11 Sure Signs That The Relationship Is Over For Him

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Being in a relationship is not always simple and easy. Relationships, much like life, have their ups and downs.

So, if you are experiencing a rough patch with your partner and you begin to see signs that the relationship may be over for him.

Don’t assume that the relationship is over — unless of course there are other signs in addition to the one you’re currently dealing with.

When it comes to figuring out whether or not your relationship is beyond repair (or “over,” as they say), things can get pretty confusing.

And while there’s no specific way to know for sure if the relationship is over, there are certain signs that indicate you might be heading down that road.

If you find yourself nodding along enthusiastically to these hints in this article, then maybe it’s safe to assume things between you two aren’t panning out that well anymore.

Let’s face it: relationships are hard work. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions and a lot of effort and late-night talks, things just don’t work out. And there are times when for one reason or another it simply starts to fall apart.

A relationship can be thriving one day, but then turn sour the next. Every couple goes through ups and downs, but unfortunately, not all couples make it. Signs that the relationship is over for him include:

11 Sure Signs That The Relationship Is Over For Him

1.) You’re no longer intimate with each other

One of the numerous signs that the relationship is over for him is If you’re no longer intimate with each other, then it’s likely he’s not interested in the relationship anymore.

One of the reasons men lose interest is that they stop seeing their partner as an attractive sexual being.

2.) He stops seeing you as part of his future plans.

Planning for the future is important, and if you feel like he isn’t considering how your life together may look in a couple of years, it can be pretty telling.

It’s one thing to not have any real concrete plans (because honestly, who does?), but it’s another to stop talking about what might happen in the next year or two altogether.

Has he stopped making comments about how this could work out in the long term? You should probably start taking a hard look at whether this relationship has lasting potential.

3.) He no longer asks about your life.

If you once had a partner who was the first person you called with any news and the last person you wanted to see before bed, and that dynamic has changed, chances are your relationship is over for him.

The signs will be subtle at first. He might ask fewer questions about your day or seem less interested in what’s going on at work.

Then he might stop asking about your friends or family altogether. It could go even further: when was the last time he asked what you planned to do that weekend?

It can be hard to notice when this happens incrementally over time—it happened so slowly that it hardly feels like anything changed, but then suddenly it’s been months since he asked how your parents are doing.

If this sounds familiar, know that this sort of shift in behavior isn’t accidental; it’s happening because he has lost interest in being a part of your life and doesn’t want to invest in knowing more about you.

That loss of curiosity is an ominous sign for any relationship.

4.) He’s no longer interested in traveling with you.

He’s no longer interested in traveling with you. He used to share his travel plans with you, or you’d talk about holidays together. You used to go on holiday together often.

Now he doesn’t want to travel with you anymore, and wants to do it alone or even without your knowledge. He doesn’t want to visit your family/friends as frequently anymore.

5.) He’s suddenly enjoying his alone time more than he used to.

Also, if you’ve noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get him out of the house or off his couch is one of the signs that the relationship is over for him

He doesn’t want to go out, take a walk or even see a movie these days. Instead, he wants to hang out at home and watch Netflix or play video games all night long.

Does this sound like your boyfriend? It might be a sign that he wants to be out of the relationship.

  • But when you suggest going away for the weekend, he always has something else on his plate already.

It’s quite possible that you’re not his number-one priority any longer. Don’t worry though; you will still always be number one in your mother’s eyes!

Your mother will love you no matter what, even if she does think your boyfriend is a loser and an idiot for not appreciating how amazing you are! (If she doesn’t say this, then she definitely thinks it!)

6.) You’re no longer “the first person he calls” when something good happens.

When good things happen in his life (e.g., getting promoted or winning the lottery), who is the first person he calls? If it isn’t you anymore, then there’s a chance that your relationship might be over!

This may seem obvious but some people don’t notice subtle changes in their partner’s behavior until after they’ve moved on with someone else…

7.) He’s picked up new habits but isn’t willing to share them with you.

If your partner is suddenly getting more regular haircuts and ditching his usual uniform of a hoodie and sweatpants for fitted button-downs, there may be something else going on.

“Whether it’s a new haircut, cologne, or suit, these are all signs that he wants to look good for someone other than you,” says Lieberman.

If your partner is picking up new habits but isn’t willing to share them with you—say he’s going to the gym more often but won’t tell you what time he’s working out—it could be a sign that things are headed toward Splitsville.

Another possible red flag: “If someone is looking for someone else, they want to be their best self,” says Lieberman.

So if your guy has been working out consistently but hasn’t invited you to join him at the gym or offered to train together, it could mean he’s doing it for himself and not for the two of you.

8.) He’s always at work or out with friends when he’s supposed to be spending time with you.

If your partner is never around, it could be because he’s working hard to make more money for the two of you.

However, it could also be that he’s trying to avoid you. If he’s got a new job and is working crazy hours, ask him if this will be a temporary situation or if it will continue indefinitely.

If he’s been spending lots of time with his friends lately, find out why and try to get in on the action—you deserve some quality time together!

If you think he’s avoiding you, though, don’t take desperate measures like calling him or texting him 20 times per day. That kind of behavior can drive anyone away.

No matter what the reason is that your partner seems to want nothing to do with you—even when it seems like there should be no reason at all—make sure that you’re not being too needy or clingy.

9.) He’s slowly pulling away from you physically and emotionally.

One of the most obvious physical signs that a relationship is over for him, and one of the most painful for you, is if he starts to move away from you physically—not just in terms of inches on the couch or bed, but also in terms of how far apart you are generally when you’re together.

If he’s spending less time with you or avoiding being at home with you at all, it could mean that he’s pulling away from your relationship because it doesn’t make him feel good anymore.

He’s not interested in talking through problems anymore. Has he stopped responding to your emails? Is his phone always busy when you call?

It might be a sign that he’d rather cut off contact with you than work through whatever problem is bothering him.

This kind of behavior can signal disinterest in working through whatever issue has popped up in your relationship—and it probably means that he no longer wants to be around any longer than necessary.

10.) There are no more romantic gestures or affectionate moments between you anymore.

There are no more romantic gestures or affectionate moments between you anymore.

No unexpected gifts, no romantic outings, no flowers, no ‘I love you’s, no cuddles, etc.

He’s not interested in holding your hand in public or kissing you in front of family and friends.

He seems to prefer being physically distant from you. It’s really hurt and painful but this is one of the signs that the relationship is over for him and you should never over look this sign.

11.) You start wondering if there’s someone else in his life besides you.

Does he talk about another girl a lot? Does he seem to take more of an interest in her than you? If you’ve already noticed the other signs, then this should come as no surprise.

He’s not just being jealous; he feels like there is no place for you in his life anymore, and that’s why it doesn’t bother him when you notice his new relationship.

He knows that it means nothing to him because he doesn’t love you anymore, and that’s exactly what hurts the most.

However, by the time you realize that your relationship is over it may already be too late. Relationship problems are like weeds: they don’t just go away, they need to be tended to – a lot of the time in their early stages.

The earlier you catch and deal with them, the better chance you have of resolving them and saving your relationship. But remember this: communication is key.

It’s not enough to just identify a problem – you need to communicate your concerns openly and honestly with your partner.

In order for a partnership to thrive, both parties need to be willing to make changes and compromises when necessary; if only one of you is willing or interested in making things work, then it’s game over (unfortunately).

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Ways To Fix The Relationship If You Notice Any Of The Signs That The Relationship Is Over For Him

So, you’re having some trouble in your relationship. If you don’t want to break up with your partner, but you notice that some of the signs above have become a pattern—or most of them—it’s time to act.

It takes dedication, effort, communication, and a whole lot of love to make a relationship work.

There may be hope that things can get better If you’re willing to put in the work, here are some ways to try and fix a relationship:

1.) Focus on one problem at a time.

It’s easy to think that all problems need to be fixed at once or not at all, but usually, a relationship is composed of multiple issues that aren’t all equally important or equally difficult.

i.) Figure out what the most pressing problem is and address that first. Fixing other areas will become easier after it’s been resolved because stress will be reduced over time.

ii.) Be aware of who you are as an individual vs. your role in the relationship. Being half of a couple means being two whole people who come together and make things work for both parties’ needs and habits (while recognizing each other’s flaws).

Do not lose yourself in order to fit into someone else’s idea of perfection—you’re perfect just as you are!

3.) Don’t ignore these signs!

Don’t ignore the problem, do talk to him about it, and don’t just put up with it. Whether you’ve already been through the wringer and gotten back together, or you’re faced with making the decision to end things right now.

If he’s consistently doing something that bothers you, don’t put up with it! You deserve a relationship that makes you feel happy and safe instead of confused, unhappy, and stressed.

If there are any problems in your relationship—big or small—don’t wait for them to eat away at you and your partner until they’re unmanageable. Talk to him about what’s bothering you.

4.) Don’t make excuses for him or believe his excuses for himself.

Another sign that your partner is showing no regard for the impact his actions have on you is when he has an excuse ready for every issue and fails to take responsibility for them (or flat-out denies having done anything wrong).

Especially when those excuses have become repetitive and predictable! This kind of behavior isn’t fair to either of you: while it may seem easier in the short term to pretend nothing is wrong between the two of you.

Rather than confront him with reality, this strategy will only lead to more pain in the long term if no progress is made toward fixing what’s broken in your relationship.

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