10 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

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There are beautiful ways to have a desirable and healthy relationship.

Having a beautiful and desirable relationship is everyone’s dream, we all want to grow to the point that our relationship brings serenity to us and we gain a lot of alluring things from it as well.

Nevertheless, you’ll agree with me that a very beautiful relationship takes the constant effort of two people who are intentional about becoming the best of them.

It’s not easy to have a serious and standard relationship as keeping up with each other character may be difficult.

What Makes A Relationship Look Healthy?

A lot of factors have been put in place in other to have a beautiful relationship.

Principles upon principles and ideas upon ideas. The best way to have a relationship is to know what your partner likes and dislikes.

Understand their value system and don’t give them anything less than that.

It has to do with a lot of patterns like;

1. Creating healthy boundaries for each other

What are your boundaries? We have physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries.

For the physical boundaries; in what way does your partner want love to be expressed to them? Do they like public displays of love?

Emotional boundaries; how well can you share your emotions with them, is it the right way or they don’t have the luxury to be available all the time for you.

Sexual boundaries; do you both agree on sex, and if you do, what type of sex will you have? Will you have sex right away at the start of the relationship or it will be in subsequent times.

2. Trust

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

It takes time to build trust and it can be hard to build trust with your partner especially if you’ve been taken for granted in previous times.

You may have to build it with time by also becoming the type of person that they can trust.

Here are a few steps to building trust,

Be honest

Be reliable

Be truthful

Be accountable to them.

When you have those mentioned above it won’t be difficult to build trust over time.

3. Communication

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

You and your partner will have to agree on the medium of communication that will help your relationship.

If you are in a long-distance relationship then you’ll have to communicate majorly in a mobile way.

Here are a few tips to help your communication in a relationship.

Always learn to listen rather than always speaking

Keep away distractions when conversing with your partner

Agree on a convenient time for you both to communicate.

Don’t hoard your feelings rather communicate them

Every relationship is built under the factor of these three things: boundaries, communication, and trust.

A lot of actions, sacrifices, and resources are put into a relationship just to see that it works out.

So, if you’re not ready to be committed to seeing the relationship work then, the relationship might not just be for you.

There are beautiful things to do in seeing that you have the healthiest relationship ever and I shortlisted a few other points here.

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

1. Be Committed

Commitment is one of the vital things that make a relationship work. If you are not ready to be committed then you may never have a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

And that is why, you have to be sure if you’ll be committed before venturing into the relationship, you must ask yourself if you’re ready to give all it takes.

Being committed requires that you sacrifice, accept the person and consistently make effort into seeing that the relationship is maintained.

2. Love Yourself First

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

This may sound out of point but trust me; one greatest key to making a relationship work is to love yourself first.

This is because love is one of the major resources that you’ll be giving in the relationship and mind you, you cannot give what you don’t have.

So, to have a beautiful relationship that will grow in love, you must first learn how to love yourself.

You must soak in self-love, soaking in self-love by committing to be the better version of yourself daily, taking good care of yourself, and making sure that you know your self-worth and value.

This is because, if you don’t love yourself, it will be difficult to you to see the love that someone else’s gives to you.

3. Be Open To Learn

If you are a stiff-hearted person who hardly takes correction then you may not grow a healthy relationship.

Because two people may never be right and the ability to learn from your partner portrays your lovable character and vulnerability as well.

If you want to have a healthy relationship then you must be open to learning new things and condone some of your partners’ behavior.

In doing this, it may warrant that you put some of your thought patterns aside and learn new ones.

4. Communicate Your Feelings

Communication is the fuel for every relationship. You both love and connect with each other obased onthe communication that you have.

By communicating you get to learn and understand the emotional needs of your partner.

And through this, you can easily satisfy their emotional needs which over time builds love and intimacy in the relationship.

But, if there is a deficiency in communication then it will definitely affect your relationship with time.

To have a healthy relationship, you must communicate your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

You don’t need to hoard them, just make them known to each other.

Always act on what your partner tells you.

Don’t wait until they ask for it or don’t assume that they know exactly how you’re feeling before you speak up.

Just learn how to communicate your thoughts to them.

5. Don’t Allow A Third Party

If you aim for a healthy relationship then do not make a third party into the affairs of your relationship.

Whatever is happening between you and your partner should stay between you and if it gets to the stage that you both can no longer settle within yourself kindly look for someone trustworthy and mature to help you out.

Don’t allow everyone into the affairs of your relationship.

I’m not saying you should make your relationship private.

 No, it’s far from that.

All I mean is that, if you want a healthy relationship then everyone around you must not be aware of your ups and down days.

Learn to keep it private.

6. Always Give In To Self Development

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

The reason why a lot of relationship fails is that one or both partner has refused to give in to developing themselves.

One of the things that make a relationship interesting is the level of value that you have to give to the other person.

And how do you give this value? By investing in more knowledge and taking productive actions.

The major problem arises when one party is unable to reciprocate the value given to the other party and when this happens; it becomes almost impossible to have a healthy relationship.

You and your partner can easily connect on the path that you both are familiar with.

That’s why the intellectual connection is the first thing some people look out for when about to start a relationship.

Self-development opens you to see your flaws and gives you room for improvement as well.

If there are any toxic traits that you have, it will do you and your relationship no good so look for possible ways to come out of them.

Read books, get exposed, leave some archaic ideologies and accept new ones, in short, acquire value in all areas of your life.

7. Support Each Other

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

What is the essence of a relationship where one of you doesn’t give maximum support to the other?

To have a healthy relationship then you must be ready to support your partner thought during thin and dark days.

When you support each other, you can become the best version of yourself together as well.


Having a healthy relationship takes a lot of intentional effort. As every relationship you admire has gone through a lot of struggles before.

To have a healthy relationship you must start by telling yourself that you’ll do everything within your reach just to see that the relationship works.

If you can adhere to these tips then trust me, you’ll have a beautiful and healthy relationship.

ways to have ahealthy relationship

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