15 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In A New Relationship

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Every new relationship brings a feeling of excitement but it can also be emotional stress because there are a lot of mistakes you shouldn’t make in a new relationship.

A new relationship might sometimes be difficult to maintain because you’re still working out if you are aligned in how you live your lives.

At that stage, it’s critical to watch for the signs of an incompatible attitude.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring those signs and getting stuck in a painful relationship. 

Instead, reflect on the following relationship mistakes to avoid in a relationship.

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In A New Relationship

1. Making Your New Partner Your Therapist

You know the feeling. You’ve met someone new, and you love the feeling of sharing and getting to know each other.

It’s a great phase in any new relationship!

But if you expect them to fix your problems, you could scare your new lover off.

The key to any new relationship is to be you. Don’t be quick to make your new partner your total emotional support system.

2. Being Too Available

When your relationship is new and things are going well, it’s natural to want to spend plenty of time together.

But being too available can make you look desperate, and your date will wonder if you’re really interested in them as a person, or just looking for a relationship.

Learn to spend enough time with yourself as well.

3. Posting Constantly On Social Media

Being in a new relationship can make you giggly, therefore; you want to share pictures of your newfound lover or beautiful moments in your relationship.

And social media is such a global part of our lives these days that you can be a victim of posting everything about your new relationship on social media.

Stay strong and avoid the temptation – too much social media posting can put a lot of pressure on a new relationship.

4. Becoming Insecure

It’s normal to be insecure but allowing insecurity to fill your new relationship is harmful.

A new relationship should be all about getting to know each other and seeing if you want to take things further.

You’re not committed yet, so expecting your partner to explain themselves to you too soon could chase them away.

5. Disregarding major differences

After all, you’re not serious yet, so you don’t need to worry about their philosophy or career values.

When you’re just getting to know someone, it’s possible to overlook major differences in your values and perspective.

You like them and you want it to work out, so it’s only natural that you try to focus on the good and ignore relationship mistakes.

6. Dwelling on the past

We all carry impediments from our past, that’s just a way of life.

However, you shouldn’t allow your past relationship experience to spill over into the present because it could affect the way you see your new partner.

This happens mostly when you’ve had a previous partner who cheated on you, ghosted you, or hurt you in some way, you’ll understandably feel a bit scared that history is going to repeat itself.

7. Ignoring boundaries

It’s easy to forget your value systems and boundaries when entering a new relationship.

Common mistakes in a relationship revolve around boundaries.

State your boundaries very early in the relationship and let your partner know what you stand for.

8. Accepting bad behavior

Never ignore the red flag in a relationship.

You shouldn’t get too blinded by love that you overlook the major red flags,

If your new partner becomes overly angry or if their words don’t match their actions, you might need to rethink.

9. Disguising

As mentioned, be yourself in any relationship, no matter how new or established.

Making mistakes in a relationship is normal and you’ll make them throughout your life. It’s how we grow and learn. 

10. Repeating past relationship mistakes

When it comes to things to avoid in a new relationship, try to let go of the past.

Many relationship mistakes start when we jump in too quickly without having resolved previous issues or learned from our past mistakes.

11. Struggling with Intimacy

Don’t make mistakes in love around your sex life.

Your new relationship shouldn’t be all about sex.

Emotional intimacy is more important in the long run.

Although, of course, you can’t expect your partner to fulfill all your emotional needs. It wouldn’t be fair to them and it will only disappoint you.

But take time in building emotional intimacy with them first

12. Neglecting Self-Care

Whatever you do, things to avoid in a new relationship are losing your identity and forgetting the rest of your life.

Don’t make those relationship mistakes such that people shut out their friends, forget their hobbies, and sacrifice work.

13. Sacrificing Your Needs

Making mistakes in a relationship is normal but never sacrifice your needs to please your partner.

Whatever you do though, don’t forget your needs.

If not, you’ll build up resentment and you might even find yourself with someone who can’t meet any of those needs.

14. Overly demanding and overly engaged

Mistakes in love often start when we dive in too quickly.

If you’re too pushy, your new partner may get tired because they too might have past issues and are desperate for a relationship.

This isn’t a good start for a healthy partnership.

15. Getting Exclusive Too Soon

Relationships mistakes often involve being too pushy.

Don’t force anyone into being exclusive if they’re not ready but talk about what you both need.

 It’s normal to take time to explore your compatibility.


Being in a new relationship can be so exciting that at a point you may begin to totally follow your heart instead of your brain.

And that’s why this article made a list of the few mistakes you shouldn’t do in a new relationship.

Have a beautiful relationship even as you implore these tips.

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