10 Fascinating Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

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If you want to know the things men really enjoy in a woman, it all comes down to three things: sex, physical affection, and intelligence.

These are the most important traits that make a woman attractive to men for long-term relationships.

That said, there are many other great attributes that can make a woman stand out from the crowd: humor and supportiveness being two of them.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can improve your relationship with your man or attract one in the first place (because let’s face it: we all have), keep reading!

Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

1. Sex

Men enjoy sex. This is a fact, and it’s one that many women tend to forget.

While we may think of our partners as being interested in more than just the physical act itself.

Men often feel that women don’t appreciate their desire for sex and intimacy as much as they should, and sometimes even resent us for it!

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if your guy isn’t getting enough action from you (whether because he wants more or because he feels like he’s not getting enough).

Then chances are good that he’ll start looking elsewhere for satisfaction, and if his needs aren’t being met at home either.

That could lead to some serious problems down the road!

2. Physical affection and cuddling

Physical affection is a sign of love and trust.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know how important it is to feel loved and cared for by your partner.

Physical affection can help alleviate stress, make you feel less stressed, improve your sleep quality, and even increase confidence levels!

Physical affection doesn’t have to be limited to just cuddling either – holding hands or giving each other massages can all be forms of physical intimacy that men enjoy as well!

3. Intelligence and humor

Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

Men like intelligent, funny women.

Men love to laugh, and they appreciate a woman who can make them laugh.

If you have a great sense of humor, then chances are good that you’ll be able to keep up with the men intellectually as well.

If you’re smart enough to understand and appreciate the jokes that he makes, then there’s no doubt in my mind that he will think highly of your intelligence, and maybe even want to date you!

4. Respectfulness

A crucial aspect of a healthy relationship is mutual respect.

Men love women that listen and respond to them as they can be cautious of women who embarrass them or make a fool out of them, especially in public.

Most men are sensitive to criticism and pride, but if criticized respectfully it can make them better men.

Respecting your partner is one thing that will earn you more love from them.

5. Supportiveness and encouragement

Men love to be supported and encouraged by the women in their lives.

Not only does this make them feel better about themselves, but it also helps them achieve more success in life.

Supportiveness: Men like to know that there are people around them who believe in their ability to succeed at something.

If you support your man’s dreams and goals, he will feel more confident about himself and thus be able to reach those goals with ease!

Encouragement: Men also need positive reinforcement from time to time because they don’t always see themselves as being worthy of praise or acknowledgment (even though they should!).

So if you notice that something has gone well with your partner or friend, let him know!

Don’t forget those little things too; it could mean a lot for him if you offer words of encouragement over small accomplishments like finishing an assignment early or doing well on an exam.”

6. An Ambitious Woman

Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

Even though men love a woman that is supportive of their goals, she should also have her own goals.

Men are naturally attracted to women that challenge their thoughts and stir their emotions in a positive way.

If you’re an ambitious woman this is one great thing that will make your partner enjoy you more.

It makes men know that they have a woman who is also passionate about her own dream as well.

7. A Charming Woman

Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

Beauty attracts men to a lady.

Being Charming is one of the major things that attract a woman to a man.

 A woman who is charming enough to make others smile will definitely be loved and cherished by her man

8. Being Confident

Nothing glows brighter than confidence. A man cannot look away from a woman that is confident in presenting herself and interacting with others.

Trust me, when you’re confident in your looks, speech, and the way you carry yourself a man will always enjoy you being around him.

9. Not A Gold Digger

Men want a woman who doesn’t have cruel intentions, appreciates the value of money, and loves him for who he is, not the money he has.

They don’t want a woman who is after them only for the value of money that he has to offer but rather someone that will love them for who they are and not their pocket.

10. A Healthy Mind And Body

Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman

Men love it when you look good and also feel good as well.

When you exercise, eat a balanced diet, and stay healthy, a man appreciates it more.

This is because it gives you a healthy body and healthy mind which in turn reflects in your actions.


Conclusively, knowing that there are a lot of things that men really enjoy in a woman you should step up your game by trying to improve all the things that will make your man long for you the more.

And even while at it, make sure to never lose yourself.

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