12 Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

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Knowing the signs that a guy is being intimidated by your looks will help you know your stand in that relationship or friendship.

You may have liked a guy recently.

And he may have been giving you the green light signals about his interest in you.

At the same time, he seems to be distant or far away from you.

This is because, most time when a guy likes you they might not always express their feelings or emotions.

They rather use other subtle ways to showcase it rather than verbalize it.

Other times, the reason why he is failing to approach you yet might just be because he is being intimated by your looks, actions, or personality.

But how do you spot if a guy is feeling intimidated by your looks?

There are a lot of factors that are responsible for why a guy feels intimidated by your looks.

Sometimes it could be that you have so many potential suitors around or he is scared of handling your actions or reactions.

In this article, we will be highlighting the major signs that show how intimidated he is by your looks.

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

1. He Didn’t Approach You For A Long Time

You might have seen the signs and indications that his particular guy likes you.

 But whenever he comes around you, he suddenly just acts weird or scared.

The reason is; he is intimidated by your appearance so he prefers to continue staying in his shell until he builds the full confidence to approach you.

His actions around you are not the same as when he’s around other people.

If this is the case, make him comfortable when he finally approaches you, and don’t hurt his feelings.

If you’re not feeling anything or you’re not interested in the both of you then tell it to him in a polite manner.

2. He Doesn’t Act Calm Around You

One of the obvious signs that a guy is being intimidated by your looks is that he always seems to be anxious or scared when he is around you.

He probably cannot stand still or maintain eye contact with you.

Who knows, he may be battling with his self-esteem such that he sees your looks as absolutely gorgeous and his; as nothing too good to behold.

Pay attention to his body language when he is around you.

If he cannot maintain a sitting or standing position then this is a sign that he isn’t calm around you.

3. He Tries To Manipulate You

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

When people cannot meet up to the standard of others, they try controlling others into doing what they think is right.

If he constantly asks you where you’re been to or what you’re always doing per time then maybe he has insecurity issues.

Most guys believe that ladies who are physically attracted may have a tendency to cheat or not be faithful to them.

So that is why they may try to be too protective of you which may in turn lead to manipulation.

4. He Gets Insecure Around You

When a man is intimidated by how a lady looks, he begins to get insecure.

One of the ways to know if he is insecure is when he always brags about the things he has and those he doesn’t have.

He’s doing all of these just to catch your fantasy and prove what is not to you.

As a matter of fact, most men try to play out what they are not whenever they are with women who happen to look, speak, or present themselves better than they do.

He does this just because his weakness is being stirred up whenever he comes across women like this.

5. He Is Very Nosey

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

Another sign that a man is intimidated by your looks is that he becomes nosy when he is around you.

He just wants to know what you’re doing at every point in time or pock nose into your affairs which he normally should be less concerned about.

He is doing all of this because he has been anxious to start up a relationship with you.

When you notice this, it is best to speak up and tell him your intentions as well just so he can put a boundary to his nosiness.

6. He Tries To Make You Feel Bad

When a man is feeling intimidated by your look or appearance and can’t just beat it one of the things he does is to make you feel bad.

This singular act has a way of massaging his ego to make him feel good about himself.

He does this by trying to say negative things about you or transfer his aggression to you. This is a way to show his insecurities and low self-esteem.

Talk to him about it and tell him how displeased you are with that.

Also, make him understand that you cannot change or lower your standards and appearance all because of him.

So allow him to choose between accepting you for who you are or walking away totally from you.

7. He Apologies A Lot

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

An apology is a very good way to end conflict between two people.

In some cases, it’s right to apologize even when you’re not wrong just so peace can reign.

Nevertheless, when a guy is being intimidated by how you look, he constantly says “I’m sorry” because he wants to please you in the best way that he can.

He also tries hard to impress and appear nice and perfect in front of you.

As much as this is a good trait, it showcases an iota of insecurity in him because he shouldn’t be too desperate to get you.

8. He Shows No Concern About Your Life

You appear to be the most perfect lady just because of the way you dress and carry yourself.

Therefore; he pays little or no attention to the happenings in your life because he believes that you can handle it all by yourself.

If he constantly has petty chat talks with you but never really wants to hear the details about your life, goals, or success.

Then maybe he is being intimidated by how you look and he just cannot think straight when he is around you.

9. His Body Language Shows That He Is Uncomfortable

Our body language speaks volumes of who we are even before we say words.

Pay close attention to the way he moves his body around you and the way he puts his pocket or crosses his hand on his chest.

If his voice gets deeper when conversing with you then it may be that he is really into you.

You can also test his body language by checking if he sweats on his palm when you hold his hand.

Also, check if he suddenly becomes anxious with a cranky voice when he sees you.

He might just be intimated with the way you look so, he finds it difficult to put himself together when you’re around him.

10. He Avoids Answering Personal Questions

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

How does he answer when you ask him questions relating to his personal life?

Does he give you a straight look?

If he is being intimidated by your looks, he’ll try not to bring his personal life into question.

Because he’ll feel that you may judge him by what he has to say.

When you notice this you can also try to make him feel comfortable around you rather than hiding things from him.

11. He Is Very Conscious Of His Appearance When He Is Around You

Do you always find him checking his dress pattern, cleaning his shoes, or combing his hair when he is around you?

He is doing all these just to appear all nice before you.

He is trying to also look good because you also place so much value on how you look.

12. He  Acts Differently Around You

This is one of the most obvious signs that a guy is being intimidated by your looks.

How does he behave when he is with you? Does he act the same way he does when he is with others as well?

When he is with others, he’s always free and relaxed but when you come into the picture, suddenly, he becomes so reserved and quiet.

This may just be a sign that he is intimated by your looks.

Wrap Up

Signs A Guy Is Intimidated By Your Looks

A lot of signs that may be responsible for why a guy is being intimidated by your looks.

But the major reason is either low self-esteem or insecurity.

Because, no matter how high the standard and looks of a lady are before a guy, he shouldn’t be feeling intimidated if he truly has high self-esteem.

When you see these few signs with any guys around you, you may want to reconsider your choice.

Trust me; it may be quite difficult to maintain a relationship with a guy battling with low self-esteem, or insecurity.

Except he is ready to work on it, I don’t think he should be the best option for you.

Anyway, you have a choice to make.

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