12 Signs That Your Ex Never Loved You

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There are various signs that your ex never loved you while you both were still in a relationship.

After a breakup, there is always a feeling of reflection over what may have caused the breakup and what led to the dissolution of the relationship that you just ended.

In asking yourself about what necessitated the cause of the breakup, you’ll begin to reflect on how the relationship started and what you invested in it as well

Love is always meant to be reciprocal, that is, there is supposed to be a mutual level of energy when it comes to the commitment that both parties put into it.

Sometimes, the cause was a result of your ex not reciprocating the love which you gave them in the relationship.

But how do you even know if they didn’t at all love you all through the course of the relationship or if there was a point when they fell out of love.

In this article, you’ll see the few signs that your ex portrayed that visibly showed that they didn’t love you even if you weren’t sensitive enough to notice it.

Signs That Your Ex Never Loved You.

1. They Never Tried To Reach Out To You After The Breakup

signs that your ex never loved you

Reaching out to your partner after a break-up may come with so many advantages and disadvantages.

If your partner didn’t for any single time reach back to you after you both parted ways then you probably were the one playing the entire love card in the relationship and they never really loved you.

Reaching out may not necessarily mean trying to pathway back as breaking up with someone doesn’t automatically turn them into your enemies.

So, if your ex didn’t reach to still at least remain friends after the breakup then they probably didn’t love you.

Also, if your ex acted nonchalant after the breakup maybe they never really loved you when you were together.

Because if they did, they should show an iota of closure towards you even after the breakup.

Reaching out to your ex after a breakup doesn’t mean you want things to be as there were before, it’s only a show of concern about them and how much you still value the friendship you both once shared.

2. They Didn’t Say I Love You Constantly In The Relationship

signs that your ex never loved you

One major thing that fuels a relationship is the affirmation of words that you love them.

If your ex didn’t continually say that they love you then they didn’t love you.

How do they say I love you, is there a sign of true love and affection in their words or do they just say it to validate their feelings.

If your partner truly loves you then they shouldn’t be shy to always confess it to you,

If your ex truly loved you then saying I love you shouldn’t be far from their mouth. They should reflect on how much they love you by always telling you so.

3. They Didn’t Believe In You.

signs that your ex never loved you

Becoming the best version of yourself in a relationship is beautiful when you are with someone who believes in your dream.

Not only should they believe in it but they should as well cheer you up in attaining whatever you want in becoming the best.

If all your ex did during the relationship was to look down on what you believed in, on your dreams and aspirations then they didn’t at all love you.

Loving someone will require that you stand as a support system.

4. They Don’t Consider Your Feeling

Being in love with someone who doesn’t consider, value, or respect your feelings can be as difficult as you ever think.

In a relationship, there should be mutual care, respect, and value for the feelings of each other.

If your ex, didn’t consider your feelings while you both were in a relationship then he didn’t love you and you should be happy that you both are no longer together.

Signs that your ex didn’t respect your feelings

  • They don’t respect you in public
  • They don’t acknowledge your texts or call
  • They compare you with their ex
  • They get emotionally attracted to someone else even while were dating.
  • They constantly lied to you.

If your ex played all these parts to you, then trust me they never respected your feelings at all.

5. They Didn’t Put Effort To See That The Relationship Work

Supposing you’re the only one always making a constant effort to see that the relationship worked out then your ex didn’t love you and they are just making fun of the relationship.

 Every successful relationship happens as a result of two intentional people who give all its takes to see growth.

If the actions come only from you then this is a major sign that your ex never loved you at all.

Because, if they truly loved you, they will be committed to seeing that everything worked out in the relationship.

And if things didn’t turn out to be the way it was planned, it’s because of natural circumstances and not because of their negligence.

If your ex didn’t show interest in making the relationship work despite all your effort then they didn’t love you during the course while you were together.

One sign that your ex loved you is that they were eager to know more about you, your likes, and your dislikes.

Your stand in the relationship as well. If your ex was never interested in certain issues that made the relationship work out, then they never truly loved you.

6. They Constantly Cheated On You

There is no other sign to justify that your ex never loved you if they cheated on you.

When you cheat on someone, it is a sign of disrespect and dishonor.

So if your ex made it a norm to cheat on you with various other people then they didn’t love you at all.

One other way to know if they love you is their reaction after cheating.

Although, no form of cheating is justifiable, but if they felt remorseful after doing it and apologized then we accept it as a mistake never to be done again.

But, if they didn’t apologize or went back to cheating on you then you need no other sign to know that they don’t love you and respect your feeling towards them.

7. They Never Wanted To Compromise

Sometimes, if you are in love with someone, you may have to compromise on some things.

It necessarily may not be your values or belief but probably some habits that you put on and the other partner isn’t comfortable with.

Compromising sometimes is a form of sacrifice. If they were always comfortable with not comprising anything at all then they probably didn’t love you at all.

8. They Never Listened To You Or Respected Your Decisions

signs that your ex never loved you

There are various signs to reveal to you that your ex never loved you all through the relationship. One of them is that they never listened to you or respected your decisions.

You’ll always listen to someone whom you love.

To listen means to pay total attention whenever you’re communicating with them, to understand and remember what you told them as well.

And even if whatever they told you was wrong, there is definitely a way to talk done on them.

If your ex loved you enough, they will always listen to what you have to say and they’ll respect and support your decision as well.

Respect is one foundation that helps every relationship.

But if your ex always single-handedly took decisions without informing you then they didn’t love you.

Although, you may never always come up with the best decisions, but telling you about it is a sign that they loved you.

If they were never interested in your opinions then they don’t love you.

9. They Don’t Respect Your Value System

Being with someone who doesn’t respect your value system is a major sign that they don’t love you.

During the cause of your relationship, they never respected your value system.

In a relationship, it is possible to be in love with someone with whom your value system doesn’t align.

But one way to know if the person loves you is that irrespective of the fact that they love you or not, they never talked down on what you believed in or try to make you compromise them at any point in time.

10. He Didn’t Talk About You To His Family And Friend

signs that your ex never loved you

If your partner loves you, then they won’t be shy to speak about you to their friends or family.

As a matter of fact, they will always make mention of your name at every point in time when they are with them.

But if your ex never did any of this then they probably never even loved you.

11. They never made you feel special

signs that your ex never loved you

Anyone who loves you will in their little way always try to make you feel loved and special.

If your ex never made you feel special then they never loved you in the first place.

They definitely don’t need to break the bank to make you look special as they can always surprise you and make you feel special in a little way.

Ways your ex didn’t make you feel special.

  • They didn’t communicate the exact way they felt about you.
  • They didn’t get you a gift occasionally
  • They didn’t make you feel loved and special on your big day.
  • They didn’t respect your family and friends

If your ex did any of these to you then they never truly loved you and you should be happy because they didn’t know your worth.

12. They Constantly Lied To You.

Lying to you is one of the greatest signs that your ex never loved you.

When you are in love with someone who wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings you wouldn’t lie to them. If there were always lying to you concerning themselves or events around them then this is one of the signs that your ex never loved you

If they loved you, then they will be real to you.

They also won’t be shy concerning certain things around them.


After a breakup, knowing if you or your partner was wrong is a form of consolation.

Although, sometimes, after the breakup, you’ll discover that you were only dating yourself and that your ex was never in love with you at all.

I hope you’ve been able to see the major signs that your ex never loved you.

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