11 Ways To Glow Up Physically And Mentally

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Are you one of the many who have gone through a distressing phase? or do you feel that you have not
achieved that desired glow?

Then you are at the right spot to get great tips on ways to glow up physically and mentally.

How to make yourself shine bright.

Glowing up is that pragmatic shift that you need to become more productive in your activities and

This could occur at any phase of a man’s life. That could be the current phase that you are in
either as a youth or an adult.

Ways To Glow Up Physically And Mentally

Ways to Physical Glow Up

There’s a saying that nothing tastes as good as looking good feels. There are some guidelines that you
should put into practice. They will help you to become a better form of your physical self.

1. Right Consumption

Good food equals good health. What you eat determines how much healthy and radiant you become.
You need to practice the act of eating a balanced diet daily.

Eating fruits and vegetables is key to achieving the much-desired physical glow. Drinking the right proportion of water daily is a great habit to inculcate.

It causes a natural glow and helps in relaxing the brain making. This helps the brain to function as it should.

Try not to take much alcohol if you must take any. Excessive intake of alcohol not only kills radiance but shortens the life span.

2. Good Sleep

Lack of sleep causes eye sagging, headache, and obesity to mention but a few.

It is important to practice the act of sleeping well. Stop forming “too busy to sleep” attitudes. You should
sleep for at least 8 hours daily.

Good sleep ignites a relaxed brain which sends the necessary hormones for radiance to the body.

3. Good Exercise

Studies have shown that people, who took to the right exercise, were able to discard toxic substances
physically and mentally.

Early morning exercises before eating is one good form of exercise that can help you to achieve that
desired glow.

It’s not just about working against obesity but setting the body in an even tone for the
day’s activities. This helps in optimizing good physical health.

4. Take good care of your skin

With the word glow in mind, what naturally comes to mind is radiant skin.

Taking good care of one’s skin comes down to an easy daily task of having a nice bath, carefully applying creams and ointment to the body as well as sprays and deodorants.

Avoid the use of observed irritable substances on your skin. Wear good and neat clothes as this also complements your skin and boosts your glow.

The not so told secret about glowing skin is that what you consume matters a lot in achieving that shiny
skin you have always dreamt of.

It helps you to avoid bad skin conditions like acne and wrinkling.

Research has made it known that eating lots of fruits and vegetables like carrots, mango, apricot, guava,
kiwi, orange, and spinach which produce vitamins A, B, C, D, and K are very good for consumption as
they help reduce wrinkling, redness, acne, and dark spots.

5. Avoid Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunshine refers to the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

Avoiding UV rays by wearing clothes that cover the body well and not wearing black-colored clothes if
you have to be out is one important way to keep shining bright like a diamond.

Moderate sunlight though gives vitamin D which is essential to the body. The use of sunscreen is
important to prevent the effects of sunburn.

6. Get Rid of Stress

Stress can cause the following:
-Loss of sleep
-Underweight or overweight
-Skin dullness
-Bad mental state
-Bad health status

Over time, stress has been identified as one major factor that causes dullness in appearance.

If you want to look like that illuminating god or goddess that you have dreamt of becoming, you need to get rid of stress.

These are some of the things to do to relieve stress:
-Watching entertaining movies
-Listening to music
-Staring into the stars
-Going on vacations
-Hanging out with friends and families

7. Playing relaxing games

Doing these and many other things that ease your stress is vital. Stop playing hard to get with relaxation.
Remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and you want to be shimmering right?

Ways to Glow Up Mentally

Looking good isn’t just a result of taking care of the physical body. It goes a long way toward being
mentally awesome.

Greater change comes more from the mental part of our lives. Here are guidelines
to follow for the positive shift:

8. Do Away with Negativeness

Negativeness is an act that always expects the worst in life situations and this could come in diverse

Staying positive always helps your mental health. Confess and believe positive about yourself,
activities, and situations.

Also, negativeness could come from friends, families, and even stranger. This should not be a
determinant of what becomes of you.

Cheer up always and shun all forms of negative criticism from critics around you and you will see yourself glow up.

9. Be Confident Always

Building up your confidence is one way to be in control. Be confident about who you are, what you do,
how you look, what you wear, and even what you eat.

Don’t feel intimidated when among others.

Always puncture the thoughts of low self-esteem as it quickly puts down the thoughts of achievement
and happiness. Recall that your happiness is the heart of your glow-up.

10. Shun Redundancy

During the Covid period in the year 2020, I was idle and I gained an extra 10 kg in weight against my
wish and that almost got me into depression and over-exertion, trying to shed the weight as quickly as I

Developing yourself by doing things that you are passionate about won’t get you in that same situation
that I found me in because of idleness, and that could also serve as a source or an additional source of
revenue for you.

You could take up personal development skills like writing, web development, graphics designing,
reading, editing, tutoring, or one of the many other personal development skills available to puncture
redundancy and develop yourself.

11. Set and Achieve Goals

Setting goals is one routine that eases the mind. It enables proper planning of all that lies ahead and
how to go about sorting them. Once the mind is in comfort, one’s life is settled.

If you have never set goals for yourself, now is the time to do that for your perfect glow.


Looking for ways to glow up physically and mentally is what we strive for daily because it’s what makes life beautiful and when we glow up in these aspects of our lives, it enables us to live longer and happier.

Being happy is the heart of glowing up. Know for sure that your glow-up is for you. Don’t allow anything
or anyone to ruin that for you, stay positive always.

It not only heightens your radiance but enhances a longer life span as well. Do away with harmful substances like alcohol.

Also, avoid smoking and exposure to severe sunlight as they pose great threats to your physical health.

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