14 Signs Of An Insecure Man And How To Deal With It

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If you’re in a relationship, It’s good to know the signs of an insecure man.

This way, you can avoid getting into an unhealthy relationship with someone who will only bring you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

Insecurity is the new way to show off one’s inability and fear.

It’s even worse in this age of social media where people show off their seemly perfect lives.

So it can be so difficult to remain self-confident and sufficient because insecurity may creep in.

And. a lot of people think that it’s only ladies that deal with insecurity but on a wider note, a lot of guys have security issues which in turn affect their relationship with their partner.

If you’re dating a guy who seems to show some of the signs of insecurity, you may see it as harmless but as time goes on harmless insecurity and jealousy can lead to controlling behaviors in a relationship.

Signs Of An Insecure Man

1. Controlling Behaviours

One of the major signs of an insecure man includes high elements of controlling behavior.

This may include trying to be in charge all the time in your life. And with time, you begin to see traces of;

Belittling your actions

Isolating you from your loved ones

Commanding who and who not should be in your life.

When your man constantly picks up arguments with you over petty issues then this is a great sign of controlling behaviors.

He may always want to win over an argument when you both have any form of misunderstanding as well.

2. He Hates When  You Talk About Other Guys

Healthy jealousy may not necessarily mean a bad thing in every relationship.

I mean, jealousy may come as the spark of love and affection towards the one you cherish.

Nevertheless, one sign of an insecure man is when he constantly gets jealous when you mention other guys around him.

He may feel that you can eventually pick up interest in them and dump him so he gets angry when you call the names of other guys in front of him.

3. He Stalks You On Social Media

An insecure boyfriend will always seek to stalk on you your social media.

This is because; he wants to know the entire thing happening in your digital world.

He may even begin to ask for your social media login with time.

If your man monitors each of your social media activity, the people that comment on your post, or, your new followers then there is definitely a problem.

4. He Constantly Asks For Your Validation

An insecure man needs constant validation from his partner.

Although, it is normal to enjoy validation from our partners because it makes us believe in ourselves more.

However, when your man frequently asks you to prove your love to him then it may really get tiring quickly.

5. He Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Past Relationships

Another sign of an insecure man is that he gets agitated when he is informed about your past relationships.

This is due to the fact that he believes that you still have a thing for your old lover(s) and you may leave him soon.

Here are some of the changes in behavior when you bring the issue of your ex up;

  • He complains
  • He shut down emotionally and seems uninterested in the conversation.
  • He bothers himself not to hear anything pertaining to your past relationship.
  • He asks you if your ex is better than him
  • He asks you if you still love your ex.

6. He Has No Friend

An insecure man sees who reasons for having friends around him.

And this isn’t just about the relationship but somewhat about his personality.

He may always want to hang out with you but when he seems not to have any friends around him then something may be wrong somewhere.

7. He Is Always Threatening To Break Up With You

An insecure man will always think that he’s doing you a favor by being in a relationship with you.

He does this just to feed his ego.

Whenever you have a disagreement with an insecure man he’ll always threaten to break up with you.

He wants you to always beg him to stay and that’s all because of his weak ego.

8. He Doesn’t Take Criticism

When a man is insecure, he’ll never accept that he is wrong nor will he want to take corrections or criticism.

So you wouldn’t even try to criticize him because when you do it seems like you’re hurting his entire being.

Although, men like this have no problem criticizing or correcting you, when you do, hell will be let loose.

9. He Seeks Constant Attention From You

As much as couples need to constantly run into each other by giving themselves attention,

An insecure man will always seek your attention and want you to be by his side whether or not it’s comfortable for you.

And when you’re both not together he needs you to tell him what you’re doing and where you are.

In the long run, this isn’t all about attention alone, it’s him trying to control you.

10. He Begs You Never To Leave Him

When a man is insecure then he doesn’t believes in himself therefore, he’ll do anything to make you remain in the relationship with him.

He feels that you’re the one that completes him therefore he’ll beg you never to leave him.

11. He Loves To Be The Alpha Male

An alpha male always feels the urge to show that he is the man.

He isn’t secure with himself and that’s why his always compensating himself with the fact that being masculine will mask all his insecurities.

12. He Is Highly Protective

There is protective and there’s overprotective.

This is one of the major red flags you’ll see in an insecure man; he tries to be overprotective of you.

He won’t let you do things alone because he’ll get worried that you’ll get hurt.

While this can be advantageous it has a lot of disadvantages as well.

13. He Tries To Change The Way You Look

He doesn’t like the way you look so he tries to manipulate you into what he feels is right.

So he tells you to change your hair, change the way your dress or the type of makeup you wear.

All this is a tactic for control.

14. He Always Wants You To Announce To Others That He’s With You

When a guy is insecure, he’ll want to show you off to everyone around him.

Although, it’s normal to show your loved one off to people around you but when he has to make a public announcement all the time about the fact that you both are together then it’s totally wrong.

He needs it to be on social media and he asks you to always post pictures of him.

Why does he do this? He is trying to claim territory and this is obviously one of the signs of an insecure man.

How To Deal With An Insecure Man

There are a few ways to deal with an insecure man and there are as follows.

  • Communicate with him about the things he does that you’re not comfortable with.
  • Try to also have a say in the relationship.
  • Don’t be with him only because you pity that he’ll be alone after you leave him.
  • Get a life of your own outside the relationship.
  • Help him to build his self-worth by encouraging him to embrace self-development.

Dealing with an insured man may not always be easy because a quite number of ladies may not be able to handle their excessiveness.

So if you notice any of these signs in your current boyfriend try to use these tips in changing him and if he still doesn’t then I’ll advise that you take heed from that relationship.

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