14 Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

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When you begin to see the signs that your husband secretly resents you then you should be quick to take action to make your marriage retain its beauty.

Relationships are meant to be enjoyable but when resentment sets in, the relationship begins to crash.

Resentment is a deadly tool in every marriage. It is like a slow poison, killing every well-functioning aspect of the marriage.

Sometimes when resentment sets in, the two partners might not be fully aware that they resent each other maybe because of a lack of forgiveness towards a past event.

When partners are resentful toward each other, such marriage might not be able to produce positive results. Partners are meant to be best of friends towards each other.

But, resentment makes them bitter towards each other thus, making their marriage a living hell.

It is better we know the signs so when it sets in, it can be trashed out. Your husband has been acting somehow recently and you’re not sure if it’s resentment, below are the signs that your husband secretly resents you:

Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

1. He Blames You For Everything

Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

When a man secretly resents you, he begins to find faults in all that you do.

Whether you are right or wrong, he pushes all of the blame on you.

This shows that he resents you, so that will make him automatically get irritated by all that you do too.

When things go wrong, even if he’s at fault, he blames you for it. And if you try to do well, he’ll accuse you of something.

Even if you go the extra mile to please him, he’ll still find fault in it and make you feel guilty for your actions.

This is an obvious sign that he resents you.

2. He Doesn’t Want You Around Him

 When he begins to feel uncomfortable by your company then you need to watch out.

A man who resents you will resent your presence and won’t want you around.

He just wants you to be far away from him. Your absence in the home delights him greatly.

When he is in the company of other people, having conversations with them, he cheers up giving out his best smile but once you step into the conversation, his mood changes because he doesn’t want you around.

 If he constantly puts up with these actions, he secretly resents you.

3. He Doesn’t Want You Around His Family

A man who resents you would not want you around him and not just that, but, he wants you to be around those who matter to him as well.

When you resent your partner, you try to detach them from everyone close to you because seeing them around your circle makes you feel insecure.

If your husband refuses to allow you to move close to his family, inner circle, or loved ones, then that could mean that he resents you.

4. He Questions All You Do

Resenting your spouse reflects when you do not agree with anything they do.

You suspect every of their actions and feel insecure when they make decisions thereby questioning every single thing they don’t.

If your husband constantly questions everything you do, every action you take then this means he doesn’t trust you.

He may be doing all these just to make sure that you don’t do anything at his back.

Even with the fact that he won’t see anything good in what you’re doing after you’ve been accountable to him, nevertheless, he still wants to be aware of every one of your actions and moves.

5. He Criticizes You

One of the strong signs that your husband resents you is that he criticizes you.

He always has a negative judgment about how you speak, walk, think, dress, etc.

Even if you don’t do a thing that’ll warrant criticism, he’ll always find criticism in it.

A man who resents you will criticize every good thing about you. Watch out for the sign!

6. He Brings Up Old Issues

There are issues of the past that if not well dealt with may result in resentment in the relationship later.

If your husband brings up old issues, it could be because he’s still hurt and holding onto issues from the past.

This kind of resentment is very dangerous and harmful to a marriage because it prevents both partners from enjoying the relationship, moving on with life, and enjoying their future together.

7. He Never Admits He’s Wrong

When he hurts you and does not admit that he’s wrong this may be a sign of resentfulness.

He will never feel sober and apologize for something wrong or hurtful he did or said to you.

Even if it appears obvious to everyone that he’s at fault, with so much evidence, he’ll still not admit that he’s wrong even if that apology will make things better in the relationship.

8. Lack Of Intimacy And Affection

Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

Lack of intimacy and affection is one of the obvious signs that your husband resents you.

Resentment is a killer of intimacy and affection.

Every glomming marriage where both parties are deeply in love with each other won’t lack any form of physical or emotional intimacy.

But when your husband secretly resents you, he seizes to make advances towards you and when you try to make advances to him, he shuns you off immediately.

If you notice that there is no more intimacy between you two like before and his affection towards you has reduced, then that may likely mean he secretly resents you.

9. He Doesn’t Want To Have A Conversation With You

When someone resents you, the person will not be able to put up with having a conversation with you.

This is because; your presence or opinion irritates him so he’ll do anything possible just to make sure that he avoids every form of conversation with you.

If your husband doesn’t always want to have a conversation with you, he sulks and refuses to talk, he even ignores your texts and calls then this is a sign that he resents you.

10. He Does Not Include You In His Plan

Partners are supposed to carry themselves along when making plans each day but when your husband does not include you in his plan for the day, then it is a sign that he resents.

This is because he doesn’t imagine you in his future or next move so he makes an independent plan without carrying you along or putting you in the picture.

 A resentful husband would not want anything to do with you in any way.

11. He Keeps Secrets From You

Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

Openness is one of the signs that a relationship is in its best state.

Once your partner begins to keep secrets from you, then that is a sign that he resents you.

For instance, you can’t access his gadgets, his passwords, or anything that has to do with him. 

That shows he can’t trust you with it and it is a major sign of resentment.

12. Hurtful Jokes

A man who resents you will constantly say things that hurt you.

He might call it a joke but trust me it’s coming from a depth within his heart.

When he does this he won’t care about how you feel because he doesn’t feel cool with you anymore.

13. He Argues Over Everything

One of the great signs that your husband secretly resents you is that he nags and argues all the time.

The argument is not a healthy sign in a relationship.

Whenever your husband constantly argues with you over everything or doesn’t see anything right or good in all that you put out then that shows that he resents you.

He wouldn’t want to hear you out or listen to your opinions rather he’ll make a fuss out it the seemly little things that you both have in common.

14. He Looks Elsewhere For Affection

 When a man resents you, he won’t want you around him or want you to have anything to do with him.

Your company does not bring him emotional satisfaction anymore because he resents you and detests your presence rather he looks for somewhere else where he can feed his emotions in satiety.

You’ll begin to notice that he spends more time outside the home, at work, with friends with other women.

This is a sign that your husband secretly resents you.

What To Do When You See The Signs That Your Husband Secretly Resents You

Signs Your Husband Secretly Resents You

For a lot of women, they may be quite open about their emotional needs and dissatisfaction in marriage.

But, sometimes, men may not be like this.

So, when you notice the signs of resentment from your husband you should start by firstly asking him if you’ve done anything wrong to deserve the kind of treatment he gives you.

Who knows, he might be nursing some wrongs from your past or still holding onto the disagreement you once had long ago.

After doing this, seek to examine yourself as well to see if you’ve been putting on some actions that will make him resent you.

Doing your findings well will let you know the next step of action to take.

You can restrategize and make your marriage as interesting as it used to be.

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