship for some months before they decide to explore that path.

So, you should not fully come to the conclusion that a woman has not made love in a long while if you don’t pay attention to it well.

However, there are obvious and glaring signs that you should watch out for.

if she is being reluctant about being sexually active with you then this may be a sgn.

Below are the signs that a woman has not been sexually active for a long period.

1. She Lacks Confidence

When a woman is sexually active there is a kind of confidence that comes with it.

She doesn’t stutter in conversations about sex nor is she shy about the topic.

But, if a woman has not made love in a long time, she’ll shy away from conversations around sex.

This is because she feels that she doesn’t know much or has anything to offer in that regard.

Even while having sex she’s either too conserved, mild, or stagnant.

Her body shows no sign of action.

She lets you have her but shows no interest in the long run.

Women, who have not made love for a long time, try to always cover up as much as possible.

The reason is that they haven’t been seen, touched, or worshiped for a long time so they become insecure about sex generally.

Make her feel that she shouldn’t lose her confidence about it and also show her that your feelings towards her are genuine.

 2. She Acts Like A Mother

Does she act overly caring and mushy, is sensitive to your needs and wants but doesn’t really express her wants, needs, and desires?

This might just be a sign that it’s been a long that she expressed her sexual desires and needs.

To curtail this, try talking to her about it also tell her to express her desires to you whenever she feels like it.

She should not suppress them by overly caring for them.

3. Exaggerated PDA In Public

Signs A Woman Has Not Made Love In A Long Time

If she’s always trying to express her love and affection in public all the time it may be that she’s hiding the fact that she’s not sexually active.

She may use this behavior to hide her sexual inactivity from you and others too.

4. Reluctance

Women who have not made love in a long while may not directly tell you but they’ll always reject your offer when you try to woo them into it.

One of the ways by which you can notice is that they are reluctant towards sexual activities.

They’ll do everything within their reach to postpone or make it not happen then.

One of their tactics is to delay the main action by having prolonged foreplay by trying not to make it result in real lovemaking.

It may take months before they agree to kiss you, eternity to engage in foreplay and even if they eventually do, it won’t lead to sex.

While foreplay is good, women who have been sexually inactive for long use it as a distraction from the actual sex.

  5. Guilt Trapped Affection

Women who have not been sexually active for a long time will prefer to show their love and affection in other ways.

It may be physically, emotionally, mentally, or even financially.

They do all of this just to compensate for their sexual inactiveness such that you won’t suspect anything from them.

They will try to do everything that will make you happy and satisfied in the relationship.

Considering that your attention can be shifted away from sexual activity.

However, this expression of affection is usually traded with a feeling of guilt.

And that’s why they’ll do anything within their reach just to make up for it.

6. Easily/Hardly Aroused.

One of the obvious signs a woman has not made love in a long time is that she is easily aroused.

For someone who has not been sexually active for a long period, she doesn’t need too much foreplay or kisses before she gets down to business.

I mean, when the human body has been deprived of something for too long it’s normal for a little action to get them down easily.

On the other hand, sometimes it may be the opposite case.

Some women find it difficult to be aroused.

The cause may be their past experience and social or cultural beliefs towards sex generally.

And because of the fact that they have such bias towards sexual activity, it may take a long time for them to get aroused.

As a matter of fact, they’ll need a mental repositioning of how sex is meant to be enjoyed.

And for some women, the reason why they are hardly aroused is because they’ve had unsatisfactory sexual partners in the past.

And for them, sex is boring, uninteresting, and simply not worth it.

 7. She Wants You To Sleep Over

Signs A Woman Has Not Made Love In A Long Time

If you’ve been spending a lot of time with her then she’ll want you to always spend more.

She knows that you sleeping over might just be the opportunity that she has always wanted.

Try to observe her.

Does she always lure you to sleep over at her and try to be seductive with her voice?

Does her appearance and the clothes she puts on speak volumes?

Not only does she do all of these, but she also tries hard to impress you that she’s really good in bed.

In most cases, women who have not made love for a long time will give their best when they eventually meet the right person.

And you might just be the one.

Others Signs That A Woman Has Not Made Love In A Long Time

  • She gets angry easily and picks on the little things that come her way, it’s not her fault, she may be sex-starved.
  • She laughs in such a way that seeks the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Her social media handle says it all, she always calls for attention.
  • She always tries to please you
  • She’s hard to please and always acts hard to get
  • She’s limited to only foreplay
  • She is timid or submissive in bed
  • Speedy orgasm or no orgasm

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of factors that warrant why a woman has not made love in a long while.

 Sometimes, it’s intentional while other times, the right person hasn’t just come and she isn’t ready to compromise.

Recognizing these signs is a combination of physical, mental, psychological, and emotional factors.

However, it is important to respect her choice and preferences on why she’s not sexually inactive.

Furthermore, honest and sincere communication, a healthy body, and most importantly a healthy approach to sexual relationships are the major things that are crucial for a beautiful and fulfilling sexual life irrespective of one’s level of experience or activities.

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