12 Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

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Knowing where not to cross the boundary when a married man is in a conversation with you will be of great help to both of you.

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred institution between two committed people. It requires their faithfulness, sacrifice, and mutual respect towards each other.

And that’s why there are certain things married couples shouldn’t say to the opposite sex no matter the level of friendship or the circumstances surrounding it.

This is because certain things are expected of couples when they get married and one of them is their choice of words towards the opposite sex.

The reason is that words have a way of sending positive or negative signals to people.

In this article, we’ll be sharing certain things that a married man should never say to you.

If you’ve been getting entangled with a married man recently or you’re a married man with an undefined relationship with a female then this article is for you.

Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

1. You’re The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Seen

Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

Lol, how possible is this?

It is very wrong for a married man to compliment another woman in this kind of way as this is a form of insult to his wife because his wife should be the most beautiful woman in his eyes.

Telling another woman that she is the most beautiful woman is indirectly saying that your wife isn’t beautiful and that’s a slap to her face.

Even after getting married a man will meet a thousand women who may be more beautiful than his wife.

There is no doubt about that and it isn’t bad to admire them.

Nevertheless, telling it to another woman makes it an improper act.

If you’re a woman and a married man tells you that you’re more beautiful than his wife then you shouldn’t take that as a compliment rather tell him not to go beyond his boundaries because it is a wrong and disrespectful act.

2. I Wish My Wife Was More Like You

If he wishes his wife was more like you then he should have settled for you in the first place.

Trust me, this is a trick to cheat on his wife with you and you don’t want to be that type of lady.

He only means that his wife doesn’t measure up to what he desires in a lady.

It becomes worse once he says it to your face because he doesn’t appreciate his wife’s strength or uniqueness.

3. I Wish I Met You Before I Met My Wife

Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

I feel like laughing right now, never fall for this dear.

As a matter of fact, you need to make it clear to him never to disrespect his wife besides you.

No matter the level of weakness that his wife portrays he shouldn’t tell you that he wish to have met you before he met his wife.

4. Don’t Tell My Wife We Spoke

There he goes, this means he has an interior motive.

Because if he doesn’t then his conversation with you shouldn’t be a secret from his wife.

Transparency is one of the components that partners should portray.

So, if he decides to hide things from his wife then he is setting a trap for unfaithfulness in such a marriage.

Once a man starts telling you never to inform his wife about the both of you then he’s beginning to have something else.

5. I’m Unhappy In My Marriage

Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

You’re not a psychologist neither are you a therapist.

So, if he’s really going through difficult times in his marriage, you’re not in the right position to solve it for him.

He should tell the right people and not you.

Although, he may not be happy in his marriage nevertheless, telling you is sending you a signal to interfere in his marital issues by offering some sort of moral, emotional, or mental support.

The best way to resolve marital conflict is to speak to your wife about it and not others.

Speaking to another woman will not in any way benefit his troubled marriage as a matter of fact, it may only complicate issues.

Stay clear from him.

6. I Love You And I Find You Attractive

Deal breaker 101

Why should a married man profess love to you?

When a married man tells you that he loves you, it means one thing, he’s either emotionally or sexually attracted to you.

Except he tells you this from a very platonic or family bond, it is entirely wrong for him to tell you that he loves you.

The phrase “I love you” is reserved for very special people and using it carelessly with the opposite sex especially as a married man may eventually lead to an unfavorable ending.

7. Can We Meet Privately

Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

Why should you meet privately? You shouldn’t meet privately with a married man except for strictly professional or business deals.

Even at this, his manner of approach should not be “Can we meet privately”?

There are other ways in which he can make his request known to you because using such a phrase may bring about a misinterpretation from the receiver.

So, if he asks you to meet with him privately, make sure that it’s for legitimate reasons only.

8. I’m So Vulnerable With You

When married, vulnerability is best expressed with partners and not the opposite sex.

When a married man tells you that he is vulnerable with you, tell him to express his vulnerability with his wife and not you.

Vulnerability means that you are at liberty to lose your guard with them and that isn’t right.

Once a married man becomes vulnerable with the opposite sex it’s a trap to make them attracted to them.

9. My Wife And I Haven’t Been Intimate In A While

So what should you do with that piece of information? Reconcile the both of them back to bed? Of course not.

Except if the information is shared with people that matter like professionals or therapists, what happens within the confines of a married man’s bedroom should as well stay within that confines and not be shared with you.

Informing a third party about your sexual intimacy with your partner has loads of disadvantages.

This may just be a means of him telling you that he wants to be intimate with you and trust me, you wouldn’t want to fall for this.

10. I’m Glad I Have You Near Me


You shouldn’t be his happy place or go-to person when he needs some sort of emotional support.

I’m I saying there won’t be times when a married man would appreciate your presence in their life no, as a matter of fact, you both could be business partners, colleagues or have something in common that draws you to each other.

Nevertheless, there are certain compliments that shouldn’t be said to the opposite sex especially if you’re married.

If a married man says this to you, look for the most diplomatic response for him.

11. Do You Mind Going Out On A Date With Me

A big no! Take your wife on that date rather.

Being married doesn’t take away your liberty to hang out with people especially the opposite sex however, there should be boundaries.

It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t make sense if a married man asks you out on a date especially if you’re still single.

 You both can have whatever conversation you want to have within the confines of the office or open space, but taking you out on a date even after knowing that he is a married man is a no-no.

This will pave the way for infidelity and unfaithfullness in his marriage.

12. Do You Have A Boyfriend

What does he want to do with this information?

This is a personal question that doesn’t concern him in any way so it makes no sense if a married man asks you a question like this.


Things A Married Man Should Never Say To You

There are certain things that a man who truly loves his wife would never say to another woman.

If you don’t intend to cheat on your wife then there are certain statements and questions you should stay clear of.

And as a woman,, you should not as well condole any form of undefined familiarity with a married man.

Although you may have a pure intention nevertheless, you should be careful as much as you can because you could be toying with the peace of someone else’s home.

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