10 Sure Fire Signs That You Are Not A Priority In Your Relationship

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You know what it feels like to be a priority in your relationship. And I know It’s not a good feeling when you begin to see signs that you are not a priority in your relationship.

You should feel loved, cared for, and respected by the person you love. But what if you’re not feeling like that?

It’s important to determine whether or not you’re a priority in your relationship because being taken care of is one of our top needs as human beings (along with belonging, esteem, and self-actualization).

If you aren’t feeling taken care of by your partner then it might be time to take a good look at how much they value their relationship with you.

Here are some signs that could mean trouble for your relationship:

This way, you can give a definition to your relationship and move just in the right direction.

1. Being incessantly stood up.

One of the clear signs that you are not a priority in your relationship is being incessantly stood up.

It is possible for our brains to get muddled up that we forget scheduled events.

At times, we get caught up in unescapable events that make us end up canceling great events like love dates.

But, being constantly stood up by your partner is one red flag that points to the fact that you hardly matter to him or her.

Any partner who holds you in high esteem wouldn’t always have excuses for keeping you waiting without showing up at the occasion.

2. Forced communications

Have you been making constant attempts to get him or her to talk to you, but they always call in busy?

Then it might just be that he or she isn’t busy but doesn’t want to talk to you.

Someone who has you as a priority would not feel burdened talking to you.

They would always want to communicate with you even when it means creating time out of no time.

This here is another pointer to not being primacy to your partner.

3. Being left out of vital plans

A partner that has placed you in a position of little or no priority will make you fall behind in his/her life plans.

Life planning is one major factor in relationships that is heading in the right way.

The absence of this shows a phony relationship.

If your partner leaves you out of every great step he or she takes only for you to find out later, then he doesn’t regard or respect you.

4. Hidden from family and friends

It is customary to be in a hidden relationship at first. Family and friends probably do not know you, or they know you but not as a lover of their own.

But, once it is going on for too long, once you start bringing up the introduction topic and he or she waves it away, then it might just be possible that you’re not a priority.

From a study on people’s experiences, it has been ascertained that partners who fail to introduce each other to their families and friends, at higher percentage go through break-ups.

If a man is a head over heels in love with you, then his family and friends won’t be left out of the whole process.

5. Rather spend on something useless

It is important to know that spending wisely in a relationship is typical.

Either you are spending on your partner or you are being spent on, it doesn’t make either of you bad persons.

Nevertheless, when your partner finds it difficult to spend a dime on you, especially toward your success.

Rather he or she goes on to spend frivolously on useless things that don’t even matter to you both, then you need to rethink.

You might not just be near primacy in his or her life.

6. Tag rejection

“Oh, you can’t show me as a girlfriend to your friends. You can’t call me your boyfriend in public”,

Statements like these are typical indications that you are not near being the first.

This shows that your lover so far isn’t certain about you. You are there so that there won’t be just too much empty space in his or her life.

It is not in any way a sign of maturity, but a sign of partial rejection.

Obviously making you not the first choice.

7. When you are loved for physical reasons

Another of the numerous signs that you are not a priority in your relationship to watch out for is when you are loved for physical reasons.

If you have found out that there is a particular physical reason like money that would always draw your partner to you.

Then you notice the absence of that particular thing would always cause a ruckus.

Then it is safe to say that you aren’t of much importance, the physical reason is.

People tend to be attracted to people for several reasons and there are physical things we appreciate in our partners.

Nonetheless, once the prominence is placed on the physical reason than the person behind it, then you probably aren’t even the second choice.

8. When your effort doesn’t count

One red flag is that you are the only one putting effort into your relationship, just so that it would stand.

But asides from this, it is necessary to know that, even if both parties are putting in their efforts, and yours is not being appreciated by your partner, it is a pointer to you not being a priority.

Someone who holds you in high esteem would always be appreciative of every little effort you pump into the relationship just to see it work.

9. Your partner is still open to a relationship

When your partner goes on to flirt or as much as cheat constantly, then it must mean that to him/her, you aren’t the one yet.

Someone who still believes can meet a person better than you and so won’t keep at you is not fit to have you.

Flirting or cheating with other people is a great turnoff for relationships and wouldn’t be found if you’re your partner’s priority as your partner is yours.

10. When you are not being treated well

I want you to know for sure that no matter how much you love a person or you believe that a person loves you if you’re being treated badly, then the person doesn’t love you.

We care for people we love and don’t always want to make them sad or feel bad. Don’t be clouded by
your feelings.

It is unhealthy to be in a toxic relationship. If your partner doesn’t treat you right.

If he or she shouts at you at the slightest provocation.

Or even go worse as to inflict physical damage on you, then you’re not a priority in his or her life, see the right direction and move towards it.


Not being treated rightly, and being disrespected are a few of the signs that you’re just an option and not a priority in your partner’s life.

Everyone deserves to be happy being with the person they love. Red flags shouldn’t be ignored, instead, they should be addressed.

If you’re not happy or respected in your relationship, should you walk away?

One paramount thing that should define your answer is that your love life is connected to your health, so do what will keep you healthy and alive for those who genuinely love you.

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