11 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy To Make Your Baby Healthy And Beautiful

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Making babies is not just the idea, rather ensuring that you know the foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful should be the goal of every pregnant woman.

Either as a first-time mom or regular, having healthy babies is a sign that the mother ate certain foods during her pregnancy stage. In as much as pregnant women crave different foods at this stage.

It is pertinent to note that you need to set the goal of giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby and make all things work to achieve it.

I’ve come across different babies either at the grocery store, malls, cinema, religious centres, workplace and parks. But I can tell you the truth that most people are easily and more attracted to healthy and beautiful babies.

There’s a natural affection toward such a baby. Who wouldn’t want to carry a healthy and beautiful baby? That is why I have put together these top 11 foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful.

If you are pregnant, this is for you. Or if you are an expectant mom, here is the right resource for birthing your healthy and beautiful baby. Let’s get it now!

foods to eat during pregnancy

1). Eggs

The journey of giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby begins with the kind of foods the mother eats during the pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, you need to know that one of the essential foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful is the egg.

Eggs consist of vitamins, protein, and minerals. They also contain folate, iron. and choline every pregnant woman needs to sustain the health and beauty of her unborn baby.

The protein found in eggs makes the baby grow healthier and repair the cells of the fetus. While choline is basically for the brain development and nervous system of the baby.

2). Sweet Potatoes

This food was one of my favorite meals when I had my first pregnancy. I had always been a lover of both sweet and Irish potatoes but the former was my regular choice. Sweet potatoes contain fiber, vitamin B6, iron, copper, and beta-carotene.

This food helps boost the immunity and vision of both the mother and unborn child because of the nutrients it contains.

3). Bananas

This is another favorite choice of mine before, during, and after every pregnancy stage. I love bananas and I do not hesitate to include them in my regular menu.

Bananas contain a great amount of folic acid, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, and other antioxidant properties responsible for enhancing the energy which the body requires to function, especially as a pregnant woman.

4). Nuts

Nuts are generally healthy for pregnant women and everyone. There are various kinds of nuts, so the choice is yours. Very crunchy, nuts are healthy snacks for me.

They are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and magnesium. These essential nutrients are required for the healthy growth of your baby.

5). Legumes

Beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, chickpeas, peanuts, and all related foods are all groups of foods that belong to legumes. They also contain protein, iron, folate, fiber, calcium, and zinc which are important for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

These nutrients also prevent the baby from diseases and infections after birth.

6). Oatmeal

There are many health benefits that come along with knowing the foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful. One of such foods is oatmeal.

I recently wrote on the health benefits of oatmeal. It would amaze you to know that oatmeal contains some great sources of carbs, selenium, vitamin B, phosphorus, and calcium that are highly recommended for all pregnant women. The more they consume it, the healthier their unborn babies.

7). Lean Meat

No doubt that one of the foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful is protein intake which includes lean meat. It does not only contains protein but also iron and B vitamins.

8). Orange And Orange Juice

Many times I tell my friends to eat oranges, which means that you don’t just suck the juice but eat all of it. Oranges contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, and fiber.

Orange was on the top list of my favorite fruits all through my pregnancy days with my three kids. It’s a must if you want healthy and beautiful babies.

It is necessary to eat oranges because of your baby’s immune system. Eating it will fight against any form of deficiency on the baby.

9). Vegetables

One of the foods to eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful is regular consumption of greens and vegetables. They are highly nutritious and rich in vitamins.

Vegetables are a must-have on every pregnant woman’s grocery list.

Vegetables are full of antioxidants and nutrients such as calcium, protein, fiber, folate, vitamins, and potassium which enable the growth and immunity of both the mother and baby.

There are various vegetables you can eat such as spinach, broccoli, and so on. They also protect the body against diseases.

10). Salmon

Foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids are very good for the health, especially for pregnant women. One of such foods is Salmon. Salmon is rich in this kind of acid and also promotes a healthy heart.

It also helps develop the brain and eyes of the fetus. Combined with its vitamin D, salmon helps build the bones and immunity of the baby.

11). Water

Water! Water!! Water!!! Very essential and full of natural minerals. Undiluted and pure as it is, it contains the most essential nutrient everyone needs most especially pregnant women.

It is a natural course to drink as much quantity of water as possible to help fight a lot of diseases and deformities of your baby.

For you and your baby to remain healthy and beautiful, you must be hydrated at all times. Doctors have over time recommended at least two litres of water daily or eight glasses of water.

Regular and more intake of water will keep the mother and baby healthy. The skin comes and the general health of your baby can be enhanced by the high quantity of water you drink every day.

Some pregnant women find it irritating to drink water first thing in the morning, I experienced that too. It could be nauseating, but for the sake of a healthy and beautiful baby, water should become your daily food.

What other foods do you think you can eat during pregnancy to make your baby healthy and beautiful?

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