Words To Compliment A Guy On His Look

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There are a lot of amazing and enticing words to compliment a guy on his look.

Complimenting a guy about the way he looks is a beautiful way to catch his fantasy and make him smile.

This is because a compliment is a way to show him that he is special to you and you appreciate the way he looks and appears.

If you’re in a relationship one way to build chemistry is to tell him how attractive he is over a text or in person.

And you may find yourself recently crushing over a guy, another secret to catch his attention is to tell him how awesome he looks.

Finding the best compliment to give him over his clothes and general appearance has a secret way of communicating your feelings to him.

In this article, we have compiled attractive and beautiful words to compliment a guy on the way he looks.

Words To Compliment A Guy On His Look

Words To Make Him Smile

Every guy loves to be flattered and one way to do this is to give him really amazing compliments.

  1. You’re handsome
  2.  “Hey, gorgeous guy!”
  3.  “You sort of shine.”
  4. “I’ll be honest: your looks really caught my eye.”
  5. “You’re good-looking enough to stand out in any crowd.”
  6. You look so sexy when you laugh.”
  7. “Seriously, you’ve got the smile of a movie star!”
  8. “You just have to smile for me to melt.”
  9.  “I see you’ve been going to the gym, handsome.”
  10. “Your arms look great.”
  11. “Looks like that work you’ve been putting in the gym has been paying off.”
  12. “Your haircut looks great on you!”
  13. “I really like how you’ve been growing out your hair.”
  14. “Your new haircut has you looking like such a snack.”
  15. I know it’s a little weird, but you have great-looking feet.”
  16. “You have a great jawline.”
  17. “You could cut something with those cheekbones!”
  18. “You’ve got a sexy swagger.”
  19. “You move with so much class.”
  20. “I can tell you’re a great dancer just by watching you!”
  21. “That shirt looks great on you!”
  22. “Your glasses make you look like Clark Kent.”
  23. “I gotta say that I wish I dressed half as well as you.”
  24. “You have intelligent eyes.”
  25. “I could look at your eyes for hours.”
  26. “Your eyes sparkle.”
  27. “Are you an artist? You’re so good at drawing me in.”
  28. “If you were a taser, you’d be set to ‘stun.’”
  29. “I believe that honesty is the best policy, so to be completely honest, you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.”
  30. “I could look at you all day.”
  31. “Everything about you is gorgeous.”
  32. “Just seeing you is a total treat.”

Sentence To Catch His Fantancy

Beyond complimenting him with words, sometimes, flatter him by exaggerating about how breathtaking he truly is.

33. “Wow, you look dapper. Just all together, such a good look.”

34. “You look really good, his name

35. “Woah. Did you know that blue button-up is like, the exact same color as your eyes?”

36. “When you walk in the room, my first thought is always, “Dang, his outfit is amazing.”

37. “You seriously always impress.

38. Everyone turned around to look at you when you walked through the door.

39. This is so weird, but can I take a quick photo?

40. I love how you mixed and matched patterns in this fit, and I want to remember it.

41. Where do you get your outfit inspiration? I need to follow those same people.

42. It isn’t easy to take my eyes off you because you are irresistibly handsome.

43. You always look handsome to me, even first thing in the morning when you’ve just gotten out of bed.

44. You are quite stylish and polished.

Blushing Words To Compliment A Guy On His Look

Another way to put words together to compliment him about how he looks is to tell him things that won’t stop him from blushing.

45. You’re such a wonderful person.

46. You make bad days feel not so bad.

47.  I cannot stop smiling when you are around because you make me happy inside out.

48. I saw that exact look in a magazine yesterday.

49. You’ll be able to wear that everywhere.

50. Every time I see one of your outfits, all I can think to myself is she’s the best.

51. You always inspire me to try new things with my clothing. Amazing! You look fantastic!

52. You are so classy and quite original!

53. How do you always come up with such amazing outfits?

54. You have such impeccable style.

55. Formal shirts look amazing on you.

56. Are you sure you have never modeled before?

57.  You are one of the most brilliant people I have ever come across.

58. Your fashion is on point.

59. I know it’s a little weird, but you have great-looking feet. Woah, this T-shirt is so cool.

60. Wait, can I take a photo of your outfit? I want to remember it so I can recreate it later.

61.  How can you always look so handsome every day?

62. You are my fashion hero.

63.  Your good looks are always a pleasure to see.

64. Your clothing choices are always so unique, stylish, and fashion-forward.

65. Your style is undisputed. It’s yours and only yours. You are quite stylish and polished.

66. You have such positive body language that no one can resist your charm.

Words To Compliment His Body

Beyond complementing his looks, you can also add some really attractive admiration to the conversations you both have together.

67. How can you always look so handsome every day?

68. I find it difficult to resist your fit body and clean face cut.

69. I would love to stay in your strong, comforting arms all day.

70. You have flawless skin.

71. Your height perfectly complements me because I can hear your heartbeat when we hug.

72. Your sense of style is simply amazing.

73. You have a cheerful personality that feels like a blessing to me.

74. I love your firm and well-toned arms

75. Black is the color that makes you look hotter.

76. You have the body of an athlete.

77. You make me inch closer toward you without a word.

78. I like the way you smile and blink when we meet.

79. You look no less than a model.

80. I love your eyes and the way they look at me.

81. Morning handsome! You will have an amazing day today.

82. The brightest colors remind me of your cheeks when you blush.

Romantic Words to Compliment His Looks

83. You are charmingly handsome.

84. You have a fantastic sense of style.

85. You look incredibly dapper.

86. I can’t help but stare at your lips when you talk to me.

87. I love the way you scrunch your nose when you pinch my cheeks.

88. Formal shirts look amazing on you.

89. Your beard suits add to your rugged handsomeness.

90. Your sharp and attractive jawline can pierce my heart.

91. I love running my fingers through your messy hair.

92. You looked in great shape last night.

93. You looked like a treat yesterday.

94. You look irresistibly hot today.

95. I am missing your handsome face.

96. Your eyes are so beautiful that I don’t want to look anywhere else.

97. It’s been a month since I’ve seen my handsome man.

98. I am too shy to say…you look so handsome.

99. The plaid shirt you wore today suited you.

100. You look double handsome when you dress formal.

101. I admire your taste in clothes.

102. You know how to carry yourself, no matter how you are dressed.

103. You look like an actor in this haircut.

104. You have got a charming smile with dimples.

105. I love the way you carry yourself with sophistication.

106. I think your stubble looks so good.

107. You look so good…each day, every day.

108. I love your style, but I don’t like other women staring at you.

109. You are the strongest and toughest man I have ever known.

110. You have the most impressive posture.

111. You don’t dress fancy, still, you make me fall for you.

112. I adore those dimples on you when you smile.

Complimenting a guy about the way he looks makes him feel special and loved. You don’t have to break the bank to get him really expensive gifts.

Telling him sweet words about his appearance will make him feel on top of the world.

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