How To Move On After A Breakup If You Are Still In Love

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Are you looking for possible ways to move on after a breakup if you are still in love?

Every breakup comes with a lot of mixed emotions and feelings.

Sometimes, it happens on mutual ground and agreement.

While other times, one party decides to break up with the other due to so many factors like distance, lack of communication, a different vision for the future, or just natural circumstances.

Whether or not you are aware of the cause of the breakup or not, moving on can be quite hard.

If you truly were in love with that person and you gave your all in terms of commitment, intentionality, sacrifice, and love to it then moving on may seem impossible.

Moving on from an ex who you’re still in love with is highly important for your mental health.

And this process would definitely have its good and bad days where you are too weak to walk away from your emotional garbage.

One beautiful thing is that moving on from an ex makes you emotionally stronger and better.

If you’ve ever loved someone and you had to depart from them for certain reasons then you know that the processing of healing can be filled with a lot of feelings and reactions.

That’s why I’m shortlisting a few easy steps on how to move on after a breakup.

1. Do Away With Everything That Reminds You Of Them.

Moving on can be quite difficult if you still have some stuff of your ex with you, you can easily wake up to see them or see anything that reminds you of them.

If you are still in love with your ex, you may find it difficult to move on if you keep seeing things that belong to them around you.

Because, this reminds you of the time you’ve spent together, memories, and even beautiful things you both had in common.

You’ll have to give yourself space for some time because it takes time to heal completely from someone that you truly love.

This is a great way to move on from an ex that you are still in love with.

If you know that your ex comes to a particular place then try your best to stay away from the place or anything at all that brings you in contact with them or makes you remind you of them.

2. Get Busy.

It’s very easy to forget about your ex when you get busy with something else.

Sometimes, we get overshadowed by our emotions when we think too much about something, and that is why we need to get busy with something productive.

Make time to do stuff that makes you happy.

After a breakup don’t daily fill your mind with the thought of your ex, if you do this, you may find it difficult to move on.

Watch a movie that you’ve been meaning to watch, read that book, take that course and go for whatever you’re passionate about,

To get over them, then get busy with other things that add value to you.

You may continue to grow more in love with them you fill your heart with their thought or memories you both had together and it may be difficult for you to move on after the breakup.

With time, you can begin to be open to going out on a date with the opposite sex, not necessarily for the sake of a relationship but just for building a loyal friendship.

3. Stop Communication With Them

If you are still in love with your ex and you are finding it difficult to move on then, stop communicating with them until you get over them.

If it warrants blocking them on social media just so you don’t get to see their update then do so.

Communication breeds more intimacy and affection as it fuels love.

So, if you’re seeking to get over your ex kindly do away with communicating with them.

4. Stay Away From Their Mutual Friends

You and your ex definitely have mutual friends and trust me even after the breakup; you may still have reasons to keep up with their mutual friends.

If you’re still finding it difficult to move on with them then stay away from their mutual friends.

Still keeping in contact with them may bring about a discussion about them which may remind you of what you both once had in common while you were still together.

5. Admit That You Still Love Them And Tell Yourself That It’s Okay To Be Sad.

You’ll be doing yourself more harm if you keep on telling yourself that you don’t love your ex after a breakup while you still love them.

Even if you find it difficult to admit it to others around you, you shouldn’t lie to yourself.

Don’t hoard your feelings; make it known to yourself all the time that you still love them.

Tell yourself that you are a human and that it is normal to feel that way.

After doing this, look for possible ways to overcome loving them.

When going through a breakup process you must be realistic with yourself as much as you can.

Don’t be sad about It. Don’t try to overlook the fact that you still love them by overthinking yourself, taking drugs, or looking for a rebound relationship with someone else.

Take time to process your feelings towards them and analyze how much you still love them as well.

6. Love Yourself.

Loving yourself is a great way to move on after a breakup if you are still in love.

If you don’t love yourself then you’ll always soak into the fact that you always need to love your ex to survive.

Are you finding it to move on after a break then you need to soak in self-love.

Give more intention to loving yourself.

Making sure that your mind and body are in perfect shape after a breakup is the best form of showing love to yourself.

Focus on every other thing that you can do aside from being in love, start by reflecting on how much you love yourself as well.

Here are the lists of things you can do to love yourself after a breakup

  • Start by saying positive affirmative words to yourself
  • Take yourself out often
  • Relate with people the more
  • Focus on your passion
  • Live intentionally
  • Don’t get too clouded by your emotions.

If you have to break up, then it was a decision one party was sure of before making so, give yourself more time to love yourself, and constantly tell yourself that life is beautiful irrespective of whether you’re in love or not.

Accept They Are Gone

Living in the reality that your ex is gone may be quite difficult to accept especially if you still really love them.

But if you truly want to move on then, you must accept that they are no longer in your life, as a romantic partner.

Telling yourself the truth about this makes your gaze more fixed on the fact that you need to come out of love for them.

They probably don’t love you as much as you do so you can’t continue to live that way.

8. Don’t Try To Find Love Immediately.

Finding love when you’re trying to move on after a breakup is not the best form of closure that you seek.

Sometimes, it’s absolutely fine to be single and not be in love. One beautiful medium to move on after a breakup is to see the good in being single.

See the independence that comes with it.

Try making a list of all the things you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship and start doing them.

Don’t just rush into another relationship as a means of moving on with your life.

Try to take your time to heal completely from the love.

Trust me it may take more time than you expect but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Seeking love as a means not to love your ex again is not the best way to move on.

In the long run, you may get frustrated.

9. Deactivate Your Social Media Account For The Main Time

One of the means by which you can move on easily if you still love your ex is to go off social media for the main time.

This will help you concentrate and focus on yourself.

Give more time to loving yourself and developing your skill.

Social media can make you sadder if you’re just struggling with a breakup and trying to move on.

Although social media can be a form of consolation, at the same time, too much of it when you’re stilling love may be difficult.

You may be tempted to check your ex’s picture or chat them up on social media and this may continually fuel the love.


To move on after a breakup can almost seem almost impossible especially if you’re still in love with your ex.

But you’ll have to take charge of your emotions because you definitely have control over it.

If you can follow these few steps then getting over your ex even if you still love them, won’t be a big deal for you.

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How To Move On After A Breakup If You Are Still In Love

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