Spiritual Signs You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

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Are you looking for spiritual signs you’ve met your soul mate? Read on.

When you meet the person you are meant to be with, it’s a magical experience.

You don’t just fall in love; your souls merge together as one and it feels like nothing else in the world matters.

It’s like no other feeling on earth and there is no other person who can make you feel this way.

It’s a spiritual journey that we all go through at some point in our lives, but it only happens once—if ever.

There is a form of spiritual connection and aura you feel when you come across your soul mate.

Being in love with your soul mate makes love easy and attractive to you.

It literally means you’ve finally gotten to begin life with the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh.

The one who was created for you!

And when you finally begin to do life with this person, the universe will not only bear witness to the coming together of you both.

But will as well favor and work for you.

But the question is how do you know that you’ve gotten your soul mate?

What are the signs that you’ve met them? Or have you met them and they’ve been sidelined because you failed to recognize them as your soul mate?

I’m sure you want to know the few signs of how to spiritually know that you’ve met your soul mate.

 In this article, you’ll see by yourself, that you’ve truly met your soul mate.

Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soul Mate.

1. You Have An Instant Connection When You Met Them.

One of the spiritual signs that you’ve met your soul mate is that you both a have deep and intense connection immediately after you met.

This may necessarily not be love at first sight but even something beyond that.

There is a feeling that makes you know within you that this particular person that you’ve met is for you.

For you to know that the person is your soul mate, they also have the same connection that you had for them as well.

Sometimes there begin to be an intense feeling of attraction towards them.

And your spirit agrees with them almost immediately.

2. It May Be Love At First Sight When You Met Them

A lot of us believe that love, at first sight, isn’t always real and only happens in the fairytale cartoon.

Mind you, sometimes, loving someone, at first, sight may be one of the signs to know that you’ve eventually met your soul mate.

This kind of love isn’t just demonstrated by mere feelings or emotions.

But rather a true demonstration of love that is ready to make commitments and sacrifices.

If you’ve met your soul mate, you just find a connection in sort of a feeling for them.

And you really can’t get to start exploring it already.

After leaving them for a moment, you may notice that they pop into your mind over and over again. You can’t even get over them easily.

Mind you, this feeling isn’t selfish or exploitative in nature but rather, a pure feeling of love and affection towards them.

3. There’s a natural flow and ease in your interactions.

Spiritual Signs  You Met Your Soul Mate

When you interact with someone who is your soul mate, there’s a natural flow and ease in the way that you communicate with them.

You feel comfortable around this person and believe that you’ve known them for many years.

It’s as though you were meant to meet at this time in your lives.

There are no awkward pauses or forced laughs when speaking with each other instead, conversations flow easily between the two of you.

You feel like being yourself around the other person because their presence allows for it. Not just their physical presence but also their emotional one.

You feel as though there is a connection between the two of you through which all things are possible.

Love, friendship, and mutual interests can be shared freely without fear or shame because they are welcome here!

4. You Don’t Find It Difficult To Share Certain Things With Them.

Also one of the spiritual signs that you’ve met your soul mate is that you don’t find it difficult to share certain things about yourself with them.

I mean, you are not shy about your life, experiences, past or current situation about yourself.

You don’t try to fake it around them but rather you’re always yourself as much as you can.

This is because they don’t judge you or look down on you because of who you are.

You both connect on the spiritual level and not just the physical level of love.

So, you can easily share stuff about your life with them without the fear of being disrespected.

As a matter of fact, you’ll begin to notice that you both can even communicate without words.

What does this mean?

It means that,

You understand your body language effectively well.

They don’t need to make a sign before you know what they mean to say about something or anything.

This sort of communication flows so easily.

4. You’ll Notice That You Share A Lot Of Things In Common.

Another beautiful sign that you’ve met your soul mate is that as time goes on you’ll begin to see that you both share a lot in common.

A natural rule of relationships warrants that people sometimes get attracted to their opposite.

So, I’m not even disputing the fact that they can’t be your opposite.

But if you’ve truly met your soul mate, even if they are the total opposite of you. You both will still share a lot in common.

Your likes and dislikes will be the same.

You’ll just naturally align to the value system that they align to and you see life through the same lenses that they see it too.

With this, you both will have lesser misunderstandings because you’re aligned in sharing the same things in common.

5. You feel as though you’ve known each other for a long time.

This is one of the most common signs that a person has met their soul mate.

The feeling of having known each other for a long time can be so strong that it feels as though you have always known them, or in some cases, even before this life.

The sense of familiarity when you first meet your soul mate can be overwhelming and makes you feel at home in their presence.

It’s easy to forget how new this relationship really is because it feels like something more than just two people getting to know each other.

It feels like coming home and being reunited with someone who has been lost but is now found again.

6. Your Meeting Happened In A Divine Orchestrated Way.

Most of the time when you hear people share their experiences of how they met their soul mate.

You begin to hear a lot of ways in which they met in a divine orchestrated manner.

The meeting of your soul mate, may not happen in the way you’ll meet a random person.

Sometimes, it may come in an unplanned way.

Maybe you decide to visit the coffee shop that morning and you just met this charming young man who decides to offer his sit to you.

Or, your coming together happened in the least way you would have expected it to happen,

And at the end of the day you both will find out that your meeting happened in such a divine way and manner.

7. Your Energy And Lifestyle Match Each Other.

One of the numerous spiritual signs that you’ve met your soul mate is that your energy aligns with each other reason been that; you both share the same value system.

They love what you love and dislike what you dislike.

The kinds of events that you’ll naturally want to attend are also what they want to attend as well.

Your lifestyle goals are the same thing as theirs also.

With this, you don’t need to train them into becoming someone you’ll fall in love with but rather the love grows naturally with extra effort.

And it is due to the fact that you both have the same lifestyle goals, and your values align with each other.

You’re on the same page with each other needs and wants and you see your life patterns almost the same way as well.

This is why you’ll always want to be around them, not in a possessive way but rather in a lovable manner.

Just to create more memories with each other and spend more time together as one.

8. You Are The Best Version Of Yourself Together.

Your soul mate makes you better and not bitter.

You don’t need to struggle to be yourself around them and vice versa. You both just help each other to do whatever thing you have in mind at every point in time.

And with time, people will begin to compliment both of you that you’re good together.

It has something to do with the fact that, they’ve seen a connection in you both and they really can’t wait for you the both of you to start something together.

9. You Feel The Pain Of Each Other.

This is one great spiritual sign that your soul mate is with you already.

Do you feel the same kind of pain they feel?

 It may not be necessarily physical pain but rather emotional or psychological pain.

You just get to know whenever something is wrong with them even without them telling you, you can perceive in your spirit that they need your help.

10. You feel calm and peaceful.

You feel like you’ve known this person for a long time, even though you might have just met them.

You feel a sense of peace and calm when you’re together.

When you’re with your soul mate, there’s not much need to talk—you can just be together in silence and it feels comfortable.

Your soul mate helps you be more honest with yourself, which creates an environment where both parties feel free to be vulnerable.

Meeting your soul mate is an incredibly spiritual experience.

The first time you meet your soul mate, it’s like a bolt of lightning strikes.

You feel an instant connection that can’t be explained by any other means than God.

It’s rare to find someone who understands you on such a deep level.

They’re not only there for you in the good times, but also in the bad times too—just like a best friend would be.

When two people who are meant to together find each other, it’s almost as if God is sending down his blessing from above.

These things don’t happen by accident—they happen because he wants them to happen!


Finding and knowing that your soul mate is just around the corner may not always be a walk in the park as there are a lot of signs to discover that they are finally here.

We hope these signs have helped you understand that you’ve met your soulmate.

If you haven’t found them yet, keep looking! You can be sure that if you feel all or most of these things for someone, they are indeed the one.

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