8 Major Reasons Why A Relationship Fails

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There are various factors that are responsible for why a relationship fails or why a relationship isn’t working.

A successful and well-built relationship is one that has stood the test of time and has overcome all the hurdles of life and struggles that comes with being in a relationship. 

However, a beautiful and healthy relationship is one in which both parties are actively involved in making the best out of it, it involves various factors like selfless love, sacrifice, commitment, and a quite number of respect.

While some relationships fail due to natural and unavoidable reasons, some fail because of some attitude put on by both parties involved in the relationship.

When a partner begins to see from the other partner’s attitude that he/she is not a priority in the relationship, then the relationship is heading to its doom.

If you find out that your relationship isn’t always working out then the problem may either be you, your partner, or the circumstances which surround both of you.


1. The expectations are too high.

One of the main reasons why a relationship fails is when expectations are too high.

Expectations for the relationship may be unrealistic, and the person with whom you’re in a relationship may not meet your expectations.

This can lead to disappointment and resentment, which can eventually tear apart a relationship.

If you find yourself feeling disappointed in your partner or if your partner is constantly disappointed by you, it might be time to re-evaluate what’s going on between the two of you.

Maybe it is worth fighting for when the relationship seems to be ending.

2. Poor Communication.

Communication is key to any relationship, and if you don’t communicate, how can you solve problems?

It’s the major one of the major factors that spice up any relationship, and poor communication in a relationship has a high tendency to break the relationship into pieces.

Communicating literally covers every aspect of the relationship because when you communicate it makes your partner knows how you feel.

So, the reason why your relationship is not working out may be because of poor communication either from you or your partner.

You need to find what works for both of you. Asking questions about what your partner is thinking and feeling is a good place to start.

Expressing your own thoughts and feelings in return helps them know that they’re being heard. It’s also important to remember that sometimes people are afraid or embarrassed, to tell the truth.

So if they do something hurtful without meaning it, give them the benefit of the doubt before assuming they meant harm!

Here are some of the things that will help you improve your communication in your relationship;

Share your daily activities with your partner

Tell them what you like and what you don‘t

Be vulnerable with them

Discuss random and general life issues

Schedule a time to discuss each day especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

To communicate more, you must be vulnerable with your partner so as to discuss the exact way you feel about them.

3. Inability To Sacrifice

Another one of the main reasons why a relationship fails is the inability to make a sacrifice.

Sacrifice in a relationship can come in any form and any means. To make any relationship work then there must be an iota of sacrifice from both parties.

The inability to sacrifice is one major reason why a relationship won’t work.

Sacrifice in a relationship can be in any form like time, resources, words, and everything in between.

One of the ingredients to a successful relationship is selflessness, and to be sincere, this may sometimes cost you your time, resources, energy, and a quite number of things.

Apparently, proving true love is showing that you care and one way to show that you care is to sacrifice.

One of the signs that a relationship is not working out is when the partners always put on excuses in other to not to sacrifice what is needed.

Sacrifice is proof of love and when this is missing in a relationship then it may be difficult for that relationship to stand strong.

4. Ego And Pride

Humans are naturally egoistic people.

There is an inflated feeling of pride and superiority over others. Although ego makes you conscious of your identity when it begins to make others feel less inferior to you then this single habit has the capacity to destroy your relationship.

Relationships are for two people ready to hold each other hands, grow together, learn together and complement themselves.

It is not a show of the most superior or the best.

When the ego of the two parties begins to creep into each other then it may be the reason why such a relationship may never last or even work.

In an effort to protect ourselves by protecting our ego, it may lead to unhealthy competition, intolerance, blame, disrespect, distrust and so many other vices.

Here are some of the signs that you are allowing your ego to affect you in your relationship

There is a consistent judgment of the other party coupled with ridicule and put down.

You always want to be right every time there is a disagreement

You don’t take in your partner’s ideas or opinions because you feel you are always right.

Inability to come to the realization that you are wrong, and to say sorry.

Ego and pride are two factors that work handily in sabotaging a relationship.

5. Lack of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a sweet flavor that helps every relationship. It makes you aware of the changes in your partner.

Emotional intelligence makes you conscious of the little and large changes in your love life.

Through understanding, maturity, and intelligence, empathy, you can navigate your partner’s behavior towards you and even others.

The lack of emotional intelligence in any relationship may constantly lead to chaos and it’s also one of the reasons a relationship fails.

Because you both may not understand and satisfy your emotional needs. It makes you insensitive to your partner as well.

The reason why a lot of cases of lust, and infatuation are mistaken for love is because of lack of Ei, as lack of emotional intelligence makes one unable to decipher their feelings towards their partner,

Emotional intelligence in your relationship helps you to maintain healthy boundaries within each other, respect each other feelings and opinions, and understand when they need attention and love.

If you fail to understand the emotional needs and wants of your partner by knowing when and how they want to be loved then such a relationship may not last.

6. Low Self Esteem

You probably may be surprised because low self-esteem deals with an individual as it means someone being shy or the inability to relate well with people and not necessarily involved or affecting a relationship.

Anyways, when you have very low self-esteem not only will it creep into you but it will as well begin to affect your relationship and love life.

Low self-esteem is a feeling of inadequacy, the feeling of insecurity, and incompetence.

Low self-esteem in a relationship breeds a lot of vices like;




The reason whys one relationship may never work is because of low self-esteem.

7. Nonchalant Attitude

A lot of beautiful relationships have been sidelined due to the nonchalant attitude portrayed by the partners.

To be nonchalant is to be too relaxed and calm about certain issues concerning your relationship or the partners and this is one of the reasons why your relationship won’t work.

A nonchalant person is insensitive to the desires, and needs of their partner, and when you ask them, what they tell you is I’m used to it, oh I didn’t notice that, oh, it isn’t a big deal to me.

Why this may not be a big deal for them, may affect the partner’s emotional needs.

Being nonchalant in a relationship sometimes may breed insecurity and low self-esteem among the other partner.

It makes you begin to wonder what exactly you are not doing well that is making your partner not react to certain issues concerning the relationship.

You may be the nonchalant partner in your relationship that is making things not work out.

8. Lack Of Trust

Trust is a big deal in a relationship and when lacking in a relationship, it’s one of the biggest reasons why a relationship fails.

Being in a relationship with someone you don’t trust can be disastrous as the such relationship may not be pleasurable and enjoyable.

Distrust in a relationship is the expectation that the partner’s motive, intention, and behavior are harmful to one owner.

Distrust can spread like a wildfire in a relationship.

Moreover, the feeling of distrust isn’t built in a day when it comes to relationships, It’s gradually built over time.

A chronic case of distrust as a person will always affect your relationship and that is why you must always love wholeheartedly

If you find your partner getting involved in suspicious moves that you’re not comfortable with, kindly call them into order and let them know how you feel.

But always carrying the feeling of distrust around and allowing it to affect your sense of judgment towards them may be of harm.

It may start as a sense of uncertainty about your partner and with time leads to distrust.

Any relationship without trust may not last for long because trust from both partners is what holds a relationship strong and once this is knocked out, you’ll begin to experience difficulties in your relationship.

If you constantly find yourself sneaking at your partner or trying to lay your insecurities on them then trust is lacking in that relationship.

If you’ve previously been in a relationship where your trust was distorted and you carry that scar into all your relationship then that relationship may not work out.


So many factors can be responsible for reasons why a relationship fails or why your relationship isn’t working out, sometimes; the problem may be from you and other times, from your partner, and this breeds reasons why your relationship won’t work.

Once you discover what the problem is and give in to making the necessary changes then get ready to experience the best in your relationship as your relationship will begin to work out for good.

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