12 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

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Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for years, it’s important to know the signs that you are in a healthy relationship.

Relationships can be tricky things. They take a lot of work to make them successful, and there are often a lot of bumps in the road.

However, if you’re in a healthy relationship, it will be worth all the effort. Survival doesn’t just come from eating and getting shelter. It also comes as a result of being joyful.

Getting all loved up and cherished is what everyone craves, including you.

How long has your relationship with your spouse be? What have you noticed? Are you even confused?

Here are some signs that you’re in a healthy relationship.

Signs That You Are In A Healthy Relationship

1. Love

One of the obvious signs that you are in a healthy relationship is when both of you are in Love.

Love is felt in the heart. Importantly, love is built. It is known to be true that love forgives, and is kind and patient.

Love isn’t a kind of feeling that just fuels itself daily. You need to work on heightening your love for your partner daily.

Once your partner is one who always wants to forgive you regardless of your offenses and is always kind to you, then you have got it, a healthy relationship.

Both of you have to prioritize each other in your relationship, if you’re not prioritized in your relationship then that is definitely not love and the relationship is not a healthy one.

2. Intensive Commitment

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

One thing that further proves love is the active commitment from spouses.

So many times have people been in relationships that went south because either of the spouses or both weren’t committed enough.

Commitment to a relationship is all about working actively toward the goal of making the relationship work, even for a long time.

When you are committed and you get an equal response of commitment from your lover, then you can be assured that your relationship is in good shape.

3. Mutual Respect

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

As said by Dalai Lama, mutual respect is the foundation of genuine harmony.

If you are in a healthy relationship, respect isn’t one-sided. You get as much respect as you give to your lover.

Respect goes as far as referencing each other’s opinions, privacy, thoughts, and ideas, whether physical, religious or spiritual, emotional, or even moral.

Not being shouted at or disgraced by your partner in public is one type of physical respect.

Being allowed to carry out your moral values without correction, and if there is any need for correction, a correction that is done in love goes a long way to declaring respect and hence, a healthy relationship.

4. Constant Communication

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

If you and your partner can openly communicate with each other, then you’re likely in a healthy relationship. The absence of effective communication in a relationship or marriage can destroy it.

Communication is key to any partnership, and if you feel like you can talk to your partner about anything, then that’s definitely a good sign.

Additionally, if you both make an effort to compromise and meet in the middle, that’s another indicator of a healthy relationship.

If you’re happy with who your partner is on the inside and out, then that’s great too!

So if you’re looking for signs that your relationship is on the right track, these are definitely some good ones to keep an eye out for.

5. Absence of Toxicity

Another clear crystal sign that you are in a healthy relationship is when your relationship is not toxic.

Toxic relationships are never healthy. Abuse in relationships is a prodigious red flag that solely points to an unhealthy relationship.

Lovers definitely would have misunderstandings. Absence of physical fights like yelling at one another, throwing fists, or even using harmful materials on one another.

The absence of an extremely controlling atmosphere and much more unconducive behavior guarantees a healthy relationship.

6. Joint Decision Making

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

Making decisions as lovers could be very dicey. There are some decisions that will affect your partner
and relationship.

Decisions like a place of work, choice of career, place or location of abode, and many more are what couples have to agree upon.

A great sign that you are in a healthy relationship is that you and your partner would always converse before making certain decisions in your relationship.

7. Trust

Once trust is missing, then there is nothing healthy about the relationship.

When a man begins to doubt his woman or vice-versa, so many unhealthy exercises like extreme monitoring of his spouse, passing wrong accusations, and many more begin to set in.

Trust is very essential in relationships. People might even come around to want to poison your mind towards your spouse.

They go on to say the wrong things about them to you. But, with enough trust, you can always beat them to it, saving your relationship.

8. Catching Fun together

Signs you are in a healthy relationship

Being in a healthy relationship means that you have someone who cares about the whole of you.

Visiting the beach, going on love dates, traveling, and going on vacations are part of the many ways through which couples catch fun.

Catching fun together at specific times suppose there are busy schedules shows how healthy your relationship is.

9. You Live Your Life

There are times in life when we just need to be ourselves, partially out of love lives.

There are instances like getting good health and bagging degrees where we come first. In situations like this, a healthy partner allows you to do things more of personal importance to you.

If he or she truly loves you, then he or she wouldn’t want to come first at all times. The set priority would involve equal measures of each other’s interests.

10. Acceptance

Being accepted by your spouse is a glaring emblem of a healthy relationship.

Some partners go about to complain about their spouses’ appearance, size, mode of dressing, mode of eating, and many more.

They even go as far as compelling their spouses to look precisely how they want them to look without showing signs of objection.

If you do not have situations like these, if your spouse loves everything about you down to how you look and act, then you can be guaranteed a healthy relationship.

11. Supporting each other

Having your partner’s support is like having billion-dollar cash stashed somewhere exclusively for you.

Getting support includes encouraging one another, fighting for each other, humbly accepting one’s ideas and opinions, and always being for each other, even in public.

This allows the individuals in the relationship to feel secure, like “I can slap a soldier because I have someone who has my back”.

12. Acceptance by the family

It is equally important to know that as you love and accept each other, family acceptance matters too.

Not being accepted by your spouse’s family could be a red flag.

Even though nowadays many couples don’t put their families into consideration, they go on to fight for their love against their families.

Somehow along the line, if they don’t change their minds, it affects the couples negatively. it is
essential to get validation from both families.

If your partner’s family accepts you wholly, then lucky you.


Shannon Thomas said “a healthy relationship is a feast of affection or giving for both people; not one receiving crumbs and trying to convince themselves it’s enough.

This is what a healthy relationship is all about. Know that a healthy relationship brings about joy and joy births good health and a longer life span. Avoid anything that’s not it.

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Signs that you are in a healthy relationship

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