5 Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

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Is your morning routine making or breaking your day? It’s not always easy to get out of bed, but if you start the day off right, it can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. Take a look at these five common habits that can ruin your mornings and what to do instead:

I can quite agree that maintaining a consistent and healthy early morning routine sometimes may be difficult.

Especially if you’ve had a long day beforehand and you’re probably trying to rush out to continue the next day’s activities.

It may be frustrating to do as all you want is probably check your phone for notifications, jump out of the bed and head out to work.

Mind you, engaging in some unhealthy habits every morning can ruin your productivity for the rest of the day.

In this article, I’ll highlight major habits which can ruin your day.


Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day.

1. Putting Off Your Alarm And Dozing Back To Sleep.

Many of us are quite guilty of this.  We sometimes put off our alarm when it rings in the morning and doze off to sleep.

For some people, if they don’t doze off they may just stay on the bed doing literally nothing.

If you put on your alarm every night then, it is sure for one reason and that is: you want the alarm to wake you up at a particular time in the morning.

Putting off the alarm will only delay the time you spend in making out your day thereby, making it almost impossible for you to follow every to-do list you’ve written down with stipulated time on it.

Not standing up from bed at the sound of your alarm is one unhealthy habit that can ruin your day and to stop this here is something you can do;

Try as much as possible to put the alarm on the other side of the room where you can’t stretch your hand to put it off but rather stand out of bed to do so.

Doing this will not only make you put out the alarm every time and run back to sleep but you’ll definitely have to stand up from the bed.

2. Checking Your Social Media Notification Before Getting Out Of Bed.

If you always check your notifications before you get out of bed then it may be affecting your day.

Many people indulge in this habit and it’s one of such morning habits that can ruin your day you have to stop if you see yourself doing this often.

As a matter of fact, picking up your phone the first thing when you wake up may have a large impact on how your day turns out to be.

Trust me, sometimes social media may be draining and if you have to dive into it every morning, you just could spend the best hours of the day on it.

One unhealthy early morning habit you shouldn’t engage in is checking your social media notification even before you get out of bed.

Once you do this, you may be tempted to check other handles and social media pages and before you know it, you’re shuffling Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and other social media platform while still on your bed.

Checking your notifications on social media is good but one tip is that it, shouldn’t be before you get out of bed as social media can be attractive and it could take the early minutes or hours of your morning.

3. Skipping Breakfast.

Skipping breakfast is one of the morning habits that can ruin your day.

If you still skip breakfast every morning then this is one very unhealthy habit that should stop.

Even if you’re looking forward to shedding some weight, skipping breakfast shouldn’t be the only thing to opt for as breakfast is one of the major meal hours that provides your body with the nutrition and vitamins that it needs.

Additionally, your breakfast shouldn’t be filled with junk or foods which are not high in nutritious value. 

That is, if you want to have a fruitful and productive day, you shouldn’t miss breakfast because it keeps you energized and focused all through the rest of the day.

A lot of us prefer to take dinner or lunch but skip breakfast as we get too busy with other activities of the day.

Except you have a major and tenable reason for skipping breakfast, you should always make it a habit to eat breakfast every morning before stepping out of the house.

4. Not Drinking Water.

The benefits of drinking water in the morning can not be overemphasized.

Water is essential to life, and there’s a reason we need it every day: our bodies are mostly water. The average person needs between three and eight glasses per day (that’s right, glasses).

If you’re feeling dehydrated or want to increase your daily intake, aim for eight.

To know whether or not you’re getting enough fluids, look out for these signs of dehydration:

  • thirst
  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • tiredness/fatigue
  • dry mouth and throat

Drinking water every morning makes you healthy gives you alluring skin and makes you productive all through the rest of the day.

If you don’t drink water every morning as soon as you wake up, this is an unhealthy habit that you should stop.

Drinking water every morning flushes toxins from your body thereby increasing your energy and immunity as well.

Therefore, if you desire a beautiful day ahead, drinking water should be among your morning routines.

5. Not Having A Good Mind-Set For The Day.

If you wake up not having a positive mindset for the day then you are most liable to have a bad day.

This is because; your day starts majorly from how you see it.

After waking up, you shouldn’t jump out of bed immediately, you can take a few minutes to reflect on how you want your day to be, vision a positive image, and stay glued to it for the rest of the day.

To have a productive day, you must picture how you want the day to be.

This involves having a to-do list, abiding by them, and giving gratitude for the previous day.

That is why you must wake up every morning feeling energized, positive and optimistic about your day.

To help you achieve this, you can write affirmative words about your day and confess it as you stand up from the bed.


Our early morning habits take a large toll on how our day turns out to be. If you can stay consistent with some fruitful and healthy early morning habits then trust me, every day will be productive for you.

And to stay consistent with your early morning routines you should have a to-do list for your mornings, ruminate on the activities you want to engage in the next day, and stay consistent with it.

I hope this help.

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