Habits That Men Routinely Fall In Love With In Women

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It’s interesting to know that there are a lot of beautiful habits that men routinely fall in love with in women.

When a woman engages in these habits, it makes her man head over heels for her.

In this century, contemporary men want women who are loud about what they want, women who take the lead, are intellectually sound, passionate, and live their lives to the fullest.

As much as men are attracted to and moved by the physical attributes of a woman, there are certain attributes, habits, routines, and character that men love to see in the woman whom they will love the end up with.

In this article, we’ve highlighted ten habits that men routinely fall in love with in women.

Habits That Men Routinely Fall In Love With In Women

1. Great Sense Of Humour

habits that men routinely fall in love with in women

Humans are generally attracted to people with a great sense of humor irrespective of their sex.

Men love women who crack sarcastic jokes or laugh at their jokes.

This makes them always want to spend time with her the more because; every moment with such as woman is full of excitement and fun.

When a man sees that a woman has a great sense of humor, they presume that she will not take life too seriously as the case may be, thus they make her their comfortable solace.

2. A Woman With Self Confidence

Another habit that men love in a woman is a woman who carries herself with so much self-confidence and respect.

As a woman, if you want to win the heart of an amazing man then you must know what you want, be conscious of your body, and be self-aware as well.

There is a kind of positivity that a woman with self-confidence has, she doesn’t settle for less which is seen in her reaction and approach to life.

Men love women which eludes this.

He wants you to want him but not need him.

self-confident woman won’t act needy or clingy towards a man.

A man wants you to create a wall around yourself such that you find happiness and fulfillment in the things that you do with or without him.

And this is what self-confidence does, it gives you the courage to be an independent woman and embrace your feminity.

Doing this will instantly make you attractive to him.

3. Women Who Constantly Smile

Habits that men routinely fall in love with in women

Another habit that men routinely fall in love with in women is smiling.

A beautiful woman’s smile is a great charm to the soul.

There is no doubt about it, men love beautiful, heartfelt, and sparking smiles from a lady.

This heartfelt smile will go a long way in capturing the heart of your man.

As a matter of fact, it will do beyond what your makeup or beautiful dresses would do.

Wearing a big and happy smile as a lady makes you more attractive and shows that you carry an aura of self-confidence and positivity.

Moreover, studies have shown that humans are more attractive whenever they are putting on a smile.

So, if you’re seeking to catch the attention of a man, cultivate an intentional habit of smiling.

This doesn’t mean faking a smile whenever you see him, it won’t work that way.

 All it means is to make sure that you’re always smiling as much as you can.

Doing this will capture his heart.

4. Be Hospitable

Experience has shown that women are naturally more hospitable and caring while research has it that men are attracted to the loving and caring attribute in a female.

Men are attracted to women who show sincere care and concern about the things that happen in their lives.

And not just that, your level of hospitality and care can be seen through your actions and deeds.

Being caring or hospitable isn’t much of a big deal.

It could be as little as being his support system during his moments of ups and downs, listening to him, and allowing him to reveal the emotional part of himself to you.

Nevertheless, the act of hospitality goes beyond how you treat your man, it is evident in how you treat family and friends too.

Be polite to people, love them intentionally, and never seize to make yourself available when you can.

Once a man sees your caring attribute, he’ll begin to trust you with his emotions.

5. Be Intelligent

The intellectual capacity and comprehension of intelligent people is one factor that brings about attraction between the both of them.

The mental capacity of a lady is a trait men love to look out for.

Men love it when they can have an intellectual conversation with a woman and she grasps well, understands, and replies to intellectual conversations.

Let him see how intelligent you are, show him your interest, and talk about the things and people that excite you as well.

Explore various spheres of life that don’t relate to dating or romance, it could be in literature, politics, or other field of study, just show your vast knowledge of life.

Intelligent men are attracted to intelligent women and your level of mental comprehension cannot be hidden, it’ll definitely show in your conversation and expression of life events.

Once he sees that you’re vast in knowledge, he’ll fall for you.

6. Be Passionate About Your Life

Men love women who are passionate about their lives first.

As much as they are interested in a romantic relationship, they also believe that a woman cannot give what she doesn’t have and it starts by pursuing the things she’s passionate about.

It could be your job, career, interest or hobbies.

When a man sees that you have a life of your own, he’ll find reasons to love you.

So, if you want a man to fall in love with you, pay attention to the things that make you, tell him about your long and short-term goals, and let him see you chase them fiercely.

7. Maintaining Eye Contact

One of the most powerful things that breed intimacy between people is eye contact.

Nothing can beat the spark of an eye from a woman to her man.

And a man loves it when a woman maintains eye contact with him, this is not a means of flirting but rather, an invitation to build more intimacy with him.

If you’re seeking to draw the attention of your man to yourself practice the act of maintaining eye contact with him.

8. Taking The Lead

As much as a lot of men may want to take the lead in some actions as it concerns him and the woman, he also loves it when the woman takes the lead.

It could be starting up a conversation, bringing up a suggestion, or initiating new developments.

Being with a woman who is not shy to take the lead and initiate actions is a turn-on for men.

9. Being an equal

The archaic generation where a lot of men didn’t believe in equality has long passed away.

In our contemporary world, men love women who strive to play a positive equal part in society and wherever they find themselves.

This is because our modern society is about equality.

Trust me; a man is so much attracted to a woman who never diminishes herself because of her gender but rather strives for equality in whatever she does.

10. Have A Great Dress Sense

Every man loves a beautiful dress sense in a woman as this is one of the things that tops the game for him.

This is because our outfit speaks a language of their own and to a very large extent; it reveals the personality of the woman wearing it.

Knowing how to dress is one habit that men love to see in a woman.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be too colorful or buoyant.

It could be as simple as a causal outfit, light makeup, and a pretty hairdo.

When a man sees that you know how to look good and classy, he’ll definitely fall in love with you.


A lot of ladies may find it difficult to know the exact thing or habit to make a man fall in love with them.

Nevertheless, in this article, we’ve out-listed the few habits that men love to see in women, and if a woman can portray these, a man will fall in love with her.

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