How To Overcome Jealousy In Your Relationship Or Marriage

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In the context of marriage, jealousy arises when one spouse feels threatened by the attention that their partner gives another person.

Whether it’s romantic attention or something else. Jealousy is often an active emotion that you can overcome with time and effort.

But if left unchecked, it can lead to depression and anxiety for both partners in a marriage.

This is because jealousy does no good to your relationship rather it brings it down and creeps you of your joy.

Although, a large number of times, some couples fall into the trap of jealousy because so many factors trigger it.

But, one great thing that triggers jealousy in every relationship is insecurity, so, if you’re insecure then this is one step away from jealousy.

If you’re interested in knowing the easy and practical steps to overcome jealousy in your relationship or marriage then read this article to the end.

How To Overcome Jealousy In Your Relationship Or Marriage

1. Deal With Yourself.

Jealousy starts from you conceiving it in your heart.

So, the first step is dealing with yourself by having a change of mind concerning your partner.

As a married person, jealousy affects your joy especially if the other party doesn’t even care if you’re jealous or not.

Dealing with yourself requires you to deal with insecurity.

Just like it has been said earlier, the major fuel of jealousy is insecurity so you need not to be insecure about your relationship or partner.

All you need to do is give it all it takes on your own angle and care less about being jealous.

And trust me, there are a lot of things that breed jealousy in a marriage.

It could be as little as someone else complimenting your partner or them expressing their thought towards someone else.

If you always pick at the slightest opportunity to doubt your partner then you’ll continue to breed jealousy in your marriage.

And that is why the first step in overcoming jealousy in your relationship is to deal with yourself first.

2. Learn To Trust Your Partner

Learning how to trust your partner completely is another way to overcome jealousy in your relationship.

If you don’t trust your partner then you may always think they are not treating you well or they are hiding something from you which may in turn breed jealousy in your marriage.

Trusting your partner has to do with trusting their decisions and judgment.

So whatever thing that is breeding jealousy in your marriage would have a chance to showcase it if you don’t trust your partner

3. Give In To Self Development

How To Overcome Jealousy In Your relationship

Sometimes jealousy may be a result of insufficiency in who you think you are.

So you may begin to think that your partner is seeing someone else because you can’t fit into their life properly.

And this may not even be the case.

To put an end to jealousy in your marriage in this case, you’ll have to give in to self-development by putting value into yourself day in and day out.

As well make sure that you don’t stop self-development. You can click here to learn about personal development plans that help.

4. List Out Your Insecurity

How To Overcome Jealousy In Your relationship

If you always feel insecure about your partner or you find yourself unnecessarily getting jealous in your marriage then this is a sign that you are beginning to get insecure.

So, the first thing to do is to list out all of your insecurity.

 Sometimes, as humans, we get to face insecurity in our life and there are a lot of factors aiding it.

So, start-up by writing a list of the things that trigger your jealousy in your marriage.

This will make you start working towards achieving a change on it.

5. Communicate The Way You Feel To Your Partner

How To Overcome Jealousy In Your relationship

Communication is the fuel of every relationship and if you find out that you’re getting jealous in your marriage maybe you’re not just communicating with your partner enough about how you feel.

Tell them what they do that triggers your insecurity and jealousy.

They just may be trigging your jealousy unconsciously without knowing that it has an effect on you.

So, you should always communicate with your partner about how you feel.

Mind you, this type of communication should not be made on an angry note but in a calm discussion with them.

6. Tell Yourself About The Harm Of Jealousy

Firstly, jealousy has no benefit to offer you in your marriage and if you’ve been a jealous partner you will see how dangerous it can be when you breed jealousy in your marriage.

So, you have to be sincere to yourself by telling yourself that being jealous will bring great harm to your satisfaction in the marriage and will deprive you of enjoying and living in the moment.

7. Listen To Your Partner

If you find out that you’re jealous and you always blame your partner for it, then, you have to hear the opinion of your partner towards it.

Be honest with them about it and listen to their thought also.

Hear what they have to say concerning what breeds jealousy in your marriage.

And when they tell you, don’t be in a haste to talk down on them.

Remember that marriage works on the platter of understanding between both parties.

Make time for your relationship

This is another important aspect of how to overcome jealousy in your relationship or marriage.

It’s easy to get bogged down with work, kids, and other responsibilities and forget about the person you love most.

But making time for your partner is critical if you want to avoid jealousy in your marriage.

The good news is that “making more time” doesn’t have to mean taking away from other things; it can actually increase productivity and efficiency at work.

While giving both partners more energy and perspective during busy days at home.

Jealousy is a natural reaction, but it doesn’t always have to be destructive.

Jealousy can be constructive if you handle it properly.

In fact, jealousy is often an indicator of love and commitment in relationships.

It’s important to understand why you feel jealous and what that means for your relationship so that you can deal with those feelings effectively.


In the end, jealousy is a natural reaction that we all experience from time to time.

It’s important not to let your jealousy overwhelm you or get in the way of your relationship with your partner.

It is one dangerous tool that can destroy a marriage as it breeds a lot of vices.

If you’re feeling jealous, try some of these tips for overcoming it, and remember that love always wins!

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