11 Hurting Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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Are you in love with a man who doesn’t love you back? You’re not alone.

It’s difficult to come to terms with but if he has lost interest in you and you have yet to acknowledge it, paying closer attention to the signs he doesn’t love you can help you move on.

He may still remain your best friend, or a great source of advice but no longer does he look at you as the woman of his dreams.

Have you picked up on the signs that he’s not showing love anymore?

There are mixed signals which he may be sending you. Knowing whether or not your man loves you is important in deciding if you should continue being with him and what next steps to take.

Anyone can fall in love but it requires two people who are willing to put in the time required.

How can you tell if he doesn’t love you anymore? I’ll tell you when it happens and how to deal with it.

1. He avoids spending time with you.

He used to spend the whole weekend with you playing video games and watching bad reality shows. Now, he lives in his own world, where you just come for the ride.

He avoids spending time with you, he doesn’t want to do the things you love together, and it hurts to see him go.

Not only is it a big relationship red flag but it’s also really unhealthy for you.

If your boyfriend avoids spending time with you it can cause self-esteem issues and lead you to question whether or not he really loves you.

2. He doesn’t touch you any longer

When your partner can’t hold hands with you any longer, it’s probably time to re-evaluate that relationship. He no longer wants to kiss, hug, or more… both in public and in private places.

Sometimes it’s normal for this show of affection to stop suddenly in case of disagreement…but a guy who loves you will quickly want to end this as soon as possible. To continue with the usual show of affection.

When there’s nothing of such and he suddenly stops, it’s one of the signs that he doesn’t you love anymore.

3 He doesn’t want to meet your family or friends.

Has your man started backing off when it comes to meetings your parents or your friends? It could be a sign that he still doesn’t want to take the relationship forward.

When you first started dating him, he was so keen to meet your parents and your friends. But recently he has been making excuses to not go out with you and see them.

He says it’s “too much stress!” And expects you to understand. This could be a sign that he doesn’t love you any more.

4. You feel lonely in the relationship even when he’s around.

Nothing is more terrifying & heartbreaking than finding out that the one you love no longer loves you.

We all know what it’s like to feel lonely. If you feel lonely in a relationship, despite your partner always being around, it doesn’t mean you’re really lonely — it means your partner’s lost interest in your relationship.

5. He’s working a lot more than normal and isn’t telling you what he’s doing.

If he’s keeping his work hours to himself, he may be doing a lot more than you know. He probably doesn’t tell you everything he is working on, and the days with perfect attendance and full focus suddenly disappear.

He starts to neglect you, takes his emotional detachment to a whole new level, and forms a busy schedule, it is time to take these warning signs seriously. It’s part of the signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

6. He makes jokes about breaking up or being single again

Whenever I see a guy make jokes about breaking up or being single again, it’s usually a sign he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

I believe this because if he didn’t want to break up at all or is thinking of breaking up, why would he fear breaking up?

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7. He doesn’t make plans for the future with you

When a man doesn’t make plans for the future with you, that’s a big sign. It means that he has never been in love.

When a man doesn’t make plans with you it means that he doesn’t care about you enough to put in the thought and dedication to have a good relationship with you.

And when he doesn’t make plans with you, it means he’s either dating someone else or there are other things worse than lost love, like cheating or infidelity.

Either way, there are other things worse than not having a successful relationship with a man & he probably has no emotional connection with you if he’s never made any plans for the future.

8. He’s not affectionate or loving

There are lots of reasons why a guy might not show you the affection and love you deserve but I have noticed that one of the obvious signs is that he doesn’t love you anymore.

When a guy says he loves you, but he’s not showing it, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

9. He does things that could hurt your relationship.

The signs he doesn’t love you anymore are actually more subtle than we think.

While, there might be obvious signs that your relationship might not last, such as, neglecting to hold your hands and pay attention to you in public.

Or maybe he’s been the distant one – the truth could be that he has been doing things behind your back which could hurt your relationship if it hasn’t already.

10. Nothing you do makes him happy anymore

If a guy loves you, then he can love all of the parts of you, even the parts that make him crazy.

He could love your quirks, your stubbornness, and what makes you laugh just as much as he loves the high you get from yoga every Thursday night.

But now there’s nothing you would do that makes him happy anymore. From your crappy cooking and cleaning to your inability to find a decent job, there is just nothing that makes him happy anymore.

11. Your fighting has become much more frequent

Everything you do seems to irritate him right now. Not even your efforts (and attempts here) to stay positive and in a good mood about things can help much.

You have committed no offense, you have tried to be receptive and patient, but all that is not enough anymore.

When your fighting has become more frequent, it is generally easier to end the relationship.

Although it is seldom the best thing to do, there comes a time in every relationship when you just have to take the hard stand and make a stand.

How to deal with it If he doesn’t love you anymore

It’s hard to cope with a broken heart, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You’ve just got to find some things worth smiling about and take control of your situation.

If you think he doesn’t love you anymore, then figure out why. Try every single thing you can think of to reconnect with him.

You can write emails and letters, cry your eyes out if you’re still so much in love with him. It could also be a heart-to-heart conversation.

But if you feel nothing is working, you just know that there is life after any breakup. The only thing left is to move on, find something doing that brings you joy and happiness.

Honestly staying in a loveless relationship does not worth it and can mar you for the rest of your life.

Do you think they’re more signs to watch out for? Feel free to add them in the comment section.

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