What Causes A Woman Not to Have Feelings

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Various experiences cause a woman not to have feelings.

Love can sometimes be a complex emotion to face.

Beyond the feeling of infatuation, crush, or mere attraction, growing romantic feelings for someone requires that a lot of emotions be put in place.

Various factors trigger emotion in humans, and sometimes, these factors may not make the emotion visible to others around us.

If you are such type of a woman or you know a woman who finds it difficult to cultivate feelings, especially towards the opposite sex you must understand that it is absolutely normal to feel like this.

Some women have grown tough skin about love, emotions, and feelings.

While some have psychological, physical, and mental reasons others are just a result of their background, past experiences, or their worldview generally.

Shutting down on love, feelings, and romantic emotions as a woman sometimes may not be intentional.

Below are some of the likely reasons why a woman has difficulty in having feelings.

What Causes A Woman Not To Have Feelings?

1. Fear Of Intimacy

One of the most profound reasons why a woman may encounter difficulty when it comes to growing emotions or developing feelings is because she is scared of being intimate.

As humans, being intimate may take a huge toll on our emotions such that we not only become vulnerable to those we have feelings for but also create a soft spot for them in our hearts.

Not every woman is ready for this.

She might be scared of letting her guard down when she becomes intimate with the opposite sex.

Trust me, intimacy goes beyond sex, it is a feeling of total surrender, trust, and vulnerability to whomsoever you choose to be intimate with.

2. Low Self Worth

If a woman doesn’t believe so much in herself she may find it difficult to loosen herself up to be loved.

This is where the power of self-love and high self-esteem comes in.

Low self-esteem may come as a thought of not feeling up to standard, feeling ugly, or below expectations.

Do you often ask yourself if you truly deserve to be loved or have a feeling for?

Apparently, when she struggles with understanding her identity and her feminine value then, she’ll definitely be scared of falling in love.

Meanwhile, a woman with a rigid mind about who she is may not really struggle with falling in love

3. Dependency

Another thing that causes a woman not to have feelings is dependency.

When a woman is dependent on another person to survive she may find it quite difficult to develop feelings for the opposite sex.

Dependency does not mean that she has the feeling of not being able to manage life by herself or do the right things she wants to do.

It only means that she has to subject her thoughts, emotions, and feelings to whomever she is subjected to.

4. Abandonment Issues

If a woman has suffered from abandonment from the opposite sex either while she was young or in recent times then she might struggle with developing feelings once again.

This abandonment might have come as a result of her family issues like divorce, lack of parental care, or societal negligence.

And for this case, it becomes difficult for her to trust others which in turn means that she may find it difficult to love.

5. Childhood Abuse

Childhood abuse and trauma can take a big toll on the life of a woman.

It could either be physical, sexual, or, psychological.

 For this reason, her choices may harden her heart from any form of attachment or feelings because of what she faced in the past.

When a woman suffers from childhood abuse, it has a way of reflecting in her judgment especially if the abuse came from the opposite sex.

Sometimes, she doesn’t necessarily have to be the receiver.

But if she’s close enough to someone who was a victim of the abuser, it could as well tougher her heart towards developing feelings.

6. Additive Behaviour

What Causes A Woman Not to Have Feelings

Addictive behavior necessarily doesn’t have to be unhealthy habits or behavior.

Sometimes, it could result from overzealousness or her love for certain things.

A woman may find it difficult to develop feelings if she places too much focus on work and career.

With this, she may not have time for other activities revolving around her.

Sometimes, it may not be work; it might be something like exercise or overacting to issues.

Her addiction to other things may create no room for her to explore the aspect of love and feelings.

8. Perfectionism

Sometimes the act of perfectionism causes a woman not to have feelings.

This is because she probably has been waiting for the best partner and match.

So, when it doesn’t seem forthcoming she might eventually decide to give up on love.

This is totally different from having standards and values that she looks up to in any potential partner.

But it becomes a thing when her perfectionism is used to hide her fear of intimacy or low self-esteem.

She might just be waiting for the perfect person for her.

But, in reality there is definitely no perfect person,

9. Traumatic And Unhealthy Past Relationship

If a woman has been in a past relationship that was quite hurtful or traumatic, it may take a long time for her to heal.

Sometimes, even after healing, she toughs her heart not to loosen up.

She finds it difficult to develop feelings with the opposite sex all because of what she went through in her previous relationship.

10. She Doesn’t Feel The Need To Go Into A Relationship

Another reason why a woman may not have feelings is because she doesn’t see the need for a long-term commitment.

She also does not see the need to be emotionally attracted to someone else.

She just might be busy with other areas of her life so she doesn’t care about a romantic relationship for that period.

Sometimes, she may have started a relationship before she feels the need not to have one then she begins to struggle with maintaining her feelings with her partner.

The best resort is to eventually end the relationship and focus on other things.

11. Her Needs Were Not Being Met In Her Previous Relationship

If a woman’s needs are not being met in her relationship, she might not develop feelings for her partner.

Although, she may have felt romantic emotions for him previously due to one action or her feelings for him gradually waxed cold.

It may be as a result is constant disagreement, low physical intimacy, financial or physical challenges or her partner being emotionally and mentally overwhelming.

All these factors and more may be the reason why she gradually or suddenly lost interest in the relationship and stopped having feelings

12. She Hasn’t Met Her Match Yet

One of the things that cause a woman not to have feelings maybe because she is yet to meet someone who matches her standards.

Her match may be in terms of value, standard, or even belief system

So, she absolutely finds it impossible to develop feelings for any guy coming around her that doesn’t have such qualities.

Wrapping Up

Feeling unable to connect with the opposite sex or struggling to have feelings may sometimes be strenuous.

Although, understanding that there are various reasons for this can justify your action.

Nevertheless, a woman must be, mindful in other to know where to draw the line.

Because being in love or feeling attracted to someone is a beautiful thing every woman should experience.

But, if there are a lot of hindrances and limitations preventing a woman from having feelings then it will be best if she either seeks professional help or opt for therapy.

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