Signs Your Husband Has No Respect For Your Feelings

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Mutual respect and regard between couples is one of the major attributes that makes every marriage work.

It’s expected that every couple respects the feelings they have towards each other which should be reciprocated as well.

When a man is in love with a woman, he won’t hide it because the nature of love is expressive.

He’s going to be all over her, caring for every bit of her emotional and physical needs but when the reverse becomes the case then it’s something you need to watch out for as the wife.

When a man begins to care less about the needs of his wife, especially her emotional needs, and intentionally hurts her, then something is wrong.

In case you are not sure of the signs to watch out for, these are the obvious signs that your husband has no respect for your feelings.

Signs Your Husband Has No Respect For Your Feelings

1. He Degrades You In Public

A supportive and loving husband is crucial for every wife’s well-being.

But, it is hurtful and demeaning when your spouse whom you love so much rather than exalt and speak well about you in public degrades you in the open.

When this happens, it shows he doesn’t respect your feelings.

If a man constantly talks to you disrespectfully in front of friends, family, or people who don’t know the both of you, that’s a sign that he doesn’t respect you.

You do not wash in public the dirty linen of someone you love rather; you wait for a suitable time to sort out any form of differences with them.

A man who respects your feelings will always say and do things that’ll make you happy and not things that’ll hurt your emotions.

2. He Doesn’t Care About Your Ideas.

Signs Your Husband Has No Respect For Your Feelings

 When your husband interrupts you regularly when you’re sharing a thought of yours, ignores you, doesn’t respond at all when you’re talking, or does not agree with something you say at all times then you need to watch out.

Every husband must understand this fact because when he does, he won’t force his own beliefs and ideas on you or see all of your ideas as invaluable.

A man who loves you would always want to listen to you and value your opinions.

3. He Doesn’t Answer Messages Or Calls

He does not respect your feelings when he sees your messages and calls but ignores them intentionally.

He cares less about what could be wrong with you; he just won’t pick up your calls and messages or return them.

When a man has no respect for you, it will be difficult to reach him via calls and messages. 

Indeed, sometimes we don’t feel like speaking with anyone, picking up anyone’s calls, or responding to anyone’s messages but when your husband cares about feelings, he won’t mind how he feels but attends to you because love is intentional and sacrificial.

4. He Treats Meet-Ups With Levity

It becomes obvious that he doesn’t respect you when he begins to disregard your meet-ups.

When you both plan to go on a date but he doesn’t show up without an excuse or permission from you and to make matters worse, he doesn’t feel bad about what he did and apologizes.

 If he does this regularly then it’s a clear fact that he doesn’t respect you.

A man that respects your feelings will never do that.

He’d rather treat every meet-up with honor and if something came up, he’d always let you know what came and feel remorseful for the change in plan and then apologize for it.

5. He Makes Unpleasant Comments About You

Word of affirmation in marriage is one of the acts that make it all loving and enjoyable.

Although not all wives may have a word of affirmation as their major love language nevertheless, when a man truly loves and respects you, he won’t be stingy with kind words.

But if he talks down on you or the things that matter to you then something is wrong somewhere.

6. He Makes Unpleasant Comments About Your Loved Ones

One of the signs that your husband loves and respects you is that he extends that love, honor, and respect to your family and loved ones.

However, when your husband constantly and intentionally speaks ill of those you love so much, this shows that he doesn’t respect your feelings.

If he does this unapologetically to those that you love that means he doesn’t respect you and he doesn’t respect the important people in your life.

 A man that loves and respects you will never do that!

7. He Lies To Your Face And Cheats Regularly

Signs Your Husband Has No Respect For Your Feelings

If you have a partner who constantly cheats and lies to your face even when the truth is all clear then he does not care about how you feel.

As much as a lot of people will agree that men are naturally polygamous in nature, that is, all men have the tendency to cheat.

This may be far from the truth because every husband that loves and regards his wife will not share his heart with every dick and Harry that he comes across.

Additionally, when you see a cheating man, lies become his constant habit because he’ll have to cover up his cheating nature.

8. He Frequently Compares You With Others

One of the glaring signs that your husband has no respect for your feelings is that begins to compare you with others.

A man who values you, who is not blind to your worth, your uniqueness, what you represent, and the value you possess will never compare you with others.

One of the glaring signs he doesn’t respect your feelings is when he compares you to other women, especially his ex. 

When your husband does this to you frequently, it automatically shows that you are one out of many options in his life and it costs him nothing to replace you at any time.

9. He Doesn’t Celebrate Your Uniqueness And Accomplishments

Signs Your Husband Has No Respect For Your Feelings

When your husband does not feel good about your accomplishments and celebrates you, he does not respect your feelings in any way.

If he loves and respects you, he’ll be very proud to share your accomplishments with everyone around him.

If you begin to notice that your husband acts differently from this, and gives you a cold face or response when you share all of these things with him, then he doesn’t respect you.

10. He Tells His Friends Negative Things About You

Speaking ill about you to your face is enough to make you hurt not to talk of painting you bad in front of others.

This act will make you feel more ashamed and less valuable in the sight of his friends

A man who loves you won’t say negative things about you to his friends he’ll rather say things that’ll make them place you high in their hearts.

11. He Doesn’t Recognize You Around Others

If your partner treats you like an absolute stranger in public then he doesn’t respect your feelings.

A man who loves you will make the world know, appreciate, and value you no matter the occasion.


Mutual respect is key in every relationship and that’s why respect must be reciprocated at all times in your marriage.

But sometimes, you may not know if your husband gives you all the respect that you deserve and desire as his wife.

And that’s why we’ve highlighted the signs that your husband doesn’t respect you in this article.

After reading this, if you see the clear signs that your husband has no respect for your feelings then it is time to take action by speaking to him about it.

After doing this, his reaction should give you a highlight of what to do next.

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