10 Obvious Signs He Cares More Than You Think

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For ladies, having a guy that tells you that he loves you is very awesome, but beyond that, a lot of ladies want to see the signs that a guy truly cares for them more than they think.

I could remember when I was in college, my boyfriend and I were having a hard time. We didn’t talk much and when we did, it was always fighting.

But even though we weren’t getting along at all on the surface, underneath there was still something there.

We cared about each other so much that every now and then he would do something that would remind me just how much he really loved me.

He would send me a text before midnight; he would respond to my texts within ten minutes, he made plans with me; he called to check in on how work was going; he showed up for date night with flowers or a gift.

When things got stressful in school, he texted to see how I was doing; lastly (but not least) his texts goodnight meant more than anything else could ever mean.

Even if it wasn’t one big thing but rather a series of little things combined together over time.

A man may not always express in words that he loves you but you can definitely tell by the things he does to you.

The uncertainty of whether a guy loves you sometimes can make you feel unloved but reading this article will help you see the signs that he truly cares for you even beyond how you think he does.

Signs That He Cares More Than You Think.

1. He Respects Your Decision.

Having a man that respects your decision is heavenly, this is because he’s never intimated or challenged anything you say or do.

This gives you the freedom to be yourself to the maximum in your relationship, therefore making it easy for you to enjoy everything you want in it.

Moreover, men sometimes may be egoistic thereby wanting their decision to rule at every point in time.

So if you have a man who listens to you and allows your decision to be carried out then such a man truly loves, cares, and respects you beyond you think.

2. He Respects Your Family And Friends

Being in a relationship with someone who respects you alone may not always be enough.

A man who cares for you will not only respect you but also give full respect to those around you like your family and your friends.

This is because he knows that these are the people who have been in your life even before you both met so, respecting their presence in your life is something you will always cherish.

As a matter of fact, he necessarily doesn’t need to like them at the first instance, but since he is indebted to caring for you, he definitely will naturally grow to love them as well.

Here are some of the signs to know that he respects your family and friends.

  • He doesn’t shun you when you talk about them
  • He goes out of his way to see that their will is granted
  • He speaks to them with respects
  • He honors your family tradition

If a man does these things to your family or the friends you have around you then, know for sure that not only does he says that he cares with the words in his mouth but this is a great sign that he cares even more than you ever think.

3. He Speaks To Everyone Around Him About You.

A man who genuinely cares about you definitely won’t be shy when it comes to telling those around him about you.

As a matter of fact, he sees it as an honor and privilege to be in a relationship with you therefore, he isn’t shy to make the relationship known to others.

Although some guys are naturally quiet about their relationship that is, they may not like to announce to the world whom they are dating.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t exempt those around him from knowing who he is in a relationship with.

If a guy doesn’t tell those close to him about you then you just may be dating yourself.

But, when he tells them or when he isn’t ashamed to tell people around you then he truly cares for you.

This is because he sees an iota of hope in the relationship and he is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

So, one of the signs that a guy cares even more than you think is that he isn’t shy to tell people around him about you.

4. He Helps You Become  A Better Version Of Yourself

When a guy is bent on allowing you to become the best version of yourself then he truly loves and cares for you.

A responsible guy always want to watch you become successful and in doing this, he gives you the permission to do so by supporting and believing in every of your dream,

A guy who cares about you and is in love with you will definitely be passionate about seeing you grow. So, he isn’t hesitant to invest in you.

He does this by supporting your dream, giving you the best ideas and opinions you need at every point in time, and even committing to your emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial growth as well,

One of the signs that a guy cares even more than you think is that he will help you pursue your dream and passion because he sees you as a woman he can’t live without.

5. He Carries You Along With His Decisions

Having a guy that carries you along with his dreams and decision is alluring.

This means that he sees you in his future and he is interested in doing life with you.

When a guy tells you everything that goes on in his life, then, he cares about you.

This is due to the fact that he knows that sincere and open communication is one key to a successful relationship therefore he does this at every point in time.

6. He Listens To You

Another sign that a guy cares for you even more than you think is that he listens to you.

Not only will he listen to you, but he will also as well put your ideas and thoughts into consideration as well.

When a man loves a woman, he listens to her words and remembers them as well.

A man who cares about you is a good listener. He pays apt attention to everything you have to say.

He doesn’t always have to be around all the time but, he strives to communicate with you and is interested in everything going on in your life.

7. He Loves To Spend Time With You.

When a man truly cares for you, he will do anything just to be with you.

No relationship can be strong and intact without the effort of spending time with each other.

A man who loves to spend quality time with you knows the value of being together with his loved ones.

If a guy chooses to spend quality time with you then that’s one of the signs that he cares even more than you think.

8. He Apologies

As he knows that acting nonchalantly and not apologizing whenever he is wrong will not help the relationship.

A guy that cares for you will always apologize whenever he is wrong.

So, he sees it as a deal to always apologize whenever he is wrong.

A man that cares more than you think makes sorry his best word and doesn’t find it difficult to say it whenever he is wrong or not.

9. He Never Lies To You.

One of the major red flags in a relationship is having a partner who constantly lies to you about himself or the things around him.

This will not only cost you the break of the relationship but will also affect the level of trust you have for that person.

When a man cares for you then, he would do everything to protect your trust and one way to do this is to never lie to you.

If your partner never lies to you and is being truthful even about the tinniest details about his life then trust me, this is a sign that he cares for you more than you think.

10. He Uses We” Instead Of “I’’

You can easily decipher the intention of a guy toward you by the usage of his words.

If a guy always uses me constantly in his conversations with you then he probably doesn’t see you in his future.

For instance, if he says something like;

10 years from now, I should be living my best life, settled with a happy home.

If he sees a future with you then he’ll definitely make use of ‘US’ whenever he talks about the future because he is ready to accommodate you not only in his present world but in the future as well.

When your man makes use of the term ‘US’ then he cares for you even more than you think.


Validating the fact that a man loves you may be quite difficult as sometimes, you as a lady may not get to know the intention of your guy. But they’re obvious signs he’s truly in love with you to watch out for.

Nevertheless, you can always decipher his plans by some actions towards yap.

Conclusively, there are numerous signs that a guy cares for you even more than you can ever imagine, and he’s not pretending to be in love with you.

If your man does all the aforementioned then, you have no reasons to worry as he definitely loves you even beyond how you think that he does.

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