93 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

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If you’re looking for cute names to call your boyfriend, fiance, husband, or significant other.

This list of cute names is perfect for you. It has all sorts of options that range from sweet and playful to romantic and sexy.

And don’t worry no one will have heard these nicknames before!

Choosing a special name to call your boyfriend is different from the usual names people around him call him makes him feel surreal.

With this, it makes you unique in his heart and makes him love you the more.

In this article, I’ve shortlisted some cute nicknames to help you choose one for your boyfriend, husband, or Fiance, Read on!

Common Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

1. Bae– Stands for Before Anyone Else. If your boyfriend has done pretty special things for you then make this name his first name.

2. Sunshine– Is he a bundle of energy? Does his presence brighten your day? If so, go for a nickname like this. Of course, his presence uplifts your spirit and body.

3. Boo– The classic term of endearment.

4.  Soul-mate– it simply means someone whom you’ve decided to do life with for the rest of time.

5. Bubba- An easygoing companion.

6. Mon-Petit– My little love.

7. Handsome– A good-looking guy.

8. Casanova– A full-time lover.

9. Light of my life- A guy who makes your days bright and happy.

10. My Prince Charming– A royal boyfriend.

11. Superstar– One who is destined for great things in life.

12. Darling– A person who is very much loved or liked.

13.  Joon – In Farsi, this cute name to call your boyfriend means “dear”.

14. Mi-Amor– My love.

15. Mi-Alma– My soul.

16. Mi -Amado– My beloved.

17. Mi-Vida– My life

19. Baby/ babe– call him baby/babe when you have to treat him with special love, care, and attention. You can also call him Babe for short.

20. Heartthrob– When he looks like your teen celebrity crush.

Food-Related Names To Call Your Boyfriend

21. Butter age– One who looks younger than his age.

22. Cupcake– if your boyfriend is the most adorable guy you’ve ever met then choose this name for him

23. Honey Bear– Perfect name for a protective guy who is absolutely precious to you.

24. Hot Chocolate– Great name for a good-looking guy.

25. Honey Pot– To let them know they’re your giant dose of sweetness.

26. Muffin– When they look like an after-school treat.

27. Chicken Nugget– For he looks delicious and, adorable

28. Jelly Bean– For your partner who’s silly but also sweet.

29. Honey-bunch– A man who is like a pile of sweetness.

30. Sugar– If he makes you sweet and alluring call him sugar

31. Coco– Does his crazy shenanigans drive you crazy? Then, this is the perfect nickname for your crazy guy.

32. Pickle pie– Exciting and adventurous.

33. Hon– A short form of honey.

34. Cutie Pie– you can call your boyfriend or husband a cutie pie if he is sweet, adorable, and has a kind heart

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Cute Names To Call Your Casual Boyfriend

34. Monkey– Call him that when you two are in a childish fight.

35. Bro– When you’re just chilling and need to ask him to pass the popcorn.

36. Gelsomino– A person with a beautiful soft voice.

37. Knight– A guy who makes a lady feel seen, heard, and protected.

38.  Liebling – the German name for my favorite person.

39. Fella– if he likes to behave old school call him a fella.

40. Ace- A genius.

41. Beagle– A calm and intelligent guy.

42. Book-warm– One that enjoys reading.

43. Cheeky chimp– Funny and playful.

44. Brainiac- A brilliant guy.

45. Love genie– A guy who brings out the magic in you.

46. Wuggles- A guy that loves you to spoon.

47. Champ– A confident and bold man.

48. Tarzan – Wild and exciting.

49. Maverick– A free and independent thinker.

50. King- A guy that will tear down walls for you.

51. Wolfie– An energetic and resilient man.

Cute Names For Your Extra Romantic Boyfriend

52. Charmer– When your boyfriend can make pretty much anyone love him.

53. Squishy- This one’s for your partner who is the absolute cuddliest

54. Munchkin– An awesome name for a short, cute, and adorable guy.

55. Nibbles- One that drives you crazy.

56. Luscious lips– A great kisser.

57. Hottie– A good-looking guy.

58. Dimples– If your guy’s dimples are just simply irresistible try this cute name on him!

59. Dulce– A smart, funny, and down-to-earth man.

60. Ke-Aloha– This means “the love” in Hawaiian.

61. Pookie– This is perfect for the boyfriend who’s just too cute.

Cute Names To Call Your Husband Or Fiance

62. Boss– When you’re giving him control in the bedroom tonight.

63. Sweet Thang– Use when you want to let them know how fine they’re looking.

64. Papi- Use this one when things are heating up.

65. My World- To remind your partner they’re your everything.

66. King– call him King if he’s majorly in charge.

67. Beloved– A guy that you love dearly.

68. My Other Half- When he is showing you how integral he is to your life

69. My heart– The one you love the most.

70. Favourite– If he is the one for you, this nickname is to make him blush.

71. Amorzinho– This cute name means ‘little love” in Portuguese.

72. Lyubov Moya – In Russian, this cute nickname means “my love”.

73. Corazon– This cute name means “heart” in Spanish.

74. Lovie- He’ll always be reminded of your feelings!

75. Snookums– The precious one.

76. Babyface– An attractive guy.

77. Bebetom– Turkish for “my baby”

78. My man– Because you want to assure him that he is all you have

79. Bug– When he is too precious to you

80. Goober– For the partner who is lovable but a little bit awkward (in the best way!).

81. Chipmunk– Every time they’re looking extra cute.

82. Hero– When your love language is an act of service and he does it to you every time, then, call him HERO.

83. Hubby-to-be or Hubby– If you are getting married, this is a good name to call your boyfriend.

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriends With Benefits

84. Dude– What you call them when you’re trying to bring up something you’re excited about.

85. Stud– A guy who meets all your needs.

86. PIC– Stands for “Partner In Crime”.

87. Handyman– When they know how to fix just about everything around the house.

88. Superman– For when they’re saving your butt for the millionth time.

89. Tater Tot– When they’re your little appetizer.

90.  Hunk– When you recognize his efforts in the gym.

91. Hotshot– When he is extra confident.

92. Sexy– When you’re ready to take things to the bedroom.


One of the things that make a relationship more interesting and fun-filled is when you call each other sweet and alluring names all the time.

If you want him to fall in love with you, call him cute names.

With this, you can spice up your relationship and call your boyfriend various special names as you want.

Cute names to call your boyfriend

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