11 Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

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There are certain things you should be doing in your 20s to avoid regret in your 30s and 40s.

Certain things are meant to be done during your early and late 20s just in order to enjoy the best of your 30s and 40s.

If these things are done in your twenties, as you grow older you’ll appreciate the fact that you made hay while the sunshine.

This means taking advantage of the chance to add positive values to your life while conditions are good.

Your 20s are the most formidable years of your life.

This is when you get to make life-changing choices, make decisions, meet people, and build a positive relationship that will in turn affect your life.

As a matter of fact, your later life is most as a result of how well you were able to maximize your twenties.

I’m not saying you can’t make it in… if you weren’t serious with your life in your 20s?

Of course not, all I’m saying is that it will be best if you utilize all the positive opportunities that you have in your way just so you have beautiful 30s and 40s years.

The 20s are years to strategically position yourself into what you see yourself becoming in the nearest future.

Although these particular years come with a lot of distraction, struggle, and even side attractions.

This is enough to shift your gaze from adding value, building positive influence, and investing purpose into your life.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting a few points on what you should be doing in your 20s to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s.

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

1. Pursuing Your Passion And Doing What You Love

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

Your life and fulfillment are based and limited to the level by which you can minimize and maximize your potential.

And turn them into something you’re passionate about.

Passion is life; every act of fulfillment is a result of following a passion and maximizing it ultimately.

Are you committed to pursuing what you’re passionate about in your 20s?

To avoid regrets later in your 30s and 40s.

Pursue whatever it is that you are passionate about and make it one of your sources of inspiration.

Chasing your passion doesn’t only birth a sense of fulfillment in you. It also leaves you as an icon of remembrance in your field.

2. Building A Profitable Career

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

Your 20s are the best years to build a profitable career in whatever interest that you’re passionate about.

All it takes is for you to discover what career path you want to follow and chase it in your early twenties.

Doing this will make it easy for you to navigate all through your 30s and 40s.

3. Building Meaningful Relationship With People

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

Relationships make men, and quite a number of times, what we come out to become in the future is determined by the level of relationship we have with others.

In your twenties, you should learn how to build a meaningful and purposeful relationship.

Relationships that you can always point out in the nearest future.

Mind you, whosoever you choose as a friend in your twenties will reflect on how the rest of your life goes in your 30s and 40s.

You may be left to live under the realities of the people with whom you built your life over time.

The benefit of building meaningful relationships cannot be overemphasized.

Building Meaningful relationships has a lot of benefits.

Benefits like:

-good well-being

-happy living,

-and a sense of accountability towards friends that value you.

4. Living Intentionally

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

One of the most important things you should be doing in your 20s to avoid regret in your 30s and 40s is living intentionally.

To live intentionally means learning how to make better decisions for yourself.

It means choosing to live in a manner that aligns with your sense of self and purpose.

In your 20s, living an intentional life might be difficult.

Especially if you are the type that gets tossed to and fro by things or experiences around you.

If you really want a life of true joy and happiness then learn to be intentional about every step you take.

Being intentional might not pay you immediately.

But when you look back in your 30s and 40s to capture steps you’ve taken and habits you’ve conceived out of intentionality.

You definitely would smile and be happy.

Living with purpose is art; it is a habit of intentionality.

You can’t live a life of purpose if you don’t live a life of intentionality.

Because no one understands your purpose as you do.

5. Taking Care Of Yourself

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

Self-care is also one of the important things you should be doing in your 20s to avoid regret in your 30s and 40s.

If there is anything or anyone, you live for then it is first yourself.

Nothing positive and valuable is too much to be deposited for the upkeeping of yourself.

I mean nothing is too much.

Eat good and nutritional foods, it doesn’t only make you look healthy but it retains your immune system.

Live healthily, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep when you need to, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Doing away with addiction will help you regularize a standard of living and rest when you are in your 30s and 40s.

Then, take in a lot of vitamins, calcium, minerals, and nutrients.

Maintain staying in a clean and safe environment.

6. Not Making Excuses

Life is filled with thousands of reasons not to push on, but the ball is left and right in your court.

Seeing beyond every step you are about to take will motivate you.

A lot of people in their 20s are limited because of the excuse they give for not becoming what they wish to be.

Every single person is vulnerable to cooking up excuses for not pushing on.

In your 20s don’t allow procrastination, excuses, and laziness to get too much into you.

Because they work hard to steal your time, deprive you of your relevance, and most importantly, leave you unfulfilled.

If you want to enjoy your 30s and 40s, then, learn how to start taking responsibility and sole acceptance for your actions.

If you can challenge yourself to overlook every excuse your family, friends, circumstances, and background may bring to you.

Then congratulation 30 and 40 is meeting you with a blast.

7. Saying No With Confidence

In your twenties, you’ll come across a lot of opportunities, people, and relationships.

And you’ll have to make various choices that can as well make or mar you.

One amazing thing you can do to enjoy the best of your later twenties and forties is to say no to any opportunity you don’t feel interested in.

Saying no may be difficult.

saying no to people’s choices for your life or to anything, but in the long run, you’ll be happy that you said no.

Live a life filled with self-confidence.

8. Taking Risks

Trust me, life is all about taking risks, and in your twenties, you may be faced with taking so many risks.

It may be putting all your life savings into a particular field or career.

Leaving your family for another shore for greener pastures, or anything even more difficult than that.

If you want to enjoy your later 30s and 40s, it is advisable that you take risks like this.

Although it may not always come out well even if it doesn’t, it then makes you stronger and better for the journey ahead.

9. Having A Disciplined Routine

The power of having a consistent daily routine cannot be overemphasized.

Having a consistent routine in your twenties makes your life organized, and makes you handle things with accuracy.

Living a life without a consistent routine may be difficult because in later years you may get occupied by different things life happens.

For a woman, you may have to shuffle your career, passion, husband, and children.

And so many other things and the same applies to a man as well.

But if you’ve built and adhered to a consistent routine it won’t be difficult to steer the rest of your life harder.

10. Eating Healthy Foods

Health is wealth. I know your twenties may be the decade to explore a lot of food and consumables.

Nevertheless, whatever food you want to take, make sure that it is healthy.

Also, do not consume too much of a given particular class of food.

In your twenties, learn to eat a balanced diet and not just junk.

Doing this will prevent you from a lot of illness and health implications in the nearest future.

11. Not Investing Or Having A Reliable Source Of Income

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

Having a reliable source of income makes you financially independent.

Another amazing thing you can do to help yourself is to build a reliable source of income in your twenties.

And you can as well even build multiple streams of income because as life goes on, responsibilities may begin to double.

Your twenties are the best time to become financially literate, invest, and as well do not live beyond your income.

If you are living beyond your income in your 20s.

You may get used to that flamboyant life that may not be good for you in the nearest future.


Living an intentional life in your twenties doesn’t just pay off immediately.

It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of your life in your 30s and 40s as well.

Things You Should Be Doing In Your 20s To Avoid Regret In Your 30s And 40s

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