Love Bombing Signs And How To Stop It

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Love bombing signs can be experienced in various ways.

It’s all nice to pour so much love on our love target to show them how much we admire and care for them.

But sometimes, partners do it in an extreme way.

Love bombing is when a person pours out so much love or expresses love to their lover in a way that becomes disadvantageous to the lover.

It could negatively affect the target either physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

In most cases, love bombing may move from just a feeling of affection to a narcissistic behavior.

They seek to do really hurtful things to their partner all in the name of love.

In a love bombing, the person in view is like a target that must be gotten by all means to meet an end.

You may feel that your current partner or potential lover loves you and that’s why they load you with so much care and attention.

In this article, we will show you where to draw the line and how to know when it’s gradually becoming love bombing.

You should read till the end.

 To not be a victim of love bombing, below are its signs;

Love Bombing Signs

1. Disrespect For Boundaries

One of the signs of love bombing is that your partner doesn’t respect your boundaries.

They claim to love you yet they do disrespectful things to you and come begging afterwards.

For instance, you tell them why you can’t pick up their video call at night yet they keep calling you every night.

This is a sign that they have no respect for your boundaries.

2. Loads Of Calls And Text With No Breathing Space For The Love Target

Not only is this a love bombing sign this is also a sign of a toxic partner.

Partners should have time to themselves as the totality of their lives is not reserved for their romantic partners only.

But if the person in question always wants to know where you are, what you’re currently doing, and every single action that you take then this is a great sign of love bombing.

You may feel that they care and love you so much but you should be careful hence you’re currently heading towards toxicity.

3. Giving Gifts Excessively

Generosity is seen majorly with the one you truly love.

But when generosity replaces another component of love then you should be careful enough to see the signs of love bombing.

They always get you things even if you don’t ask.

When doing this, they expect you to repay them by dancing to every tune they play for you.

Getting you gifts like this is a means to track you down with them forever because they’ll feel entitled to your love and attention.

4. Emotional Neediness Which Could Be Overwhelming

Every human has emotional needs and if you’re in a relationship it’s normal to express your emotional needs to them.

But when your partner always wants you to satisfy their emotional needs then this may be a sign of love bombing.

Truth is, sometimes no matter how emotionally intelligent our partners are they may not always satisfy our emotional needs at all times.

One of the signs of love bombing is when your partner always wants you to be there for them.

Even on the days when it’s uncomfortable or not palatable for you, they force you.

5. Extreme Show And Declaration Of Love

Another evidential sign of love bombing is when they shower you with too much love.

Don’t misquote me, showing your partner so much love or professing love to them at every given time isn’t wrong.

Look at it, do they express love in any other way rather than just professing it.

Like showing up for you when you need to tackle cogent issues of your life.

Or discussing real-life issues that matter to your future.

If they only see the romantic and lovey-dovey part of the relationship then this is a great sign of love bombing.

How To Stop It

1. Be Clear About Your Definition Of Real Love

When you begin to notice the signs of love bombing from the person claiming to show you love, it’s best to stay clear on what you feel real love should be.

You don’t need to be quiet on this, be bold and tell it to them by resisting every act of love bombing.

Don’t let down your guard, your standard on love matters stands basically on your unique definition of love.

While it’s easy to get swept away with love bombing, we can resist it if we’re firm about our own unique standard of love.

2. Learn To Recognize And Steer Clear Of Love Bombers

Does your communication and relationship with them feel intoxicating and unsettling? If yes, then that shows the relationship is toxic and the guy is a love bomber.

Once you can identify the signs of love bombing and you can see its fine expression in your relationship it’s better to steer clear and say no to them.

3. Set Boundaries Right Away To Assert Your Independence

When you begin to notice the signs of love bombing, it is best for you to not keep quiet about it but to speak up.

Let your partner know that you are aware of the signs of love bombing.

Set boundaries that match up with your own unique standard of what a healthy relationship should look like.

4. Ask Someone You Trust If They’ve Noticed Any Love Bombing

This could be a bit difficult to do but it could be a lot of help.

So many times we don’t see the wrong things going on in our lives because we are carried off by the emotional euphoria.

To be sure that you’re not being love-bombed, it’s best to seek the opinion of a third party.

Someone close to you like your family members or friends, they can tell you what they feel or see from the relationship.

There could be something you are not seeing.

5. Make A Check-List Of What’s Lacking In Your Relationship

There is something that seems like a plus but is actually love-bombing signs in a relationship.

 When you focus less on those things that seem petty in your relationship and focus more on what matters, you’ll be able to see clearly.

 If you’re being love-bombed they may ignore your passion, vision, and dreams.

Nevertheless, he pours out a lot of roses on you.

He buys you lots and lots of gifts but he lies and doesn’t carry you along.

In making a checklist, it’s so easy to spot and stop love bombing.

6. Share Your Observations

Sometimes your partner might not be aware that he is love-bombing you so before you take steps that ruin the relationship, sit him down.

Let him know that you can clearly see the signs of love bombing in the relationship and give him the chance to respond.

If your partner does not respond well, then you are a target of love bombing.

This means you need to leave the relationship.

But if he responds well and tells you he’s going to change, that’ll really help make the relationship work out well.

7. Understand Each Other

If you love your space and like to be alone in a relationship, you would probably feel being love bombed faster which your partner might not see.

Try to speak with another and understand each other’s differences and your partner’s way of expressing love so it won’t affect the relationship.

8. Seek Professional To Help You Cope With Love Bombing

It’s advisable to speak with a therapist to help you know if you’re being manipulated emotionally or not if you are not sure.

If they notice a manipulation, they can guide you through proven ways of stopping love bombing

9. Consider If The Connection Is Sustainable

You need to ask yourself some sincere questions.

Check if this person looks like someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Would you love someone who spends a lot of money on you and admires you whereas trust and empathy are missing in the relationship?

If you consider this early, it might help you come to a further conclusion if you will keep the relationship or opt-out.

10. Leave The Love Bomber

As much as this is the best way to automatically stop love bombing in a relationship, it’s also one of the most difficult especially if there’s already an emotional attraction.

But despite this, it is best to help one by leaving no matter how difficult it is than being a slave of love bombing forever.

Rather than thinking about what would be said when you leave, it is best to seek your safety and well-being.

This is because being a victim of a love bombing could affect your mental and physical health.

Wrap Up

I’ve never personally experienced a love bomber but I have a first experience of a friend who has.

Believe me, that experience was hell for her.

You don’t want to be that lady who gets showered with love and attention such that you can even think all by yourself again.

If you’ve been seeing some love bombing signs in your partner then you should be bold enough to walk out from such a relationship.

Doing this will preserve your mental and emotional health.

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