10 Major Reasons Why Women Cheat In Marriage

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Cheating in marriage commonly referred to as infidelity is one ever-trending topic in relationships, marriage principally. And there are various reasons why women cheat in marriage.

Cheating in marriage is the breach of a couple’s emotional and/or sexual

prospects have unremittingly caused shattered homes, crushed hearts, broken individuals, and many more damages, death inclusive.

The rate of women cheating in marriages via study was found to be lower than their counterparts in the early years.

Lately, the rate of women cheating has been discovered to be equal to that of men. Infidelity is a complex process as stated in the study, “the cheating heart”.

This is because there are no regular reasons for cheating. There are several noted ways through which women cheat in marriages. These are:

  • Physical affairs – this kind of affair could be sexual or non-sexual.
  • Emotional cheating – this is one form of cheating that involves emotional reliance on men other than their husbands.
  • Cyber-cheating – online affairs, sexting (sexual-related chatting), and sending nudes online are various forms of cyber-cheating.
  • Cheating financially – this is one form of cheating that is not in the limelight but wrecks as much havoc as having physical affair with another man.
reasons why women cheat in marriage

Why do women cheat?

The reasons for infidelity in marriage are varied and are often not limited to just one or two.

The complexity of the matter is often attributed to the fact that many factors drive a woman to cheat in marriage.

Here are pinpointed reasons why women cheat:

1. Absence of Love

One of the reasons why women cheat in marriage is the absence of love.

Love is considered to be the basis of any marriage, even though this is not true for all marriages.

So marriages didn’t ensue for the reason of love; some even did have their love drained along the line.

This is one colossal reason why cheating occurs. When love becomes missing in marriage, women tend to look out of wedlock for love from someone willing to burst that on them.

2. Little or No Affection/Attention

Some couples love each other indeed yet the wives still cheat. Why?

This is because the men lack in showing affection otherwise known as romanticism toward their wives.

Women who feel they are neglected and unappreciated by their husbands may feel that they are not getting enough attention or affection.

Some being strongly attached to getting attention or affection tend to be involved in cheating, for the motive of getting the needed attention or affection.

3. Lack of Communication

When communication is nowhere to be found between spouses, the relationship becomes unstable, ready to be toppled over by the slightest negative force.

Even though the consistency in communication tends to vary over time-based on factors like time, zero communication could be extremely dangerous.

Some women have testified to the fact that they cheated on their husbands due to a lack of communication.

Some couples find it difficult to communicate their unhappiness, problems, discords, misunderstanding, success, and achievement, and this causes a drain on relationships love, and interests.

Due to a lack of communication between spouses, women tend to look out for solace outside their marriage.

4. Low or No Sexual Performance

Regardless of how good a man can be, the lack of ability to perform sexually as desired by the woman or no sexual activity at all would cause the woman to cheat.

This decision taken by women sometimes does not just occur, they happen as a reason for not wanting to leave their marriages because of the absence of sexual intercourse.

They then opt out for someone who could fill in for their men while they still hold on to their main relationships.

5. Sexual Addiction

Another one of the major reasons why women cheat in marriage is sexual addiction.

Sexual addiction or sex addiction is a situation caused by habitual involvement in sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse, regardless of the negative penalties.

Ladies are being advised to shun having regular sexual intercourse with multiple partners before marriage, as this is one major cause of sexual addiction.

Too much of everything is said to be bad and that’s just it in this case.

A woman who has engaged in excessive sexual activity stands the risk of being sexually addicted.

This has shattered many homes and many lives.

A woman who finds it difficult to control her sexual urge would end up looking for other options to satisfy it as her spouse would not be able to satisfy her incessant urge.

6. Being Attracted to Someone Else

Women through study have higher expectations from their spouses than men do.

Some women strife for perfection in their husbands, something they might not have ascertained before marriage.

This leads to dissatisfaction with their marriages and they end up looking elsewhere for fulfillment.

Once they don’t see the total traits they want in the other man, they look out again for another person and the cycle goes on like that.

7. Low Self-esteem and Comparison

Some women think very low of themselves and some others go as bad as comparing themselves with other women. Some even compare their spouses and marriage.

These wrong spark thoughts in them. They begin to think that they can’t match their husband’s tastes anymore.

This is the reason why some of them end up finding reassurance from men outside their marriage. Men who tell good things about them to their hearing.

8. Dire Situations that Require Dire Actions

Several situations occur in life and we probably do not have total control over them.

A boss wanting to have an affair with his female employee just so she could keep her job is one of the dire situations that several women have fallen into.

In like circumstances, they find it difficult to relate their ordeals to their spouse. They just go on to cheat on their spouse to avert the pending danger given they refuse.

9. Unstable or Zero Provision

In this time and age, a larger percentage of women find it encumbering to keep up with a spouse that can’t cater to their needs constantly.

They tend to be attached to other men who can sort out their needs. This in turn results in cheating.

Also, as it has been established that their cheating could be financially inclined, some women keep their financial worth hidden from their spouses.

They go ahead to lie about what they have so as not to share responsibilities.

10. Low Moral Values

Last but not least of the reasons why women in cheat in marriage is low moral values.

Cheating in a way is connected to one’s morality. A morally upright woman is considered not to cheat, even though some other reasons might have triggered it.

For a morally decadent woman, cheating might come to her as an act to commit without reason.

Some women see cheating as nothing unscrupulous and as such go around to relate sexually with multiple men.

This may be due to upbringing, growth environment, religious belief, or self-will.


Cheating is one act that doesn’t promise to stop soon. Take necessary precautions against it as a man and as a woman.

If you ever get cheated on, brace yourself up and move on without damaging yourself. Work against revenge, as the cycle rarely breaks.

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