3 Signs Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

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Have you ever thought that your ex might just be secretly admiring you and want something back between the both of you? In this article, I’ll point out 3 major signs that your ex secretly wants you back.

You may think that the breakup has happened and everyone has moved on with their lives.

What if your ex was unable to move on and they are just there, wishing that you would come back to their life once again.

A breakup can come with a lot of mixed emotions and feelings like grief, distrust, feeling of betrayal, and sometimes, confusion.

For some, they heal a few moments after it and some have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.

The cause and person behind the romantic breakup don’t really matter. What matters is that sometimes, your ex may secretly want you back.

And with this, it is left for you to decide if you personally want them back or not.

But how do you even know if they secretly want you back?

Are you curious about this?

Then read this article to the end.

3 Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

1. They constantly remind you of the memories that you’ve had together.

If your ex constantly reminds you of the memories you both had together, then this might be a big sign that they still want you back together.

Every beautiful relationship is filled with alluring memories; sometimes, it may not be easy to move on with these memories stuck in your head.

Because trying to forget all the memories between you and your spouse isn’t a joke.

I mean, you both broke up but, they might still have your picture always ruminating in their memory.

So whenever your ex texts you to remind you of some of the reminisce that you both had together, this might just be a sign that they want you back in their lives.

Although, those memories may mean nothing to you but to them, they serve as some sort of emotional closure.

So they always try to reignite their love towards you by reminding themselves of what you both once had together. This sign is one of the 3 significant signs that your ex secretly wants you back.

2. They try to keep in touch with you

If your ex always tries to still keep in touch with you then this may be a sign that they want you back.

Or probably still manifesting you.

Any ended relationship doesn’t mean you both should be enemies with each other especially if the relationship ended on a bad note.  

You could still be good friends with each other.

All the same, sometimes you both might not want to always stay in touch with each other as it may ignite some memories of time spent with each other.

So, if your ex always tries to stay in touch with you then this may be a sign.

They may just be doing stuff like;

  • They pretend to need your help and always ask for it; This is a significant sign that your ex is still trying to get in touch with you if they are always in your D.M. asking for your help with something all the time. Then they are probably trying to get your attention.

Although, asking for your help may be genuine but once it gets too much, then trust me, they are only trying to get back to you again.

  • They share their life experiences with you; this is another sign that your ex is trying to keep in touch with you.

Even if you are cold when it comes to sharing your life events with them after the breakup, they still try to brief you on what has happened and what is happening in their life after you left.

  • They remember important days and text you; if your ex still remembers important days and texts you then this may just be the sign you need to believe that they are trying to keep in touch with you.

This sort of friendliness may mean nothing to you, but calling you on your big days, or texting you during special days is just a medium to keep in touch with you.

In doing this, they may just be trying to reignite the relationship.

So, if your ex has been doing all these may just be a sign that you need to know.

3. They seem jealous of your new love life

Does your ex always comment on your post whenever you post a picture of yourself and that of your new lover?

If they do this then trust me, maybe they’ve not gotten over you yet.

The reason why they do this might just be because they are trying to reconnect broken tiles between you both.

Your ex may still be interested in you if he always asks you about your new lover or tries to pinpoint the fact that he is better than your new lover.

Although they may not say it in a very serious way, it could be said just in the form of a joke.

Nevertheless, they may truly mean it.

They may even do this by trying to fix a date with you all to ask about your new partner. If they find out that you are still single, they just might take advantage of that fact.

So, the best thing to do if you don’t want your ex stalking you, getting back on your past, or comparing themselves with your new partner, is to keep your life private from them.


It may be quite difficult to decipher if your ex is still in love with you and wants you back.

Nevertheless, with all these signs you just may know if your ex truly wants you back.

Don’t just assume that they are just been overly nice or friendly.

It may be the case that they are finding it difficult to curtail their feelings for you after the breakup so embrace it and choose which path to follow.

Whether you want them back or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you now know why they are stalking you and with this, you can make the right choice of reciprocating it back, speaking to them about it, or moving on.

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I hope this article was helpful.

3 signs your Ex Secretly Wants you back

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