12 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

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Signs may not always come in physical or emotional ways, sometimes; you’ll begin to see the spiritual sign that your ex misses you.

It may be impossible not to miss your ex after a breakup if you had loved them during the course of the relationship.

This is someone with whom you spent quiet time; with whom you’ve built intimacy and whom you loved.

So, you’ll definitely miss them, and sometimes, this can be vice versa as well, that is, your ex may be missing you as you miss them too.

But how do you decipher that your ex misses you?

You may not always see the physical signs but there are some psychic signs that will reveal to you that they miss you.

Why do you think they keep popping out every time you go out or do you find out that they’ve been keeping an eye on you on social media?

Here are some spiritual signs that your ex misses you

Spiritual Signs That Your Ex Misses You

1. They Reach Out When You Think Of Them

This is a great spiritual sign that your Ex misses you. If you always come across your ex whenever you think of them then they sure miss you.

 It may come in a form of having a random thought of what you both have done together or remembering the memories that you had only for them to reach out some moments later.

They reach out to you either by call or text or they decide to come to check up on you, this is a sign that your ex misses you.

2. You Dream About Them And They Dream About You Too

Our dreams are a strong spiritual signal to whatever we are going through or whatever activities that revolve in our lives.

If you’re always seeing your ex in a dream even after a break up then this is a strong sign that they really miss you.

On the part of the dream, it may be the case that, they’ve been thinking about you all day and you get the spiritual signal almost immediately that they are thinking of you and they miss you also.

3. You Think Of The Time Spent Together

If you find yourself always ruminating on the time that you both spent together or you’re always coming across your memories together then this is a sign that they miss you.

You may even begin to smile as you remember the memories that you both have spent together.

This is a great sign that your ex misses you so much.

4. You Get The Sensational Sign

The sensational sign is when you can perceive the cologne or natural smell of your ex even when you know that they are not within reach at all.

 This may just be the sign you need to see that your ex misses you so much.

5. You Feel Like They Are Next To You

Spiritual Sign That Your Ex Misses You

If you always feel that your ex is next to you then this is a great spiritual sign that your ex misses you.

For instance, you just begin to feel that they are sited next to you or you begin to notice their presence around you even with the fact that they are not anywhere close to you.

This is a great impulse that your ex misses you.

6. Your Intuition Strongly Suggest That They Miss You

You can always tell that your ex misses you if your intuition tells you so.

That is, you feel a strong feeling or sensation that they miss you and you suggest that they truly want to see you at a particular time.

Whenever you feel this way it may be that your ex is thinking of you and misses you.

7. The Chemistry Is Still There

If you still feel the love and chemistry that you felt for your partner while still dating even after breaking up.

Then this one sign that they are probably still thinking of you and they definitely miss you at that moment.

It may be quite easy for you to move on after a breakup especially if you had no intense love and feeling for the person during the relationship.

But somehow, you find out that the same chemistry you had for them while dating remains intact even after your break up.

They might just be missing you.

8. You Keep Hearing Their Name Constantly

Spiritual Sign That Your Ex Misses You

If you always hear your ex’s name out of nowhere then it’s one great sign that they miss you.

It may be just in the coffee shop, your office, while watching a movie, or even at an event.

All of a sudden, your ear begins the echo of your ex’s name this means that you both are connected on the same level and your ex is missing you.

9. They May Still Find Your Stuff Around Them

Spiritual Sign That Your Ex Misses You

This is considered one of the greatest signs that your ex misses you.

If they call you out of the blue one day only to tell you that they found some of your stuff in their house then trust me, they really miss you.

This is because; you still have a large part in their heart.

10. You Begin To Hear Your Ex Favourite Song

If you begin to hear your ex’s favorite song wherever you go then this is a medium of the universe telling you that your ex misses you so much.

11. You Can’t Get Them Off Your Mind

Spiritual Sign That Your Ex Misses You

If you find yourself constantly thinking about your ex even after a breakup, this may be a sign that they also have you in mind and that they have been thinking about you.

You may find your mind wandering over your ex or the memories you shared together, it may just be the perfect time for you to move on regardless.

12. You May Experience Mood Swing

Spiritual Sign That Your Ex Misses You

There might be a spiritual connection between you and your ex whenever you’re experiencing a mood swing.

It is said that when two people are connected they become attached physically and at the same time share the same emotions too.

If the cause of your mood swing is attached to your ex or anything surrounding them at all then this may be the perfect sign you need to see that indeed, your ex misses you.


Knowing if your ex misses you or not can be judged in a spiritual way. That is, you could tell if they miss you by some spiritual signs.

Regardless of the fact that they miss you or not, you’ll have to choose either to give them the same energy they give to you by reaching out to them.

Or, accept that all is indeed over.

spiritual signs your ex misses you

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