Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Romantically

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In our contemporary society, there are varieties of psychological signs that someone likes you.

Most times, you may not be aware that they are interested in or have a thing for you, but it will be evident in the actions they portray towards you.

While sometimes, it may be difficult to decode if someone likes you.

This is because human psychology can be quite complicated as every person is different from the other.

We all have various psychological patterns.

Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about because, in this article, we will reveal some signs to you that they are truly interested in you.

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

1. They Look At You When They Talk

If someone is interested in you, they’ll look straight into your eyes when having a conversation with you. Their eyes will be drawn towards your eyes for a long period as well.

This shows that they are paying rapt attention to you.

They also want to listen to you because they are so much interested in the conversation which you both are having.

You may even find them looking at you even when you are not looking at them.

You could catch them glancing at you just from the corner of your eyes.

This is one of the great signs that they are interested in you.

2. They Laugh At Your Jokes Even When They Aren’t Funny

When someone consistently laughs at your jokes even if no one finds them funny then they may be drawn to you.

Laughing makes them relaxed around you and also draws your attention to them.

This is because they know that laughing will make you gain interest in them.

3. They Compliment You Regularly

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

It’s a good thing when someone compliments you and tells you how amazing you are.

This means they are paying attention to everything that you do.

Like paying attention to your personality, style, appearance, and those little things that make you unique.

When people constantly compliment you it means that they are interested in getting closer to you.

Although it is absolutely normal to give compliments to people.

We know when a compliment comes from the heart of someone interested in you especially if they are the opposite sex.

If you feel the same way about the person you can as well return the energy.

4. They Always Want To Be Around You

If someone likes to hang out with you that means they are making an effort to build friendship between the both of you.

For instance, they can always call or text you to know where you are and even offer to meet you up there.

This is because they like you and your presence makes them feel surreal.

5. They Seek For Your Opinion Over Issues

When we need counsel over issues, we all know who to go to.

But, if someone is interested in you, they’ll ask from you not necessarily because they seek a solution from you.

But because they want to hear your two cents concerning that issue.

And they may be doing this to gauge if you both have similar opinions over issues.

From asking about your view concerning a viral social media post to asking you about what you think on issues.

6. They Ask How Your Day Went

When you’re friends with someone you may get familiar not to ask how their day went because you have an idea of how it went.

But when someone is interested in you, they want to know how your day went and what went on in your life.

When doing this they may even smile at you, this may be a form of flirting.

Another reason why they are probably asking about your day is because they want to know what activities revolve around you.

So as to know where to come in.

7. They Make Effort To Tell People How Amazing You Are

When someone likes you, they’ll be so attracted such that they’ll tell anyone who cares to hear about how good and amazing you are.

If someone tells people how amazing you are then they love you and they want people to be aware of how great you are as well.

8. They Always Look For Excuse To Spend Time With You

One of the few psychological signs someone likes you is that they long to spend quality time with you.

When someone is interested in you, they’ll always want to be around you.

For example, they appear at any event they think you’ll be available just to see your face and spend some time with you.

9. They Compliment The Things About You Rather Than Just Your Appearance

When someone is attracted to the opposite sex, they look for a lot of positive attributes and compliment them.

It may be the way you talk, dress, carriage, or appearance.

If someone is interested in you, they’ll compliment a lot of things you didn’t even pay attention to that you have.

10. They Bring Up Events From Your Past(Positive)

When someone likes you, they’ll go the extra mile just to search for your track records.

They may even go back to digging out your old picture or doing a background check on how you lived.

This is because they are very interested in you and they are trying to feed themselves with every positive knowledge they can gather about you.

11. They Make Future Plans With You

This is another subtle sign that someone likes you.

They’ll begin to picture you in their future therefore they make plans with you consecutively.

You can as well see it in the use of their pronouns, when someone likes you, they’ll begin to use words like “us”, and “we” instead of “you” or “I”.

12. Their Body Language Is Open And Inviting

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

Another psychological sign that someone likes you is that it is evident in their body language.

Our body language speaks volumes of what we conceive in our hearts.

When someone is interested in you, then they lean when talking to you because it is a good way for them to feel comfortable.

They may even touch your arm or hold your hands while conversing with you.

So, if someone constantly touches your arm or holds your hands when having a conversation with you then that is a good sign that they like you.

13. They Take Interest In The Things That You Love

One of the psychological signs someone likes you is that they take interest in the things you love.

When you have a thing for someone you’ll want to get attracted to the things that they are attracted to as well.

So for instance, if you love to sing, they may want to sing along with you or register for that singing competition just so you both can be involved together.

14. They Are Very Careful With Their Word

The reason why someone who likes you will be careful with their word is because they won’t want to sound disrespectful or rude in front of you.

Also, because they don’t know the choice of word that triggers you they’ll choose their words carefully as much as they can.

15. They Get Nervous

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

You know that exact feeling when you see your crush, that’s the exact way someone feels when they like you.

As a matter of fact, they may begin to stutter or stumble on their words and actions.

This worsens once you notice them, they may even begin to have cold feet and hands.

16. They Smile At You A Lot

As much as people have the natural gift of smiling, you should know when someone is smiling at you because they are attracted to you.

When someone smiles at you all the time without smiling at other people as much as they do to you then they probably like you.

17. They Value Your Opinion

You may never be wrong in front of someone who is just getting to like you.

In fact, they’ll value every word and opinion that you give.

 There is a principle known as the psychology principle. This principle occurs when we’re meeting new friends.

That is, most people are likely to agree with your point of view because they want to get along and share in your hobbies and interests.

If such a person wants a romantic relationship with you, they are most likely to always value and accept your opinion.

18. They Give You Small Gifts

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

Gifts are a means of appreciation and a manner of sending signals to someone about our intention.

If they constantly give you small gifts without you doing anything for them in particular then they probably like you.

What To Do When You See The Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

Except you want to be untruthful to yourself, most time, when someone gives you undivided attention and shows you the signs that they like you then you definitely have a choice to make.

After noticing this, it’s left to you to decide if you like them back and are ready to reciprocate the energy they give you.

Depending on your choice and the personality of such a person, you can always make a choice that’s suitable for you.

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