14 Easy Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

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I can proudly say that I took a lot of bold steps to become the confident woman that I am today.

A confident woman is not afraid to outgrow her limitations.

She’s a woman who takes the bull by the horns and goes for whatever thing that she wants to achieve.

I used to be a shy woman before I gave up on that part of me to embrace the better and bigger part of me.

Was it easy? Of course not, but was I able to overcome the hurdles, definitely I did.

I said to myself at a time, I’m not going to let the world define me as frail or weak but I’m going to let lose every bit of greatness in me to my world.

Being a confident woman made me face my fear and embrace new and promising opportunities that lie ahead of me.

When you become a confident woman it puts an end to so many stereotypes placed on the female gender.

Women who have built themselves to be confident enough to express all of their abilities and greatness in them understand the power of rising above their fears.

You can also be part of those women who have surmounted great nations because of their confidence.

I’ll share with you the steps I took to become a confident woman;

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

1. Embrace Your Imperfections

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

Every woman has her area of imperfection; I mean no one is perfect.

And some women feel less confident because of their imperfections but the first step to becoming a confident woman is embracing your imperfections.

Embrace it; don’t let it hold you down. When you try to mask your imperfections, you become insecure. And as ladies, we can always work on ourselves and get better.

Even when people around you put a spotlight on your imperfections, don’t let that get to you; you don’t have to define yourself by what people say about your imperfections.

Learn to love and accept the fact you sometimes don’t know how to relate, talk too much, or that dislike something about your physical appearance. It’s just a part of who you are.

When you embrace your imperfections, you’ll become aware of them such that you’ll seek to change and become the better version of yourself.

2. Leverage On Your Uniqueness

 It’s good to know your imperfections and embrace them.

But as much as you do that; we will be unkind to yourself if you fail to acknowledge our unique abilities.

Embracing your uniqueness gives you a sort of courage and increases your self-esteem.

So before you start looking at yourself like you’re the worst being ever and everyone around you is better than you are, check yourself to see the things that make you special.

Get a piece of paper and write out the good things you love about yourself; your strengths, abilities, gifts, and talents. You are more than what you think you are!

3. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

The comparison does no good to your self-esteem as a woman rather; it’ll throw off all your pearls of unique abilities and you’ll start focusing on the abilities of others.

It’s even worse in this era of social media and the so many flaunting that comes with it.

Every lady seems to put out their progress on the ‘gram’ so, if you don’t guide your mind enough, you’ll begin to compare your result with theirs.

Rather than doing that, embrace the greatness within you, celebrate the greatness in others, keep learning new things to get better, and walk a peaceful lane.

You’d be more confident that way.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions

You need to understand that your mistake does not make you.

It is not a defining factor of your life. The earlier you realize this, the better.

Rather than move around with the feeling of guilt of yesterday’s mistake and trying to run away from it, rise to take responsibility. That’s what confident women do.

Don’t try to make excuses or cover up mistakes, you’ll be read as insecure.

When you make a mistake, you can either make yourself better or worse. Rather than cover it up or try to shy away from it, tell yourself you made a mistake and you’ll do better next time.

Whether good or bad, take responsibility for your decisions.

5. Prioritize Self-care

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

To maintain an attitude of confidence, there’s a need for you to care for yourself. You shouldn’t feel bad for giving yourself a good treat. You deserve it anyway.

Get the best things for yourself as much as you can afford. Rest, relax, and take a shower at the end of each day.

One thing that I’m learning to do is to invest in good skincare products. When you take care of yourself, it has a way of improving how you feel about your physical appearance which in turn boosts your self-confidence as a woman.

Take yourself to the spa once in a while, order food if you can, and wear a nice outfit.

When you do well or try something new, applaud and reward yourself. This will boost your confidence always.

 You deserve the best in the world.

6. Avoid A Negative Environment   

Your environment has a lot to do with who you become. It’ll either make you or mar you.

If you find yourself in an environment that constantly makes you less confident of yourself and what you represent, you should withdraw from such an environment.

 Who are the people that you’re surrounded with, are they people who inspire you to become better or talk down on your progress?

 Confidence cannot thrive in an underrating environment.

Be conscious of what you see and what you hear!

7. Chose Your Friends Wisely

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

 Your friends have so much to do with how you feel about a matter.

Their judgments almost feel supreme because of the level of trust and intimacy that has been built with them over time.

Therefore, it’s best to have friends who would bring out the best in you and not pull you down.

In that way, you’d be confident at all times.

When you have made a mistake, have friends you can speak to and they’ll understand and correct you in love, this will help you recover faster and stand on your feet.

When you do great things, have friends who’ll applaud you even when you can’t see yourself.

 They make you see the giant in you.

Choose your friends wisely, it has a way of boosting your confidence.

8. Replace Negative Self-Talk With Positive Ones

You must consciously affirm yourself and say good things about yourself.

Rather than say you can’t, say you can.

Stand in front of the mirror, admire yourself, and tell yourself how beautiful and bold you are.

The more you speak less of yourself, the more you act less but when you consciously speak greatness about yourself, the more you believe in yourself to do greatness.

Watch what you say!

9. Do What You Love

 We all have what we love. There is a pleasure and satisfaction we get from doing what we love.

What you love doing is something unique about your life that shouldn’t be thrown off.

Find time to do what you love, be it painting, drawing, singing, teaching, counseling, dancing, etc.

This will build confidence in you and make you believe more in yourself.

10. Dress Well

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed they say, most times we don’t see that we address ourselves first before people address us.

Dressing classy makes us walk more confidently, speak more confidently, and relate with others more confidently.

As a lady before people start addressing you negatively or they start looking down on you, check the way you’re dressed.

Trust me, it will affect your self-confidence when you are left out in a gathering because of the way you’re dressed.

If you want to become the confident woman that you desire to be then learn to top up your dressing skills.

11. Cut Back On People Pleasing

Women who try to please everyone never get to be themselves; they never get to express their own thoughts, feelings, and ideologies.

They keep it all back to themselves because they are scared of what the next person has to say.

She may have the best clothes and shoes to wear, but she may decide not to wear them because she is thinking of what the next person will perceive about her.

Be unapologetic about your person.

Stand stall and be you, the exact attitude of a confident woman.

12. Find A Mentor

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

One way to feel more confident is to surround yourself with confident and passionate people.

Look for a confident woman you admire so much, reach out to her if you can, and watch how she carries herself.

Observe how she does her things.

Make her realize how adorable she is to you, celebrate her consistently, and ask her questions frequently.

It could be someone close to you or distant. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you want her to positively rub off on your confidence.

You can also read books or consume materials that address being confident as a woman.

13. Try New Things

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

Most women find it difficult to leave their comfort zone because of the fear of trying something new and failing in it.

The truth is that your comfort zone is not the best place to stay.

To get anything done in life, you must intentionally push out the fear of the unknown.

Every step you take out of the familiar will make you more confident.

 Try something new, Do something that intimidates you.

Push yourself to do what you feel you can never do.

Brace yourself to finish to the end and see how confident you’ll become to try something more!

14. Exercise Regularly

Steps I Took To Become A Confident Woman

Physiologically, when you get regular exercise, you make your body system function at its best. Regular physical activity makes you hale and hearty.

When your body system is in its perfect state, nonsense of fatigue or pain, it boosts your sense of self-confidence towards each day’s activities.

Working out regularly as a woman makes you feel better about your body and its functionality.

 Have a constant workout routine and follow through with it. A healthy body and mind have a way of boosting self-confidence.

Wrap Up

Becoming a confident woman is one advantage that every lady should enjoy and you don’t want to be left out.

When you are a confident lady, it makes you approach life easier and eases so many hurdles that come with the female gender.

If you were like me who was always shy, timid, and scared of exploring new milestones then now is the time to enjoy the many benefits of being a confident woman.

But at first, you have to rise from your state of timidity.

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