What Kills Long Distance Relationship And What You Can Do To Strengthen It

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Long distance relationship definitely takes more time, effort commitment, and intentionality than being in a relationship where you get to see each other regularly.

If you are in a long-distance relationship then you’ll agree with me that an LDR can be stressful even more than you think.

And because of that fact, a lot of people get too tired when it comes to maintaining it and this leads to the break of the relationship.

Sometimes, they are too lazy to return the energy that the other partner put into a relationship while sometimes it naturally happens to negligence on both sides.

Nevertheless, there are so many factors responsible for sabotaging a long-distance relationship.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting the major point that kills a long-distance relationship and what you can as well do to strengthen the relationship back.

Factors That Kills Long Distance Relationship.

1. Lack Of Commitment

This is the major factor that kills long-distance relationships. Lack of commitment kills relationships generally either LDRs or not.

If you find your long-distance relationship constantly fading out then maybe one of the partners or both of you are not committed to seeing that it works.

Ways to be committed in a relationship

Give all its takes

Sacrifice resources, time, money, and materials

Appreciate your partner

Share your dreams and aspirations with them

Don’t always blame your partner

Your commitment to a long-distance relationship is seen in how well you can give your all to the relationship.

2. Comparing Your Relationship Or Partner With Someone Else

This is another great thing that can kill any long-distance relationship

Two relationships are not the same so, you don’t expect the same result in both.

Although, your partner may not be as perfect as someone else partner but you shouldn’t compare them with someone else.

This is because, you intentionally choose to be with them, and you had the power of choice to pick your partner.

Therefore, comparing your partner or relationship with someone else own is wrong.

The comparison makes you see no good in your partner or relationship even if they are giving the best to it.

Nevertheless, one way to have a long-lasting relationship is to stop the comparison between your partner and someone else own.

Don’t envy other relationships, just admire, them because as you begin to envy them, you may in the long run wish you had their type of relationship.

3. Being Too Intimate With Someone Else

Long distance relationship

Trust me if you are in a long-distance relationship, your emotional or sexual needs cannot be met all the time.

Yes, it cannot, this is because your partner may not always be physically available to satisfy your emotional needs.

And in situations like this, a lot of people in LDRs try to get emotional closure from someone else.

Sometimes, this happens unconsciously when they are just trying to build friendships with someone else.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, getting too intimate or building emotional attraction with someone else aside from your partner can lead to the dissolution of your relationship in the long run.

4. Not Communicating Or Listening Properly

Long distance relationship

If you are in a long-distance relationship you’ll know that communication is the major fuel that sustains the relationship.

That is if there is a deficiency in communication your long-distance relationship might just be on the verge of coming to an end.

Every action you take in a long-distance relationship is based on the information your partner feeds you and vice versa.

So, when you both can’t tell yourself the exact way you feel or what is going on in your life then there is a high possibility that you fail in the relationship.

The lack of listening skills is another factor that kills a long-distance relationship.

If you or your partner do not take the proper time to listen to each other well then you’ll have communication issues.

Listening to LDRs is paramount because the tiniest information in your partner’s life matters and since you are not physically present to decipher how their life reveals you only freedom what they tell you.

The lack of communication or listening skills has the ability to kill a long-distance relationship.

5. Distrust, Insecurity, And Jealousy

Long distance relationship

These three factors work handily in destroying a long-distance relationship.

Distrust is when you don’t trust the word, actions, or judgment of your partner.

When you begin to doubt the information they feed you or you begin to doubt their action.

It is normal not just trust your partner if you are in an LDR because you may begin to ask yourself what they are doing over there, are they with someone else or is this relationship even going to work out at all?

The cause of distrust is a result of insecurity, if you’re battling with insecurity, then it will be evident if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Insecurity makes you feel inferior or less of a person. And feeling insecure in a long-distance relationship will do no good than kill the relationship.

Insecurity and distrust further births jealousy, and before you know it, you’re gradually losing it all in the relationship.

You no longer trust your partner and you become creepy about every other person who is in his or her life.

So What You Can Do To Strengthen Your Long Distance Relationship?

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you’re on the verge of losing it all because of one factor or the other.

Then you should read the various steps to take in other to make sure that your relationship is strengthened.

Because of the fact that being in a long-distance relationship comes with a quite number of disadvantages.

It takes a large number of emotional intelligence, trust, and maturity to handle it.

But there are various ways to strengthen your long-distance relationship and they are as follows;

1. Communicate As Much As You Can

Long distance relationship

Communication fuels any relationship so you can start by scheduling a perfect time that is convenient for the both of you to communicate.

And when you communicate with them, try as much as possible to be as plain as you can.

Also, implore listening whenever your partner is making a point.

2. Learn To Trust Your Partner

It’s sincerely not easy to trust someone that you don’t see every time.

It’s even more difficult if your trust has been betrayed in the past.

Nevertheless, if you want a successful relationship for you and your partner then you should give them your trust.

Unless you notice that they aren’t worth it, you can decide to withdraw from them.

3. If You Are Not Contented With The Energy You Receive From Your Partner Don’t Hesitate To Tell Them

Hoarding your feelings or thought won’t help any LDR rather you must be able to convey your thought to them.

If you feel that they are not reciprocating the sort of energy you put into the relationship then speak to them about it.

4. Never Compare Your Partner With Someone Else.

The comparison makes you not appreciate your partner.

Never compare your relationship with someone else own.

5. To Open To Take Correction

Being a hard-minded person wouldn’t help matters if you are in a long-distance relationship.

To have a successful long-distance relationship, you must be able to accept corrections or opinions from your partner.

6. Invest And Love Yourself

Long distance relationship

If you want to have a beautiful relationship it starts with having a beautiful personality.

So, to enjoy everything that you desire in your relationship you must invest and improve yourself, giving room for self-development.

With this, you’ll begin to see positive changes in your life which will in turn take a big toll on your relationship as well.

7. Try To Meet Your Partner Occasionally

As much as there are a lot of factors that warrant long-distance relationship.

You both should still try to meet up with each other occasionally.

Nothing can be compared to the physical meeting of two partners, even if you don’t have the luxury of time or resources to meet regularly.

Try your best to meet occasionally.


Being in a long-distance relationship can be stressful. No lies about that.

But, knowing the right thing to do at the right time saves you from a lot of burdens that come with it.

I hope your relationship experience the best after making use of the information in this article.

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