Habits Of Couples Who Stay Married And Happy For Life

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There are daily habits of couples who stay married and happy for life.

If you want to stay married for life, then these habits are important to have!

When you see any happily married couple, they are doing something that makes their marriage work.

One of the things that make a marriage happily ever after is the daily habit and routine that the couple engages in every single day.

Having a consistent habit together increases the love and beautiful memories in the relationship.

I’m a firm believer in marriage. It’s not just about getting married, but staying together that’s hard!

If you want to stay married for life, here are some habits that can help:

Daily Habits of Couples Who Stay Married And Happy For Life

1. They Communicate The Exact Way They Feel About Any Given Issue.

Habits Of Couples Who Stay  Married

One of the constant habits of happy couples is that they make communication constant all through the course of the day.

They try their best to see that they express themselves the exact way they feel and also make it known to each other how their day went, and what they encountered throughout the day.

By doing this, they create room for more beautiful conversations to creep in.

One habit of couples who stay happily married is that they find companionship in having conversations with each other and as they do this, they grow more intimate.

They don’t hoard the way they feel nor find it difficult to express themselves, rather, they make conversation a healthy habit within themselves.

2. They Pray Together

Habits Of Couples Who Stay  Married

This is one of the habits of couples who stay married and happy for life most couples neglect.

Prayer is one of the integral things of life and when you see a healthy couple together, they may just be praying together every day.

Praying together as a couple increases your love because when you pray together you both can make your supplications, desires, and request made known to God together as one.

Praying together as a couple is one beautiful thing that strengthens a marriage.

3. They Constantly Use The Word ”I Love You”.

A lot of time, some coupe claim to love each other but at the same time find it very difficult to use the ‘I love you’ phrase.

One habit of happily married couples is that they always tell themselves that they love each other whether or not they are together.

Doing this reassures the love that they have for each other and also helps strengthen the marriage.

It could be a call during the day or sending them a text when they are not around you stating that they love you.

4. They Schedule Time To Be Intimate

Habits Of Couples Who Stay  Married

Yes, sex is one great thing that boosts every marriage and if you desire one, you’ll have to make it a habit to talk and incorporate sex into your love life.

Although, having sex as a couple may not always be every day.

But one habit of a happily married couple is that even on the days when they don’t have sex with each other, they still make time to create intimate memories and sessions with each other.

This may involve hugging each other before going to work every morning or giving each other a kiss every day.

Doing this increases the sparkle in the relationship and as well helps to boost intimacy.

5. They Express Gratitude To Each Other

Any marriage that is void of appreciation may never be a happy one.

One of the habits of couples who stayed married and happy for life is that they make appreciation a habit in their home.

It could be as little as telling your wife ”thank you” after a meal or telling your husband ”thank you” when he helps you out with something.

Gratitude gives the opportunity for them to show appreciation toward themselves.

6. They Go To Bed At The Same Time

Habits Of Couples Who Stay  Married

This isn’t an easy task for a quite number of couples but one habit of couples that stay happily ever after is that they go to bed at the same time irrespective of whatever may want to delay them.

Although, there may be exceptional cases where you may not be able to go to bed with your partner.

 Nevertheless, having a healthy routine and habit that leads to a successful marriage is that you both can assemble on your sleeping bed together at the same time.

Doing this gives you the privilege to bond more or have a more beautiful conversation about your day.

7. They Do The Chore Together

Habits Of Couples Who Stay  Married

Couples who are not privileged to have help when it comes to chores make use of that moment to do it all by themselves.

And this chore is not delegated to a single party rather they make it a daily habit to help each other with the chore as much as they can.

Doing this together as a couple shows that they prioritize their home and they as well respect each other by sharing the delegated responsibilities accordingly within themselves.

8. They Play Together

Life may come with so many chaotic and unpleasurable moments; nevertheless, it is the habit of couples that stay together forever to make time out in playing together every day.

It may be as little as tickling them when they are not aware of it, bringing up a joke that you both can laugh about.

Marriage should be a place of fun, security, and incorporating beautiful activities in it makes it a pleasure to admire at every given time.

If you want a beautiful marriage then make it a habit to incorporate playing with your partner.

9. They Have A Clear Mind Of Each Other Before Going To Bed

A lot of couples go to bed keeping grudges against each other over what happened during the day or over a misunderstanding.

This is something that you won’t ever find a happily married couple doing.

A happy married couple makes it a goal to have a clear mind with others if there was any prior cause of misunderstanding or argument beforehand.

This is because; they realize that sleeping with anger may affect the way they feel towards their partner and can in turn affect their next day.

So, they try their possible best to fix things up before going to bed at night.

10. They avoid blaming each other

You should never blame your partner for your problems, feelings, or mistakes.

You also shouldn’t blame them for things that are out of their control.

If you’re unhappy with something in your life and it has nothing to do with them (e.g., a bad day at work), don’t try to make them feel guilty about it; instead talk about what happened and how it made you feel so that both of you can understand each other better.


We hope that these habits have given you some insight into what it takes to be a happy couple.

It’s not always easy, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, then we believe that you can make it work!

If you’re married and you desire a happy love life then you and your partner should try this out.

I hope this helps.

Habits Of Couples Who Stay Married

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