13 Sensitive Places Men Love To Be Touched

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Whether it’s a gentle touch on the back to show support, a hand on the knee to reassure, or a hug to make everything feel better – there are certain places men love to be touched.

Of course, everyone is different and some may not enjoy being touched in some of these places, but for the most part, these spots tend to be hot spots for guys.

So if you’re looking for ways to touch your man and make him feel good, read on!

The truth is what’s the essence of love-making, smooching, kissing, romance, and hot sex without a mutual exchange of free emotions between two adults who want to explore their sexual fantasies?

This is what I want to talk about in this post and I’d hope it’ll increase your level of romance in your relationship.

So, let’s get down!

Places Men Love To Be Touched

1. Neck and Peck his neck

I can’t find a man who would refuse a romantic necking and pecking–kissing. This is one of the most sensitive areas of men including women because of the breath that sniffles around the neck while kissing his neck.

You’ve to learn how to do this in a slow and curly way for him to enjoy the moment.

Glide gently towards his neck and then upwards to his neck consciously. This is a certain part he wants to be touched.

2. Finger his hair

Damn his hair short or long; curly or straight. Just finger his hair! You can’t imagine how seductive this
can be with men.

What you need to do is to slowly run your nicely cut fingers through his hair from the back to the front.

Ensure your fingers touch his scalp and make the gesture calm and touching. Tell no one I told you this!

3. Nipples snap

Nipples will always be one sensitive pleasure point for everyone. While men love to suck women’s
nipples, they desire the same – give it to him.

You can intensify the feeling at that point with lubricant and make him reach the highest cloud. Winks!

4. Ears at attention

Ears listen and pay attention to the voice of your tongue especially when the touch is coming from the
tip of a wet cold or warm tongue. Oh! What a pleasure.

Slightly sleek in the tip of your tongue into his ear, curl it in a round form and dip it into his ears. While you do this, make sure you’re holding his head close to your hand and chest.

You can also whisper words into his ears. This will surely make him moan.

5. Tongue Slicing

places men love to be touched

I’m not expecting you to kiss him the usual way you do, nope. Tongue slicing means cutting your
tongues into each other and rolling them out.

No going in and deeper. Play rough with your tongues outwardly and kiss at intervals. Gently suck your tongue and pull it back slowly.

This part of the body is intimate and teasing. You should try it out. He’ll beg for more.

6. Six-packs Ribs

He has taken time to build abs for you, why aren’t you touching them? Men’s ribs are naturally ticklish
and they know this.

Gently tap the lines and make him enjoy the touch. He would burst into laughter more than you can ever imagine.

7. Mr. Jones

Dammit! Men love and want to be touched just very here – the penis. You shouldn’t be too quick to
insert his dick into your ‘V’ all the time.

Stroke it with your fingers while he watches you. Play around with the penis in a horizontal way. If it appears dry, lubricate it with your saliva or any form of oil.

Men enjoy this, even more, when you’re not shy about it.

8. Palms and Fingertips

According to research, the hands are some of the most sensitive parts of the body and the responses are
super crazy.

I guess it’s cuz of the nerves in the area. What you need to do is gently trace the lines and edges of his palm with your fingertips.

You can make him go crazier when you take one of his fingers into your mouth and suck it while swirling your tongue around it. The feeling is hot!

9. Groin

Some areas are unexpectedly assumed to arouse anyone, but they surely do. Such is the groin. The groin
is very close to the genitals which makes it satisfying though romantically annoying.

When your man is naked, gradually kiss and caress the area, but you should start off by rolling your fingers over the area slowly and calmly.

10. Beard

Is your man bearded? Then play it to your advantage. There’s no right or wrong way to ruffle your
fingers with your partner’s beard.

You can start with the hair at the tip or find your way into the thick hair and roll it up. This makes men with facial hair feel good.

11. Toes Sucking and Biting

One way to make your partner feel erotic is shrimping – sucking toes or being sucked. Lol. Sucking toes
can be stimulating before sex.

Gently kiss the body from the head down to the toes and a little bite on the piggie can be ticklish. Just ensure you both have a shower before then.

12. F Spot

Men have ‘v’ too but theirs is like a skin underside of their penis. You need to find his F Spot, also called
the frenulum, and touch it the same way he touches your clitoris.

Since it is loose skin, you need to be careful not to pull it carelessly cuz of the sensitivity in the area.

13. Shaft

Last but not least in places men love to be touched is the Shaft.

There’s an extension of the penis into the body which is a great place to explore with your man. When
you try this out, it eases pressure on your partner and increases blood flow.

So, it’s a two-win – sexual pleasure and health.

Gently use your fingers to move to where the penis starts which is the base, ensure there is a bit more
pressure around the shaft with your index finger and thumb.

Mostly, you’ve to make an ‘ok’ symbol around the penis and jack it upwards and back. Make it more stimulating by rubbing the tip of his penis.

Which of these areas will you try with your man?

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Places where men love to be touched

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