3 Types Of Men Who Have An Affair

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Infidelity is one of the great challenges a lot of marriages face. This has been an issue since time immemorial and in contemporary times. This article describes the 3 types of men who have an affair.

It can be difficult to accept that your husband is a cheating type.

If you both have had intense moments of love, trust, and exchange of promising words then it’s harder.

You may have been affected by infidelity or you’re just curious to know the reasons why men cheat and the type of men who have an affair.

This piece right here is all you need to have an insight into the three types of men who cheat and the reason they cheat.

Why Do Men Cheat?

3 Types Of Men Who Have An Affair

This is to a large question a rhetorical question because everyone has different reasons for doing what they do.

There are a lot of reasons why men cheat and it varies from physical, mental, psychological, religious, cultural, and sexual needs.

We must also understand that there are no two affairs that are the same as a result of various underlying issues beforehand.

However, there are common reasons why men cheat and they are as follows;

1. A Need For Validation

A lot of men feel that when they cheat they can show forth their maness and ability to entice different girls to their trap.

They also sometimes feel the need to get gratification and validation from someone different from their significant other.

They assume that their wives may have gotten used to them for too long therefore getting their validation from another woman is perfect.

2. Revenge

This is another reason why a man may decide to cheat on his significant other.

Trust me, if he feels cheated upon by his partner or suddenly finds out that his wife cheated in recent times, he may feel the need to retaliate by cheating as well.

3. Opportunity

In such events for cheating, men like this come across opportunities to cheat on their wives,

For instance, when they travel far from home, get seduced or aroused by another woman.

They may see the need to buy into the pressure.

4. Sexual Need

One of the most common reasons for infidelity is as a result of unsatisfied sexual life between couples.

As a result, they seek means to satisfy themselves outside their homes.

In most cases, a trail may always leave them wanting to go for more.

5. Emotional Need

Men are as well emotional beings.

If their wives fail to understand their emotional needs beyond physical intimacy then they may opt in for another woman that does.

And sometimes, it may lead to infidelity.

6. Cultural Or Religious Pressure

Some cultures and religions do not see anything wrong with cheating or infidelity.

As a matter of fact, they promote it because they judge their patriarchal ability by it.

3 Types Of Men Who Have An Affair

While it may be difficult to spot a man who is likely having an affair, 3 types of men tend to engage in extramarital affairs.

1. The Womanizing Male

3 Types Of Men Who Have An Affair

Womanizing men are one of the major 3 types of men who have an affair. They are the ones who love the thrills and adventure that come with a new romance.

He always wants the attention, love, and emotional attraction that he’ll get to experience in new relationships.

This is the major reason he’ll always cheat on his significant other just to experience it.

One feature of the womanizing male is that he’ll hardly spend so much time, attention, or emotion on one woman.

He’ll prefer jumping from one woman to another just to satisfy his flirt-full nature.

And in the means to achieve this goal, he carries himself with so much ego and self-respect.

This is because he wants every lady around him to always fall in love with him.

He also takes time to invest in the way he looks or appears because he knows women are thrilled by the appearance of men.

So, he dresses and appears nice all the time and thence he begins to string up a series of relationships with women.

He does all these just to turn them on and puts them in an emotional garbage.

Afterward, they’ll be left with no choice but to chase after him eventually.

And when he does this, he doesn’t seem to be emotionally available or stable with the women.

Signs Of A Womanizing Type Of Man

  • He talks to women in such a way that they are emotionally tied to him.
  • He also gives them no benefit of the doubt because they try their way to talk them out if they try questioning their actions.
  • He uses too much complimentary towards other women, he can randomly call other women hot or sexy right before you.
  • He also has loads of friends who act like him, a bunch of men who have an affair and see no wrong in what their friends are doing.
  • Another sign is that he’ll always look for excuses to be alone. This is because he needs time to chase after other women.

These are the major signs of a womanising type of man, and trust me; you don’t want to have any encounter with him.

If you see any of these signs in any guy asking you out or the one you’re currently dating then you should reconsider your options.

2. The Opportunist Male

3 Types Of Men Who Have An Affair

The opportunist is one of the 3 types of men who have an affair leverage on circumstances around them.

The major reason why the opportunist male cheats is because there happens to be a reason to do so.

That is, in some cases, it’s not a pre-planned action or event but it happens as a result of an opportunity presenting itself.

As such, cheating for him isn’t something to be too excited about but rather obeying the impulse of the moment.

Men like this do not see infidelity beyond the physical act because it’s a means to satisfy their current desires.

The major reason why an opportunist will cheat is because an opportunity is presented right before him.

So, he’ll see reasons to defend himself for obeying his impulses.

They are the type of men who have an affair as a result of a travel where’s far from his partner, giving in to a flirt or green light by the opposite sex.

Or even an ex or old sexual partner comes in contact with him again or a lady approaching him for a one-night stand.

These are some of the scenarios that promote infidelity for an opportunist male.

Warning Signs Of An Opportunist Male

Spotting an opportunist cheater may be quite difficult because they aren’t consistent.

They only fall into the trap of infidelity when the opportunity presents itself; nevertheless, there are few signs to watch out for.

  • He begins to come home from work late or he cancels plans at the die minutes.
  • He suddenly becomes eager to socialize and catch up with events thus leaving you to feel all left out.
  • He starts to top up his appearance to look good for his new catch.
  • He may reduce intimacy with you as he’s getting it from somewhere else for the main time.

Men like this often can be serial cheaters because they feel that there is no harm in cheating as long as he isn’t caught in the act.

If you feel that it’s not something you can deal with then you should sit up and let him go.

3. The Unhappy Cheating Male

The unhappy cheating male is in a little way similar to the opportunist male.

However, in his case, he’s currently unhappy with his current relationship.

Because, his emotional, physical, and mental needs are not been met, he begins to feel neglected and rejected.

A quite number of times, he bottles up his emotions so much thereby, when he decides to channel his emotions to someone else, he does it to the maximum.

The mistress becomes a temporary solace for him to lay down every of his discomfort and burden to.

Guys like this also see infidelity and cheating as a way to overlook the issues he’s going through in their relationship or marriage.

Unlike the opportunist sees infidelity as a physical act rather than an avenue for him to build an emotional connection with someone as different from his significant other.

He therefore justifies himself by cheating.

Moreover, his partner pays little or no attention to him so he feels his emotional and physical needs are been taken for granted.

Warning Signs Of An Unhappy Cheater

  • He suddenly stops expressing his displeasure in the relationship and hence shuts down on engaging or spending time with you as he ought to.
  • He becomes so serious and critical about the relationship.
  • He begins to pay unusual attention to you the more. He suspects that you’re cheating; he does this because he’s cheating as well.
  • He begins to hide his phone or conversation with you as he doesn’t want you to hear him speak to his mistress(s).
  • He also can become aggressive or violent because he doesn’t feel the vibe of the relationship any longer.

When you notice this change of character from your partner then you should be able to figure out the reason why he’s currently cheating on you.

If you feel it’s something you both can work on then fine.

Otherwise, make your decision to leave because it’s very frustrating to be with a man who isn’t in any way emotionally or physically attracted to you.

Wrap Up

It is nice to understand that infidelity doesn’t have to do with gender but rather a choice. That is, infidelity can be seen in both genders.

However, we must know that it’s normal for circumstances to come up.

But infidelity shouldn’t be the only option to try as both men and women can by themselves handle their marital and relationship issues without hurting one another by cheating.

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