10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

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There are a lot of signs that your boyfriend is gradually losing interest in you.

If your relationship has been quite shaky then you must have seen a quite number of subtle signs.

Maybe your boyfriend no longer shows the enthusiasm, concern, and love that he showered you with before.

This may just be a sign that he is gradually getting bored of you or the relationship.

Nevertheless, you might just be overthinking because some circumstances and situation may warrant why you think he’s losing interest in you.

And that is why you should talk to him and express your concerns and insecurities to him.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

1. You’re Not Spending Time Together Again

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

If your boyfriend is gradually beginning to lose interest in you, one of the very sure signs is that he is trying to reduce the time he spends with you.

This is because; he doesn’t enjoy or value your company like the way he used to.

Now you’re the one always making date plans, planning dinner night, or a time to just catch up with each other.

If he always claims to be busy and he can’t make time out for you then you should be cautious.

Nevertheless, be sure that his excuses are genuine but if they claim not to be then he might just be losing interest in you.

2. He Is Not Romantic With You Anymore

One of the sure spice of every relationship is romance.

If romance is missing then this might just be a sign that he is no longer as excited about you or the relationship like the way he used at the start.

Does he still make the same effort he made at the beginning to make you smile.

Does he use beautiful and romantic words, and try to come up with something special just for you?

If you observe all these changes then you might need to inquire from him why he suddenly changed.

If the kisses, hugs, and warm attention he gives you have become a past experience then you should be careful to be sure that he hasn’t lost interest in you.

3. He Ignores Questions About The Relationship

If he always avoids questions about where the relationship is heading, the next plan to take or how you both can become official then this might just be a sign.

He might begin to put a slow pause on the relationship by acting in a manner that he doesn’t care.

 This is a result of him losing interest in you.

4. He Starts Ignoring Your Calls And Text

He used to respond to your calls and text instantly but now, he ignores them and doesn’t bother to call back when he sees it.

Except you truly know why he is constantly unavailable you may want to pick this as one of the signs.

Being busy is one thing and if your partner constantly lags at responding or picking your calls and text then it could point that he is losing interest.

Moreover, a busy schedule shouldn’t stop him from checking up and responding to calls or texts.

If he is intentional about being committed to that relationship he will do all of that.

5. There Is Lack Of Argument Or Too Much Of Argument

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

Needless to say that when there is too much argument in a relationship it is not a good sign because.

When he begins to pick at the slimy little things that seem insignificant and turns them into a big deal, you should question his actions.

Having little arguments in a relationship is one sure sign that you both have a healthy relationship.

But sometimes, too much of it doesn’t send a good signal.

When confrontations and arguments, become a normal thing in your relationship then something is wrong somewhere.

Perhaps your presence and action now irritate him such that he’ll pick up an argument at the slightest provocation.

With that being said, sometimes, when they are no argument at all, you should be sensitive as well.

When your partner doesn’t put up energy to negate your opinions and ideas even when they are obviously not fine with it then this might just be a sign that he has lost interest in the relationship.

6. He No Longer Make Effort With Your Friend And Family

One obvious sign of a healthy relationship is that your partner has a special bond with your family and friends.

But when he begins to lack the will to socialise with them as he used to before then this could into that he is losing interest in the relationship.

When a guy begins to lose interest in you, he’ll most likely draw his attention away from people who matter to you because he doesn’t want any form of commitment again.

7. You’re No Longer His Priority

One of the signs that your boyfriend is losing interest in you is that you no longer become his priority.

Every guy who is truly in love with his girl makes her his priority.

This can be seen in the way he cares for her, and attends to her needs and wants.

But if you’re no longer important to him he will not put you on his priority list.

He may have stopped giving you the attention and care you need as he used to.

We all need some sort of closure and intimacy with our partners.

And as a lady, if you cannot achieve that, it will be nice to evaluate your relationship so that you don’t remain where you’re no longer valued.

Regardless of the reasons why he is losing interest in the relationship, the signs will prove it.

8. He Is Being Rude To You

For a man to begin to act rude to you even when you both are clearly still in a relationship is a sign that he no longer loves values or respects you.

If he begins to shout or yell at you for no tangible reason or begins to use mean words then you don’t need to be told that something is wrong somewhere.

Kindness is one feature of a good partner but when your boyfriend violates this law then he might just be losing interest in you.

You can try speaking to him about it to be sure of why he suddenly began to act in such a way.

 But if he doesn’t have a tangible reason it will be best to save yourself from the rest of the emotional trauma

9. He Doesn’t Pay Attention Any Longer

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

Intentional boyfriends tend to pay attention to the little things around their partner.

They know when you’re not alright, when you get a new hairdo, new dress or even a change in your physical appearance.

However, failure to notice all the changes by your partner for a long period may mean that he is losing interest.

A guy may not really be observant of small changes but if he constantly doesn’t notice a change in you for a long period then he might have lost interest.

Who knows, he may intentionally not acknowledge the change in order to make his lack of interest obviously known to you.

1o. He Doesn’t Ask Questions Again

Being inquisitive about the well-being and welfare of your partner is one sign of a good relationship.

 When your partner is committed they will always seek to know what revolves around you by asking you questions that will reveal more to him about you.

What To Do When You Notice These Signs

There are a lot of reasons and signs why your boyfriend might be losing interest in you.

The best thing to do in a moment like this is to know not just the ‘cause’ but the ‘why’ as well.

Knowing the reason behind the sudden change will give you an idea of the next step to take.

 If he is tired of the relationship then he should let you know.

And it may be that you both need to sit down to strategize on how to rekindle the love and interest once again because it’s absolutely normal to sometimes feel bored or uninterested in a relationship.

Whichever way, make sure you’re staying in a relationship where you’re loved, cherished, and valued.

You shouldn’t settle for less.

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