How To Treat Your Worst Heartbreak

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Knowing how to treat your worst heartbreak may sound impossible, but trust me, it is possible.

If you want to know how read this article till the end.

Heartbreak comes with a whole lot of mental stress, disappointments, feelings of distress, and a break of trust.

It honestly can be overwhelming and tiring, and as a matter of fact, you may take even longer than expected to get healed from heartbreak and eventually move on.

For some, it doesn’t take a long period to move on after a break up while it takes some months and even years for others.

How To Treat Your Worst Heartbreak

1. Get Sad If Need Be

One of the ways you can gain closure after your heartbreak is to allow your emotions to set in for that given period

It’s fine if you want to man up by proving that you’re not really pained.

However, you must understand that you’re an emotional being and it is fine to feel sad over that situation.

So get sad if you want to, it’s absolutely normal.

Nevertheless, don’t stay too long in your emotions.

2. Accept What Has Happened

Heartbreak can be very painful but it is also important to acknowledge that you’re going through one.

Be honest with yourself by seeing things the exact way it happened.

Don’t try to think otherwise because, in the real sense, reality has set it.

One step to accepting what has happened is not lingering on the past memories you both shared together and trying to reconnect with them to get some sort of closure.

Doing this will do you no good.

It will only give you false hope about getting back with them.

And it will eventually lead to more heartbreak.

You can try taking a break from the things that keep you in contact with them. Keep yourself busy as doing this will make you less distracted about lingering about them.

3. Cry It Out

Crying out is a good way to express your emotions.

When overwhelmed as a result of a breakup let a cry out if you feel like it.

If it means, going somewhere where you’ll be all alone and pouring out your emotions through tears then do so.

You’re an emotional being so let out the cry.

Trust me, you’ll feel better after doing this.

4. Challenge Negative Thought

One of the things you may battle with after a breakup is negative thoughts.

You may begin to get various negative thoughts running through your mind.

Thoughts like, “You caused the breakup, your ex is still angry with you, or you may never get a partner as good as your ex was to you”.

Letting these thoughts go through your mind may make it difficult for you to heal.

So, next time you find yourself having those thoughts, challenge them by telling yourself positive things.

5. Remind Yourself Of The Reason Why It Didn’t Work Out

Sometimes, the heartbreak may totally not be your fault.

So, remind yourself of the reasons and circumstances why the relationship didn’t work out.

To every effect, there is always an action to try to discover the reason behind your breakup.

Recognizing them will help you put things in place, pick your mistakes,and learn how to handle subsequent relationships.

For instance, if you and your partner have had a bridge in communication that you both didn’t sort out and eventually led to the breakup, reminisce over it and tell yourself that you can do better in the subsequent relationship by giving it your all.

6. Practice Positive Self Talk

Your breakup and heartbreak is not the end of it.

There are lots of positive and beautiful things that you have imbibed in you.

Be kind to yourself and don’t be too hard, talk to yourself in a considerate way.

Make a list of your strengths and the positive qualities that you possess.

You can also practice the act of writing them out and confessing them.

Read the list when you feel sad and remind yourself that you’re made for more.

Tell yourself that you’re doing absolutely well and as a matter of fact, you deserve to be happy irrespective of what you’ve been through.

7. Reach Out To A Friend Or Love One

Sometimes all you need when going through heartbreak is to stay in the company of people you’re familiar with like your friends and family.

Tell them how exactly you feel, they know so much about you so, they’ll definitely put you in a better mood than you came.

Additionally, not only will they give you a listening ear but also a shoulder to cry on.

8. Practice Self Love And Self Care

One way to treat your worst heartbreak is to constantly pour out love on yourself.

A lot of people do not take care of themselves and look in the best state whenever they’re going through a breakup.

Remember that, it’s only part of your life and not the totality of you.

So, don’t ignore the basis of self-care like taking adequate sleep and eating properly.

If you find it difficult to maintain your personal hygiene or self-care because you’re going through a heartbreak then set a goal to achieve the best even in this season.

Get a good friend or loved one who will push and motivate you to do these things.

9. Relieve Stress With Exercise

Another way to treat your worst heartbreak is by practicing the act of exercise.

Exercising releases natural feel-good chemicals into your body.

Additionally, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel more in control of your actions.

Doing stress-relieving activities will help you take your mind off from what you’ve been through. It will also make you remember things you love and value outside your relationship.

It doesn’t have it be a strenuous exercise; it could be jogging down your street, taking a walk in the evening, and receiving some fresh air.

This is so much fun.

10. Go Out And Met New People

After heartbreak, most people love to withdraw themselves from the public by taking a break from social events and activities.

If you do this you may find it difficult to move on.

Losing someone doesn’t mean you cannot love again.

Start by going out and making connections with people. It doesn’t even have to be on a romantic level rather on a platonic level.

From there you’ll find new relationships that you’ll grow to love.

You can join a community of like-minded people whom you’ll connect and share your mind with.

However, you should be careful not to rush into a new relationship, rather take your time to build friendships and know them more.

11. Be Patient With Yourself

If you want to treat your worst heartbreak, you must learn to be patient.

Everyone has their way of grieving and moving on.

Discover what yours is and do not hurt yourself in the process of healing.

Healing comes with a lot of complications; you may find yourself reminiscing over the past or your ex just when you thought you’d been healed completely.

All you need to do is to be patient with yourself.

Moving on after a breakup may take more than the expected time.

Continue doing what you love and with time, you’ll find out that you’ve moved on completely from them.

12. Fall In Love With Your Life

Another way to treat your worst breakup is to fall in love with yourself.

Make beautiful memories out of it and start doing the exact things that you love.

Be someone that everyone would love to have around and make meaningful and beautiful relationships with people.

Take self-love, growth, and personal development serious.

Also, stay consistent with your routine. When you do all of these, you’ll continually fall in love with the life that you live therefore you’ll have zero or no time to think about your breakup.

13. Forgive Them

Hating or not forgiving your ex will help you handle your breakup in the right way. So let time make you forgive.

If they’ve hurt you, don’t dwell too much on it.

There are other productive and alluring things you can do with your time rather than dwelling on their mistake and holding on to the past.

You can try your best not to keep in contact with them or stalk them on social media.

Nevertheless, make sure you do this out of pure intentions and not because you’re still hating on them.

Holding on to their hurt might make it difficult for you to enjoy any other relationship that you’ll eventually go into.

14. Speak To A Counselor If You Need To

Sometimes, you might not have the practical solutions that will help to move on after a breakup.

However, this is the best time to speak to a therapist or counselor regarding the matter.

They’ll provide relatable and practical ways how to move on completely based on your story.

Wrapping Up

Various people have various ways of dealing with heartbreaks.

Nevertheless, knowing the best way that will not harm or endanger you is healthy.

If you’ve recently found yourself in a relationship that didn’t end well and you feel heartbroken, endeavor to put these tips into practice and see how you’ll gloom from knowing how to treat your worst heartbreak.

I wish you the best.

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